How To Change Battery In 2015 Toyota Rav4 Key Fob

How to change the battery in the Toyota RAV4’s “Tombstone key fob” (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) For a step-by-step demonstration on how to replace the battery in your key fob, see the video below. You will require a single CR2032 battery.

After changing the battery, does a key fob require reprogramming?

A remote key fob needs to be associated with your vehicle particularly in order to be secure.

This stops people who drive the same make and model of automobile as you from using their remote to access your car. You’ll need to reprogram the fob if changing the batteries has erased this connection or if it was somehow disrupted in order for it to once again recognize your automobile.

Standard programming sequence

Your key fob can typically be reconfigured by following this typical procedure:

Instead of starting and then returning to the locked position, turn the key into the run position. Repeat this multiple times.

You’ll typically hear a chime or other sound when you’ve cycled the key enough times. At that point, you can push the lock or unlock button on your key fob to hear another chime.

What kind of battery is required for a Toyota key fob?

A CR2032 battery, which you can get in shops and online, is used by the majority of Toyota models. These batteries are really inexpensive, usually costing less than $5. Replace the battery in your Toyota key fob within the casing, then cap it off.

How long does the battery in a Toyota key fob last?

When your Toyota key fob’s battery is running lowthe typical battery life is one to two yearsan alert will sound when the engine is turned off.

How much does it cost to replace a Toyota key fob?

A new Toyota key fob might cost anywhere between $200 and $350. This is because a complete key fob replacement requires the cutting of a new key and the programming of the electronics to your car.

What kind of battery is needed for a 2017 Toyota RAV4 key fob?

A CR2032 battery is typically available at big box stores and hardware stores in Watsonville. Most places have prices that are under $5. Replace the Toyota key fob batteries, then put it in the case and snap the key fob shut.

How long does a 2015 RAV4 battery last?

The normal battery lifespan of a 2015 Toyota RAV4 is 3 to 5 years, however actual battery life might vary greatly based on the battery’s type, size, environment, and driving habits.