How To Connect Bluetooth To Toyota Prius

  • Make sure your mobile device has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Select Bluetooth from the Setup menu on your Entune entertainment system by clicking Menu > Bluetooth.
  • Choose your Toyota Entune system from the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.
  • The Toyota Entune system and your mobile device are now Bluetooth-enabled.

How do I use Bluetooth to link my phone to my Prius?

It’s really simple to connect your device over Bluetooth once you know how. Decide between an Android or an iPhone, then follow those instructions. Keep in mind that in order to use phone apps in your Toyota vehicle, you must first register a Toyota EntuneTM account.

Android Directions

Using Android:

  • Choose “Settings”
  • Activate Bluetooth.
  • Activate “Scan for devices.”
  • Input “SETUP”
  • Choose “Bluetooth”
  • Choose “Add New Device”
  • To make this system discoverable, click.

Select “Android car multimedia is available. Accept the phone’s pairing request and press “Accept on the touchscreen of your Toyota. Toyota and your phone are now connected!

iPhone Directions

Using an iPhone

On your iPhone, tap “Car Multimedia,” then tap “Pair. Press “Accept” once more on your Toyota touchscreen. Toyota and your iPhone are now connected.

EntuneTM App Suite and Hands-Free Bluetooth

You’ll need a USB cord to use your phone’s apps with your Toyota. The prior Bluetooth configuration was made exclusively for hands-free EntuneTM use. It makes your EntuneTM capable of voice commands so you can keep your eyes and attention where it’s most needed: on the road.

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What is the Bluetooth setup process for a 2010 Prius?

  • Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  • the Scan For Devices option
  • Push the Setup button on the screen in your car.
  • Select Bluetooth next.
  • the Add New Device button
  • Choose Make this System Findable.
  • When your phone sends you a pairing request, accept it.
  • The pairing of your device and vehicle will be verified by a confirmation.

Always launch the app on your phone first before using the system, and make sure your phone is plugged into the Entune App Suite. To accomplish this, select Setup from the menu, then Bluetooth, Paired Device List, your phone, then Connect. You should be aware that utilizing Entune requires using the internet, thus data charges may be necessary.

Be at ease! Come by and say hello! We are pleased to assist you in syncing your phone with your Toyota car. In Martinsburg, West Virginia, at 650 Foxcroft Avenue, we are easily accessible.

How come my phone and Toyota won’t connect?

The Bluetooth setting in the car might not be on. Go to the menu, setup, Bluetooth, detailed options, and make sure Bluetooth power is on to check this feature. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. You may do this in the settings of your phone.

The Toyota Prius from 2012 does it feature Bluetooth?

The Hippocratic oath contains the key to maintaining a market-leading product at the top of the sales charts: first, do no damage when considering redesigns or refreshes.

Toyota is wise enough to know better than to take a chance on a product like the Prius Hybrid, the undisputed market leader in the hybrid category. For the 2012 model year, there are alterations, but they are sufficiently modest to be missed by untrained eyes.

The 2012 Toyota Prius has a front end that has been somewhat restyled, new headlights, and LED daytime running lights. For 2012, the Prius receives revised taillights and new wheels on some variants.

Nearly all trim levels of the Prius, which still includes the Prius One (reserved for fleet customers), Prius Two, Prius Three, Prius Four, and Prius Five models, have more stuff inside.

Redesigned 15-inch wheel covers, a new infotainment system with a 6.1-inch touch screen, a USB connector, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and Bluetooth audio streaming are all included with the 2012 Prius Two variants.

The Toyota Entune telematics and infotainment system, a backup camera, Sirius XM satellite radio, HD Radio, and a modified Smart Key system that now unlocks all three doors are now included as standard features on Prius Three models.

If you choose the 2012 Prius Four, you’ll also get an eight-speaker JBL audio system that’s been engineered to use less power.

On the Prius Four, the Deluxe Solar Roof Package comes with a heads-up display and a seven-inch touch screen monitor with split-screen functionality.

In addition to the features listed in packages Two through Four above, the top-of-the-line Prius Five does not receive any additional features. However, buyers of the Prius Five can choose the Advanced Technology Package, which is not an option on cheaper models.

The updated navigation system with a larger screen, the heads-up display, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System, and Lane Keep Assist are all included in the Advanced Technology Package.

Finally, Toyota offers the dealer installed Plus accessory package for customers who want a bit more “sport with their Prius. A seven-piece body kit, lighter 17-inch wheels with performance-oriented tires, lower springs, and a rear sway bar are all included in the package to lessen body roll during turns.

Has the 2009 Prius audio Bluetooth?

I adore my Prius, and if you ask almost any other Prius owner, they will all agree. I was eager to start saving money and embarking on road trips as soon as I had my 2007 Toyota Prius touring edition on the road. However, there was a problem that I had no idea would drive me mad.

Before cellphones really began to take off in a significant way in 2007, automakers were still placing CD players in their audio systems, and some higher end versions allowed for the connection of an iPod through an auxiliary wire (or aux cable for you millenials). This required me to use CDs, which I didn’t want to do, or pull out my outdated 5th generation Ipod and hope it still worked (the battery was fried, by the way). I didn’t buy a Toyota Prius to waste time trying to decide which album would “transport me back,” I purchased it to have fun with.

Fortunately for me and all of you readers, there are some excellent and affordable alternatives for your Toyota Prius.

If you’re anything like me, you must enjoy getting into your car, launching Spotify, Pandora, or your preferred music player, and selecting a pre-selected playlist of songs or channels to listen to endlessly. The Toyota Prius had Bluetooth available on select trim packages from 2004 to 2009, although it could only be used for phone calls. This implies that you were essentially out of luck if you wanted to stream anything else. up to now.

My touring edition Prius has the dreaded aux port, but after some investigation, I found a really amazing interface module that is available on Amazon. It is quite easy to install, and you may somewhat upgrade your Prius while still maintaining its factory-fresh appearance and feel. Anyone with a little free time can install it, and it works fantastically. My device was first located inside the center console, near the aux port, but I later moved it higher on the dash where it was easier to use. I spent $26 and a couple of hours on a bespoke install, and now I can stream my favorite music for meditation while cruising at 45 to 50 mpg.