How To Install 8th Seat In Toyota Sienna

Exactly. There is no simple way to add the eighth seat to a 7-passenger Sienna because the floor mounts and the seats themselves are different.

Sienna, can you add the eighth seat?

There are 7 or 8 seats available for this Sienna (the additional seat is the 2nd row center seat). The second row center seat in this Sienna is quite helpful and includes both lower anchors and a tether anchor, in contrast to the second row center seat in later Siennas which is useless.

Installing a car seat in 3C with the lower anchors results in a very small seat in 3D and, in many cases, no seat at all since the car seat in 3C will sit on top of the seat belt buckle for 3D. This is because the lower anchors in 3C are overlapped into 3D in this manner. The trick is to buckle 3D and pull the buckle as far to the driver’s side before installing the car seat in 3C, but the space in 3D is so small that you’ll need to be extremely thin to fit there. However, we’ve found that you can install an IMMI Go in 3C with LATCH and still leave the buckle for 3D accessible. Installing a car seat in 3C using the lower anchors is acceptable as long as you’re okay giving up 3D. In 3C, however, you cannot secure a booster using the lower anchors since the booster will sit on top of the seat belt it requires.

Can you fit a car seat in the Toyota Sienna’s center seat?

  • Third-row access: Moving the seats in the second row can be difficult. When a little force is applied, they collapse, creating a large space to the third row; however, this won’t operate when a car seat is attached. Large passageways between the chairs and a short step-in provide for simple access and exit.
  • Third row booster: The head restraint flops down but stays in place. As a result, it somewhat moved the booster off of the seatback, but with a little fiddling, we were still able to position the booster flush against the seatback. However, only the passenger side buckle is secure; the other two are flush with the seat bottom cushion and may be difficult for children to grab and operate. Additionally, the middle seat in the third row is awkwardly shaped, and the seat belt strap hangs from the ceiling there.

In a Toyota Sienna, how can you get rid of the eighth seat?

Find the release strap on the middle row seat on the driver’s side and pull it. until it is flat, lower the seat. To release the latch, pull the release strap located beneath the front of the seat. By now, the seat ought to come off.

A minivan can you add a seat to it?

Think again if you believe that your 7-passenger minivan is the only one in need of an upgrade!

The truth is that increasing families frequently ask CSO Radio whether they may add a jump seat to the second row.

There is good news: it is possible. not just for the Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, and the current Chrysler Pacifica, but for the majority of other 7 passenger minivans as well.

If you’re eager to learn more or would like more information about installing one, go over to our FAQ page.

Our purchasing page is over HERE if you’ve answered all your questions and are prepared to make a purchase.

The Pacifica has 8 seats, right?

All models of the Chrysler Pacifica, excluding the Pacifica Hybrid, offer seating for up to eight passengers, making it a superb family transporter. This amazing minivan provides a roomy interior with high-quality materials to both drivers and passengers everywhere. Allow us to fill you in on additional details about this family-friendly car at our Columbus Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership.

Is the middle seat of a Toyota Sienna removable?

The previous Sienna generation’s second-row seats (20112020) could be simply removed by lifting a clasp. However, at least according to Toyota, the 2nd-row seats in the 4th-generation Sienna are not user-removable. This is partially due to the SRS airbags that are now housed inside the backrests, as can be seen in this crash test video.

The 2nd-row seats are now fastened with 4 bolts that are concealed under plastic trim pieces as opposed to a quick-release mechanism. In addition, the seat airbag connector needs to be unplugged.

Can a Toyota Sienna accommodate three car seats across?

2C is extremely constrained. In order to truly have a wide enough back rest, it actually takes inspiration from the arm rests for 2D & 2P, and the shoulder belt for 2C is actually fastened to 2D. We did not test any forward-facing car seats in 2C since it lacks a tether anchor. We tested both infant and convertible rear-facing car seats as well as booster seats (both high back and backless). If our success rate for installing a car seat in 2C were a baseball batting average, let’s just say we would be dismissed from the squad.

There were no rear-facing seats available that operated in 2C. We tested the Chicco Fit2 & KeyFit, Nuna Pipa, Graco SnugRide SnugLock (both versions of the base), and Cybex Aton2. To fit in 2C, all were several inches too wide.

There were no high back or backless boosters that were effective in 2C. Maxi Cosi RodiFix, Evenflo BigKid/Amp (high back & backless), Graco Turbo TakeAlong (high back & backless), Safety 1st Incognito (it lifted up too much at the knees), and Chicco GoFit were among the narrower boosters we tried; all were several inches too wide to fit in 2C and many sat five or more inches forward of the back rest of 2C.

Rearward-facing: The rearward-facing Clek Foonf and rearward-facing Clek Fllo (which require the installation of an anti-rebound bar to fit) were both firmly fitted in 2C. The anti-rebound bar tucks itself nicely into the space between the 2D/2P arm rests and ends up fitting like a glove. You’ll need to use the trick of reclining the seat back here.

If you have a rear-facing Clek Foonf in 2C, you can shift 2D/2C forward and back with a little effort so that you can access the third row. However, moving 2D/2C for third row access is not possible while there is a rear-facing Clek Fllo in 2C. Why the distinction? When Foonf is installed compared to Fllo, it seems that the seat belt buckle for 2C sits a bit differently and with Fllo, the buckle for 2C burrows into the seat cushion for 2P a little more, making it impossible to slide 2D/2C because it gets trapped in 2P. With either Foonf or Fllo installed in 2C, it should be noted that 2P will not slide for third row access.

When fitted in the middle seat, Foonf will be more likely than Fllo to block the driver’s vision through the rearview mirror because Foonf always sits higher to the ceiling of the vehicle. We discovered that when the head rest on the Foonf was set for a 2-year-old, the visibility loss was around half that of the rear window, whereas the Fllo required to be set for a 4-year-old to take up half of the visibility in the rear window. I was at ease with my visibility while driving the Sienna with a rear-facing 43-inch youngster in a Fllo in 2C (the maximum rear-facing capacity for both Cleks).

Boosters without backs: For 2C, the Boostapak fits best with just 1 finger’s distance between it and the backrest. There was a 3 finger space between the back rest and the Harmony Youth booster and Cosco Rise. The arm rests for 2D and 2P protrude several inches forward of the backrest for 2C, causing this space.

Across in the 2nd Row

The 2nd row is generally spacious, while 2C is extremely narrow. We discovered that 2P was a little bit narrower than 2D when a car seat was in 2C. There will be space in 2D and 2P for additional narrower car seats once one of the few seats (a rear-facing Clek Fllo/Foonf or a backless boosterBoostapak, Harmony Youth, or Cosco Rise) is installed in 2C.

As we had a rear-facing Clek in 2C, the following is what we tried in 2D/2P and discovered to fit well:

Chicco Fit2, Cybex Aton2, Graco SnugRide SnugLock, Nuna Pipa are two infant seats in 2D/2P. All of these seats were installed using LATCH. The rear-facing Clek in 2C had no effect on how readily the carriers entered or exited the base. We used the load leg on the Cybex and Nuna.

For third row access, keep in mind that the load leg of the Nuna still allows you to slide 2D/2P, but the load leg of the Cybex does not (unless you shorten the Cybex load leg, slide the vehicle seat, and then lower the Cybex load leg back to the floor).

2 rear-facing convertible seats in 2D/2P: Clek Foonf or Fllo, Graco Extend2Fit (both the normal and 3-in-1 models).

Just the ones we tried are these.

The bulk of the 2D/2P slimmer convertible seats on the market should work for you (especially when installed with LATCH).

We followed the instructions for installing the forward-facing Foonf and discovered that there was a 1-finger gap between the Foonf in 2P and the Fllo in 2C and a 2-finger gap between the Foonf in 2D and the Fllo in 2C. It appears that 2P is a tiny bit bigger than 2D.

Two high-back boosters in 2D and 2P

The Sienna 2022 has detachable seats.

The 2022 Honda Odyssey minivan is available in LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, and Elite trim levels for buyers. Every Odyssey has a standard V6 engine and front-wheel drive (FWD). Except for the lowest LX grade, eight-passenger seating is a standard feature. Seven passengers can fit inside the Odyssey LX, which features an open middle aisle in-between its second-row seats.

Without the $1,225 destination fee, the price of the 2022 Odyssey ranges from $32,290 to $48,020.

Honda offers a limited number of linked services through HondaLink unless you choose an Odyssey Touring or Elite. Both offer a free HondaLink Security subscription good for a year, which includes live emergency help, automatic collision notification, and quick access to roadside assistance. The Touring and Elite additionally include a 3-month subscription for live concierge services, stolen-vehicle location services, a parking-lot search tool, geofencing for less reliable drivers, and remote access features (door locking, engine starting). The three-month trial membership for these trim levels comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna minivan is available in LE, XLE, XSE, Woodland Edition, Limited, and Platinum trim levels for buyers. The typical hybrid drivetrain has four cylinders. All Siennas come standard with front-wheel drive, with the exception of the new-for-2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition trim level. The Woodland Edition sports a slightly higher ride height and standard AWD. On other models, all-wheel drive is an option.

The 2022 Sienna has seven or eight seats, similar to the Odyssey. With a center seat that can be removed in between the fore-and-aft adjustable second-row bucket seats, the LE and XLE versions provide a standard 8-passenger setup. On higher trims and as standard on higher trims, there is a 7-passenger arrangement with more opulent second-row captain’s seats that is offered.

The 2022 Toyota Sienna has a starting price of $34,560 and goes up to $50,000, not including a $1,215 destination fee.

The Toyota Sienna from 2022 has more convenient access to connected services. Safety Connect, which includes automated crash notification, live emergency help, quick access to roadside assistance, and stolen-vehicle locating, is offered for one year on all trims. The Wi-Fi hotspot is also available for a three-month trial. You receive remote locking and engine starting (Remote Connect) for one year starting with the XLE, while concierge services are included for one year with the XSE and higher trims (Destination Assist).

For the first two years or 25,000 miles that you own a 2022 Toyota Sienna, you’ll receive free scheduled maintenance.

Do the back seats of a Toyota Sienna fold flat?

33.5 cubic feet of cargo space can be found behind the third-row seats of the Toyota Sienna, 75.2 cubic feet can be found when these seats are folded, and 101 cubic feet can be found when the second row is fully pushed forward.

Do all vans with seven seats?

Recently, a buddy of mine called me with a dilemma. Her 2013 Escalade’s tranny lay on the service center floor dead, and they demanded $6,800 for a replacement. She was trying to decide whether she should spend several thousand dollars on repairs or just buy something new. Caveat: She required something that could sit eight because she frequently has four children, a husband, a mother, and a caregiver in the “Sclade at the same time. It wasn’t seen “funny” when I proposed a divorce where the husband kept the kids. I thus did some research.

It appears that there are numerous possibilities available. Yes, the majority of minivans and SUVs only have seven seats, but many also have eight. Because they cost a lot less, weigh less (typically), get better gas mileage, and are a little easier to operate, I always believe the minivan alternative is preferable. But there are also larger military-grade SUVs available, such as the Escalade listed above as well as the Ford Expedition and Dodge Durango. To locate the option that works for you, click on.

Can you add seats to a cargo van safely?

Any modifications you make to a vehicle after you acquire it must still abide by all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. It can be challenging for the end product to meet safety standards when adding seats to a cargo van.

Depending on their weight and whether they are freight or passenger vehicles, vehicles are built to different specifications. Cargo vehicles are subject to lower safety standards than passengers vehicles.

It is extremely risky to just add seats to the back of a van, regardless of local, state, or federal regulations. Vehicles’ cargo sections do not have the same safety features as their passenger areas.

A cargo van’s illegally adjusted area puts passengers at a significantly higher danger of dying or getting hurt.

Can an automobile have a seat added to it?

Want to avoid driving a van but need the extra seating? We offer child safety seats for all popular wagons and 4WDs.

When more seats are needed, installing additional child car seats avoids the cost of changing your vehicle. Most automobiles and carriages can be adapted with anchor points.

Your new child seats will be trimmed in the material of your choice, from leather to fabric.

You can also choose to add footrests and magazine holders to the backs of your seats.

You may make the most of your automobile and its cargo space by using the foldaway feature of the seats.

Even better, each seat is covered by a five-year installation and peace of mind warranty, so if you experience any issues with the seat or seatbelts within the following five years, we’ll fix them right away.

  • make,
  • model
  • built-in date
  • reduce code.

To finish your order, we will take your credit card information over the phone. We will then schedule a fitting for you within about a week.

Within three to four hours after your automobile arrives at our store, we can install the seat. You are welcome to wait at our lobby or go for a little stroll to one of the neighboring cafes while your additional car seating is being placed.