How To Change Battery In 2016 Toyota 4Runner Key Fob

I’ll demonstrate how to remove the battery from your Toyota 4Runner key fob and change it yourself at home in this brief lesson. It’s pretty easy to carry out. A standard flathead screwdriver and one of these CR 1632 batteries are all that are required. You might have a key fob that resembles this quite a bit, but yours is likely made of lighter gray plastic. While this one is black, the entire body is more of a light gray color.

Not to worry; it’s actually the same battery and gadget. And the process for opening it is the same. So just keep going. No matter what key you have, you simply have a different hue. Simply hold down the side button in this situation and pull the internal key out.

You can see the keyhole there from here. Following it, there is a small perpendicular indentation just across from it. See? the shape of a keyhole. To open this device, we will just twist the flathead screwdriver after inserting it into the hole.

We can now disassemble this. This rubber part should be facing up when you carefully lay it to the side. You don’t want to turn this over since your buttons might start to fall off. Simply set things aside with caution. I’ll just take the corner of my flathead screwdriver and carefully lift up this circuit board from here.

We may now leave this aside and look for the battery underneath the circuit board. Now that your circuit board is positioned exactly as shown, we should enter from the top, correct? As you can see, there is a tiny opening and a tiny corner. To prevent the battery from flying out as we get beneath it and pull it out in that manner, we’re going to insert our flathead screwdriver there and just sort of keep the battery down. You can then dispose of your old battery once it has popped out.

Take a fresh one. This is a CR 1632 battery once more. In addition, if you’re unsure where to buy one, use the link in the description to order one from Amazon. Ensure that the positive side of your battery is facing out. Therefore, you should click it in when you see this text and the battery information facing up.

Ensure that it is safe. Take a look at the small circle on the back of this plastic item. The battery will simply rest on top of that. So put that aside, grab this front piece of plastic, and let’s simply click everything back together. Okay?

After changing the battery, is the Toyota key fob required to be reprogrammed?

A remote key fob needs to be associated with your vehicle particularly in order to be secure.

This stops people who drive the same make and model of automobile as you from using their remote to access your car. You’ll need to reprogram the fob if changing the batteries has erased this connection or if it was somehow disrupted in order for it to once again recognize your automobile.

Standard programming sequence

Your key fob can typically be reconfigured by following this typical procedure:

Instead of starting and then returning to the locked position, turn the key into the run position. Repeat this multiple times.

You’ll typically hear a chime or other sound when you’ve cycled the key enough times. At that point, you can push the lock or unlock button on your key fob to hear another chime.

How much power does my Toyota key fob require?

A CR2032 battery, which you can get in shops and online, is used by the majority of Toyota models. These batteries are really inexpensive, usually costing less than $5. Replace the battery in your Toyota key fob within the casing, then cap it off.

How long does the battery in a Toyota key fob last?

When your Toyota key fob’s battery is running lowthe typical battery life is one to two yearsan alert will sound when the engine is turned off.

Replace the batteries inside the key fobs

If you haven’t changed the battery in the key fob(s) in a while, do so now before continuing. When you try to reprogram a key fob with a defective battery, it can be a real pain. The batteries are often inexpensive and simple to replace. If you are unsure how to change them, consult your owner’s manual.

Get inside the car

With your car keys and the remote in hand, go in the driver’s seat and lock all the doors. Closing the doors is crucial because if you leave one open, it can disrupt the procedure.

Turn on the ignition

Once seated, turn the key to the “On” position in the ignition to turn the electrical systems on. Do not start the engine and double-check that the ignition is not in the radio mode.

Press the lock button on the remote key

Turn the key back to the “Off” position while holding down the lock button on the fob. At least three times, go through this process, finishing with the key in the “On” position. This notifies your electronic control units that the signal is coming from your key in the ignition and does save the info later. How to Start & Unlock a Car With a Dead Key Fob

Listen for a Lock Sound

You will hear the lock sound once you have completed the aforementioned steps. You have now accessed the programming mode, as indicated by this. Press the lock button once more in the following five seconds to complete the programming.

Programming additional remotes

If there are other remotes, program them successfully by pressing the “Lock” button within 10 seconds after entering the programming mode.

Step out from your car and test the result

Close all doors as you exit the vehicle and take your key fobs with you. Test the functionality of both unlocks with each of your key fobs that were programmed.

Can you do it yourself to program a Toyota key fob?

Although buying a remote control straight from Toyota will save you time from having to reprogram it yourself, learning how to program a Toyota key fob yourself will allow you to save money. Fortunately, it’s a short and simple process. Avoid being locked out of Evergreen Park without a functional key!

What should I do if the battery in my Toyota key is low?

How to Replace the Battery in a Toyota Key Fob.

  • Take the key out of the fob. Over the key portion of your key fob is a tiny metal button.
  • Unlock the fob.
  • Dispense with the green circuit board.
  • Switch out the battery.
  • Place the key inside the fob after putting the fob back together.

What happens if the battery in my key fob dies while I’m driving?

This issue has been foreseen by automakers ever since the key fob was created. Nothing will happen if your key fob dies while you’re driving. Simply because the key fob is a locking and starting device only, the automobile will continue to run. The key fob has no influence over the ignition or engine once the automobile is moving.

Even though you’ll need to go to a general store or pharmacy to get the battery, replacing the battery in your key fob simply takes a few minutes if you’re pressed for time.

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What does “low key fob battery” mean?

The computer keeps track of the output voltage of the fob battery when the key is in use. The warning light on the dash will turn on to alert you that it’s time to change the batteries whenever the voltage reaches a specific level.

You may not need to move your car because the majority of fobs can be pry-opened to access the battery. The best battery to use and instructions for replacing it may be found in your owners handbook. The information is also available online. Use the appropriate battery type, please. Even if the fob is still functional, a different battery will have a different voltage and the system may not register properly.

It’s a good idea to change the batteries in all of your key fobs at once if you have more than one because they all usually run out at the same time. Remember that some cars might need to be reset before the low battery key fob indicator goes out.

How much does a new key fob battery cost?

These batteries typically cost $10 or less, however some fobs need two. Since it just takes a few seconds, battery specialist shops and dealers frequently change the battery without charge.