How Reliable Is The Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has a 4.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating, which places it first among 36 compact automobiles. Its great ownership costs are reflected in the $362 average yearly repair cost. Major problems are rare for the Corolla because to the low severity of repairs and average frequency of those problems.

Which Corolla model year is the most dependable?

Every used Toyota Corolla produced between 2014 and 2019 comes highly recommended by Consumer Reports. With the exception of the 2019 Toyota Corolla models, which nonetheless achieved a high score of 4/5, all obtained reliability ratings of 5/5. The overall owner satisfaction score was 3/5.

The Corolla underwent yet another redesign in 2014, which was a significant year for the vehicle. Additionally, it achieved 32 mpg overall with the aid of the continuously variable transmission (CVT).

There are simple controls inside, and some models come with a touchscreen infotainment system. The LE and higher models come standard with automatic temperature control. Automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning were included as standard safety features in 2017 vehicles.

What issues are there with the Toyota Corolla?

There have been grievances regarding excessive oil usage in many Toyota vehicles from the beginning of 2000.

Owners of several model years of the Toyota Corolla also complain about excessive engine oil use.

Toyota created the Warranty Enhancement Program ZE7 to remedy select vehicles with the 2AZ engine’s high oil consumption.

Possible Causes and Solutions

To prevent future harm to the engine of your Corolla, you can repair a damaged oil piston or piston ring.

Here are some recommendations for potential upkeep and fixes:

1. Verify the oil levels:

It’s essential to check the oil level in your engine to avoid engine damage. In order to keep the engine lubricated at all times, it is advisable to regularly check the oil levels.

You may check the oil level using the engine oil indicator light, but it’s also a good idea to check it manually. Normally, the “Check Oil” light won’t turn on until there is little to no oil in the engine.

If the oil level falls that low, it could be harmful to the engine and even cause damage.

2. Replace the piston rings and oil pistons:

Defective oil pistons and rings may be a significant contributing factor to your Corolla’s high engine oil consumption.

It frequently comes with additional symptoms, such as:

  • Excessive Exhaust Smoke: A faulty piston may be the cause of your car’s thick, dark gray and blue exhaust smoke. A damaged piston may allow engine oil to flow into the combustion chamber, producing an excessive amount of thick smoke.
  • sluggish acceleration

In addition to using too much oil, a damaged piston results in less combustion in the engine, which can diminish power. In order to reach the specified speed, you must accelerate more.

inadequate vehicle performance

When the piston is completely destroyed and the engine loses all of its power, this is a severe situation. Acceleration is not possible in this circumstance, and performance will be very subpar overall. It is advised you fix your piston before it reaches this point.

The majority of the expense of repairing a piston ring is spent on labor costs. While the labor expenses range from $500 to $1,500, the piston costs between $30 and $150.

The usual hourly rate for a mechanic is between $80 and $200, and it takes time to disassemble the engine, repair the piston, and reassemble the engine.

Rave: Rock-Solid Reliability

Even after several years of ownership and tens of thousands of miles on the odometer, many 11th-generation Corolla owners praised the car’s dependability. The Corolla was listed as one of the most dependable sedans by J.D. Power in 2017, while Toyota placed fourth overall among automakers in 2018. Toyota has a history of delivering well in reliability surveys.

“For the money, the Corolla offers good value. I’ve owned two of them, and both have been incredibly dependable. Enough room is available in the backseat for two growing boys. The Corolla is a plain and practical car, albeit it is undoubtedly not the flashiest. Corolla 2018; Buxton, Maine

“The only thing I really need a car for is to get me from point A to point B and, ideally, back to point A. The main reason I chose to buy this car was because I have had three Toyotas in the past and have always found them to be dependable. An attractive feature is the backup camera (or necessity, since the view out the back window is limited due in part to wide pillars). Overall, this is not a particularly enjoyable vehicle to drive, but it will safely deliver you to your destination. Corolla 2017; Lake City, Pa.

“I’ve had my Corolla for just over three years, and I’m still thrilled that I made the purchase. I’ve never had to worry about things breaking down or abruptly ceasing to function. Corolla 2017; Atlanta

Rave: Thrifty at the Pump

When making a budget, taking the cost of ownership into account might be just as crucial as the vehicle’s purchase price. Many Corolla owners believe that the small car’s fuel economy increases both its value and affordability. Depending on the trim level and engine, the EPA assigned this generation of the Toyota Corolla combined city/highway fuel economy ratings ranging from 30 to 34 mpg. Some owners claim they exceeded EPA estimates for mpg by a large margin.

“This was a wise investment. I had originally planned to purchase an older S model, but after testing out the 2019 Corolla LE, I fell in love with the amenities. Lane departure and adaptive cruise control are wonderful. And the dash is gorgeous. I easily averaged 42-44 mpg when I originally got it. I now average about 37 mpg as I enjoy driving it, which is incredible considering I’ve always owned a truck. I endorse this vehicle to everyone and everybody! N.H. 2019 Corolla

“This is my first whole new vehicle. I’ve had my Corolla for precisely a year at this point, and I’ve logged 13,500 miles on it with no problems. I commute five days a week in the city and one day a week on the interstate, and I get 35 mpg. I travel from home to work every day for roughly 40 kilometers. I must admit that I finally chose wisely when I bought a car! Corolla 2018; Memphis, Tennessee

“This car immediately impressed me with its safety features. Excellent backup camera. Unbelievable gas mileage is undoubtedly the best feature. This is the one that will provide you the best value in terms of mpg if you’re shopping for one. It occasionally reaches 40 mpg! Lancaster, Pennsylvania; 2018 Corolla

“Given how frequently I drive, getting 4045 mpg on the highway and 3035 mpg in the city is fantastic. My three children, who range in age from 5 to 13, all adore the vehicle. It looks sleek and is quite comfortable. I cherish my automobile. Corolla 2017; Metaline Falls, Washington

“It is cozy, dependable, and averages 40 mpg while primarily traveling on highways. Tires have been used for 73,000 miles and counting. Corolla 2018; Clover, S.C.

“The Corolla SE is an excellent small vehicle. It is enjoyable to drive and gets great gas mileage (42 mpg or more on excursions). It has excellent handling and several safety measures. Corolla from 2018; Dallas, N.C.

Rave: Not Stingy on Space

“Overall, we approve. For a senior couple, its performance is adequate. I am 6 feet tall, and the front, rear, and trunk all have plenty of room. It is also quite quiet and has a smooth ride. Miami; 2017 Corolla

“I acquired a certified pre-owned 2019 Toyota Corolla. I used to drive a 2018 Ram 1500 truck before switching to this car. I prefer to drive the Corolla much more. I adore that it is a sporty “mom” automobile because I am a mother of two sons. It is child-friendly because my boys’ car seats accommodate both of them and there is still plenty of space for them in the rear. They can simply get in and out of the car. I believe it has good handling, fantastic gas mileage, and a wonderful guarantee because it is a certified used car. Corolla 2019; Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“I like it. Large trunk, fantastic handling, and plenty of legroom. There is enough space for the kids to feel comfortable. There are many cupholders, and I really appreciate the backup camera. Corolla 2019; Weaver, Alabama

Rave: Safety Is a Given

One of the first vehicles in its class to offer a comprehensive array of standard safety features was the Toyota Corolla. Owners as well as the judges from our 2017 Compact Sedan Challenge praised this. Adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, lane departure warning and prevention, automatic high-beam headlights, and forward collision warning with pedestrian recognition are some of the new standard active safety technologies added to the 2017 Corolla during its mid-cycle refresh.

“The Toyota Corolla has once more surpassed my expectations for a cheap Toyota. Even though the LE I have is relatively basic, it still has driver assistance features like automated gas mileage tracking, auto lighting, and radar cruise control. Driving feels calm and comfortable. Although there is a slight reduction in visibility in my rearview mirror compared to my 2016 Corolla, this does not prevent me from purchasing again. Corolla 2019; Cleveland

“The amount of extra legroom in the backseats astonished me. It boasts a rearview camera, Bluetooth audio, lane departure alert, and precollision. It also gets excellent gas mileage. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Corolla 2017; Clovis, California

“This car is ideal in every way: It has comfortable seating and enough internal space, even with two car seats in the backseat. There are numerous entertaining features. Corolla 2019; Stockton, California

“Compared to other vehicles I’ve owned, this one is incredibly fuel-efficient. When I’m driving on the highway, I adore the touchscreen radio and the driver-assistance capabilities. The front sensors have already prevented me from colliding with another car because they beep when you approach anything too closely. Hickory, North Carolina; 2019 Corolla

Rant: The Cruise Control Is Out of Control

The majority of Corolla owners appreciate its driver-assist functions, although one of them causes problems: Reviews claim that the Corolla’s adaptive cruise control technology might cause the engine to rev extremely high, especially when traveling downhill. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received dozens of complaints of a similar nature under the “category of vehicle speed regulation. However, no official recall was made.

“I’m sorry to have to give the 2019 Corolla only a ‘OK’ rating, but this one has some issues. When traveling downhill, the cruise control engages a lower gear (and not even just on steep declines). The tachometer often and continuously revs up to 3,0004,000 rpm, which reduces gas mileage. Even though I’ve been driving Toyota cars for a very long time, if this were my first Toyota, I might pass the next time and try a different brand. Corolla 2019; Warner Robins, Georgia

“It functions flawlessly and has good contemporary features. I wish the seat could be adjusted more because I am small, and even on the lowest setting, the cruise control’s automatic distance setting is too sensitive. It also struggles to get up speed while switching lanes from behind a sluggish vehicle. Corolla 2018; Kissimmee, Florida

“My fourth Toyota that I’ve bought is this 2018 Corolla. Although I adore the vehicle, I won’t ever purchase another Corolla or possibly even another Toyota. It’s a nightmare using the cruise control. It will increase the tachometer to above 4,000 rpm while traveling uphill or downhill without raising speed. The dealer claimed that was standard, but I can assure you that is not the case. The fact that you continuously hear and see it at every hill, whether you’re going up or down, takes the pleasure out of driving. Corolla 2018; Newark, Ohio

“This vehicle is amazing. I was astonished by the number of safety measures it had considering the price I paid for it. The cruise control presents a problem; when it is in place and you encounter a downslope (even the backside of an overpass), the CVT is unable to make an adjustment and the tachometer reads over 4,000 rpm until the engine is made to “pull” once more. Now that I’m paying close attention, all I have to do to get it back to normal is touch the accelerator at the first indication. The car is much beyond satisfactory in every other manner, thus this is in the category of “first-world concerns.” 2018 Corolla; Texas, Wichita Falls

“Please be aware that even the slightest downhill grade will cause this car’s cruise control to entirely malfunction. I regret letting myself be lured into buying this as my first new automobile so terribly. Corolla 2017; Freeland, Pa.

Rant: Highway Hassles

Some owners of the Corolla were annoyed with the vehicle’s engine and excessive noise, especially when traveling at highway speeds. In assessments of the sedan that were otherwise favorable, the power (or lack thereof) was frequently the only issue. We discovered the 2017 Corolla’s CVT to be quick but loud during our assessment. We also mentioned that the four-cylinder engine can propel the vehicle to highway speeds, but that once there, passing at high speeds becomes more difficult.

“This car has 45,000 miles on it, and thus far everything seems to be functioning properly. The drift is rather obvious at speeds over 65 mph, thus it is clear that this is not a powerful automobile. With normal for tiny cars, the ride is rough and you get excellent gas mileage (38 mpg on my LE Eco). Leave the cruise control alone; it is useless in this vehicle, and the lane assist and other “assistance” functions annoy. Buy this car if you want durability and high gas mileage; look elsewhere if you want style and speed. Corolla from 2018; Charlotte, N.C.

“Excellent ownership debut month. Toyota should truly offer Apple CarPlay, in my opinion. Although the Civic or Mazda3 have undeniably more power, my family has been driving Toyotas since 1980, and they have never failed us down. 2018 Richmond; Baltimore

“The Corolla excels at everything it is intended to, despite having a limited amount of power, especially when the air conditioning is on. Other vehicles are more entertaining and have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. My LE’s interior and seats are pleasant, but I personally don’t like how the dashboard is styled. Visibility is also good. Corolla 2018; Dallas

“My Corolla is approximately a year old. The backseats have lots of legroom and a very smooth ride. However, when the windows are open, there is a lot of outside noise, including wind. Although I think the price could be a little bit lower, I still think it’s a very excellent automobile and would suggest it. Corolla 2017; Columbus, Ohio