How Much Is Toyota Vitz In Ghana

Toyota Vitz, 1000cc, 2WD, Petrol, Station Wagon Import Cost:

Toyota Vitz, 1300cc, 2WD, Petrol, Hatchback, Import Cost:

  • KES 1,190,000KES 1,500,000 for the 2015 model
  • KES 1,270,000KES 1,600,000 Model Year 2016
  • Model year: 2017; KES 1,440,000; KES 1,800,000.
  • KES 1,540,000KES 1,900,000 2018 Model
  • KES 1,700,000KES 2,000,000 for the 2019 model.
  • KES 1,830,000KES 2,200,000 for the 2020 model
  • Call +254728308043 to inquire about the 2021 model.
  • Call +254728308043 to inquire about the 2022 model.

Toyota Vitz, 1500cc, 2WD, Petrol, Hatchback: Import Cost

  • KES 1,580,000KES 1,900,000 2015 Model
  • KES 1,790,000KES 2,100,000 for the 2016 model
  • KES 1,900,000KES 2,200,000 for the 2017 model.
  • Model for 2018: 2,000,000KES 2,300,000
  • Model year 2019: KES 2,030,000KES 2,400,000
  • Model for 2020: KES 2,130,000KES 2,500,000

Toyota Vitz, 1300cc, 4WD, Petrol, Hatchback, Import Cost:

  • KES 1,240,000KES 1,600,000 2015 Model
  • Model Year: 2016; KES 1,350,000; KES 1,700,000
  • KES 1,510,000KES 1,900,000 2017 Model
  • Model year: 2018; KES 1,620,000; KES 2,000,000.
  • KE 1,750,000KE 2,100,000 2019 Model
  • KES 1,920,000KES 2,300,000 for the 2020 model.

What fuel type does Vitz use?

Under the hood of the Vitz Hybrid is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with variable valve timing, which is conceptually a smaller version of the 1.8-liter Toyota Prius engine. The Vitz is powered by a 45 kW/61 hp electric motor, which has 74 horsepower. Both machines have a system performance of 74 kW/100 horsepower. That may not seem like much, but the small hybrid is a strong gas when moving forward from a stop. The engine is powerful and is made even more so by the continuously variable transmission.

Is Toyota Vitz a reliable vehicle?

The Toyota Vitz is a car with a high market resale value. The car has always been a popular one, even as a used one, and sells rather quickly in the used car market because of its reputation for dependability, longevity, and remarkable fuel consumption in addition to great engine performance.

Toyota is continuously attempting to upgrade the technology within the automobile, lower the coefficient, increase interior space, and add luxuries. The Vitz RS model boasts the greatest horsepower of any variation. The parts for the Vitz and other related vehicles are readily available in the market at lower prices because they have been on the market for a long time.

Toyota Vitz Review

Additionally, the manufacturer added electronic power steering to the Toyota Vitz, which enhances highway mpg. Extremely high performance, low fuel economy, and durability are all features of every engine.

The Yaris range has seen some revisions from Toyota. The Yaris still comes in sedan and hatchback versions, but the naming convention has been simplified. The Yaris sedan has replaced the Yaris iA as the most popular name for the sedan model.

The Yaris sedan now has three trim levels, up from one last year, in addition to the name change. These new, higher trim levels offer previously unattainable luxuries like automatic climate control, fog lamps, a steering wheel with leather upholstery, and leatherette front seats.


? Good Fuel Economy? Its Sporty and Tuned Suspension? Many Practical Features? Specific Safety Features It’s a Reliable Car, right? Owning a Vitz is inexpensive.


Does Vitz’s engine come in a variety? Yes, there are numerous engine and transmission choices available.

Does This Engine Have a Double or Single Cam? A twin overhead cam is available on the Vitz.

Exists a Toyota Version for the Vitz? F Limited, F Smile Edition, Jewela, FL Package, U Package, and F Package.

What about its outlook and style? Its overall outlook and style are superior than those of its competitors.

What is the Toyota Vitz’s fuel consumption?

Japan, Toyota City, December 2, 2010

The revised “Vitz” compact, equipped with a 1.3-liter gasoline engine and the Toyota Stop & Start idling-stop system, has earned Japan’s best fuel efficiency*, according to Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

The new Vitz, which is slated to go on sale in Japan at the end of this year, has a fuel efficiency of 26.5 km/L according to the 10-15 test cycle used by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT), exceeding by more than 25% the minimum level required by the 2010 national standards. Additionally, the car boasts a fuel efficiency of 21.8 km/L when tested using MLIT’s more recent JC08 test cycle.

The car emits 88 g/km of CO2 under the MLIT 10-15 test cycle and 106 g/km under the JC08 test cycle.

The vehicle’s emissions of nitrogen oxides and non-methane hydrocarbons have also been decreased, with levels that, according to the MLIT’s approval process for low-emission vehicles, are 75% lower than the 2005 norms. As a result, the new Vitz qualifies for a 75 percent reduction in the vehicle weight tax and vehicle acquisition tax as well as a 50% reduction in the vehicle tax under the Japanese government’s taxation system for environmentally friendly automobiles.

As of December 2, 2010, according to a TMC poll (excluding minivans and hybrid automobiles).

Toyota Vitz top speed

In essence, they are the same vehicle. For the Japanese market, the vehicle is known as the Toyota Vitz. Almost everybody else in the globe refers to the vehicle as the Toyota Yaris.

How Long Does Toyota Vitz Engine Last?

How Durable Are Toyota Yaris Engines? With routine oil changes and maintenance, the 1.5L 4-cylinder engine that powers the Toyota Yaris could last well over 250,000 kilometers. They are so well made that there are even cases of people going over 500,000 miles with the original engine.

How Fast Is Toyota Vitz?

It is essentially a Japanese-market Vitz RS with a 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine rated at 130 horsepower (97 kW) and 173 Nm (128 lbft) that can accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 10 seconds.

Why Are Toyota’s So Reliable?

Toyota produces some of the industry’s toughest cars. Toyota vehicles have developed a reputation for dependability as a result of their durability. Toyota vehicles will cost you less to maintain over their ownership since they break down less frequently.

Is Vitz suitable for long journeys?

Little engines in small cars are excellent for transportation; you just need to be aware that if you have a few people along with a lot of luggage, they might struggle on hills, etc. Good cars include the Mazda Demio/2, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Ist, and Yaris/Vitz.

What does the word “Vitz” mean?

Today, TokyoTOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION started selling the Vitz, a ground-breaking two-box that will define mobility in the twenty-first century.

According to Chief Engineer Yasuhiko Ichihashi, “The Vitz, whose name stems from the German word ‘witz’ indicating brilliance or wit, is properly called; the vehicle is a cornucopia of class-leading advances.” The greatest interior space, the smallest turning radius (4.3 m), the lowest drag coefficient (0.30), and the best NVH* performance in its class are a few examples. Vitz can comfortably fit four adults in a minimally sized compact that blends in with today’s society.

The Vitzthe base, engine, transmission, and suspensionall have entirely new fundamental parts. The engine itself is a giant in technology. It is the lightest (68kg) engine in the one-liter engine class, yet it has the most torque in the low-to-medium speed range and the lowest fuel consumption (AT: 20.5 km/L; MT: 22.5 km/L), which is great for the environment.

Vitz has a remarkably high level of safety despite its small body. The Vitz was subjected to collision energies that were 14 to 21 percent higher than those in standard tests due to an increase in speed during offset and full-lap side impact testing. ABS*, dual SRS*, seats utilizing WIL* ideas, and front seatbelts with pretensioners and force limiters are all standard equipment on the car. Today marks the launch of the Vitz at Netz Toyota dealerships across Japan.

Vehicle Overview

Prioritizing occupant space, the objective was to create a small body that takes into account social and traffic contexts while yet having enough room to accommodate four 190 cm individuals. The Vitz has the largest inside space of any car in its class thanks to its lengthy 2,370 mm wheelbase, 3,610 mm overall length, and 1,265 mm interior height.

The front seat’s ground-to-hip-point height is 580 mm, while the back seat’s is 610 mm. Naturally, this makes it simple to enter and exit. The front seat’s floor-to-hip point height was selected at 350 mm to ensure that occupants would not feel overly burdened and that driving would be simple. Human engineering factors were also used to accomplish this.

The back seat has a 6-to-4 division, a 150 mm slide track, and can recline in addition to having a double folding motion. This enables flexible space configuration based on the number of occupants or the amount of luggage.

The overall height of 1,500 mm ensures plenty of room for passengers while still reflecting aerodynamic factors. There is plenty of storage for luggage, and the engine compartment is small, both signs of an effort to keep the overall length to a minimum. The width is substantial in relation to the length at 1,660 mm. A logical “short & tall” packaging is the end outcome.

With a 4.3 m minimum turning radius, Vitz leads its class. It boasts a striking two-box exterior and an advanced, utility-focused interior. It comes in two body styles, a three-door and a five-door.

The vehicle’s sturdy hood, upright front pillar, and sturdy tires highlight its commanding appearance. While maintaining a small size, the tight surface gives the car a more premium appearance than other cars in its class.