How Much Is Toyota Corolla 2008 In Nigeria

2008 Toyota Corolla Value | Edmunds: $2,047 to $7,418.

Is the 2008 Toyota Corolla a good car?

The 2008 Toyota Corolla offers excellent fuel efficiency and simple handling at a cheap initial cost. Due to some of its rivals’ more distinctive design features and sportier driving characteristics, the Corolla is rated in the center of its class.

How much does a Toyota Corolla cost?

What Is the Price of a Toyota Corolla? The starting price of the 2022 Toyota Corolla is $20,075, which is approximately typical for the compact car segment. The top-of-the-line Corolla XSE Apex Edition costs $28,360.

A timing belt is present in a 2008 Toyota Corolla, right?

There is a timing chain in the 2008 Toyota Corolla. An engine will cause you a lot of problems. Oil leaks are possible and must be fixed as quickly as feasible.

Which Toyota Corolla model year is the best?

Every used Toyota Corolla produced between 2014 and 2019 comes highly recommended by Consumer Reports. With the exception of the 2019 Toyota Corolla models, which nonetheless achieved a high score of 4/5, all obtained reliability ratings of 5/5. The overall owner satisfaction score was 3/5.

The Corolla underwent yet another redesign in 2014, which was a significant year for the vehicle. Additionally, it achieved 32 mpg overall with the aid of the continuously variable transmission.

There are simple controls inside, and some models come with a touchscreen infotainment system. The LE and higher models come standard with automatic temperature control. Automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning were included as standard safety features in 2017 vehicles.

Toyota Corolla

The model for 2019 has a “U.S. News has given this prediction reliability an excellent rating. Based on J.D. Power’s car dependability study, a 4.5 out of 5 reliability rating is projected.

According to the ratings, the 2019 model is best described by the following: “superior to most and regarded as among the best.

The emergency braking system, lane departure warning, steering assistance, and forward collision warning are additional features that add flavor to the 2019 model year. With the help of these improvements, the 2019 Corolla can continue to outperform competitors while retaining its distinctive reliability.

It has spacious cabin and very nice seats. Of course, this sets it apart from other models that only excel in reliability and offer a small amount of comfort.

The 2019 Corolla is exceptional in many ways, not just dependability, thanks to these features.

Toyota Corolla

Of all, avoiding frequent trips to the mechanic is the main reason we all want a dependable vehicle. Cost minimization is a different consideration. Nobody wants to continue paying arbitrary payments that appear and reappear without prior notice.

The car’s fuel efficiency is so exceptional that compared to other automobiles, it reduced fuel expenditures by over 30%. Some motorists stated that they filled up their gas tanks twice as frequently in other vehicles than in their 2010 Corolla.

It shares the second spot with the Honda Civic in J.D. Power’s ranking as the “Best Compact Car of 2010.” just behind the 2010 Toyota Prius.

Toyota Corolla

The availability of replacement components is one factor that contributes to the Corolla’s ease of maintenance. The same is true for the Corolla’s replacement components because they are widely available on the streets.

Therefore, we will miss the 1997 Corolla. Less individuals choose this model over time. Additionally, the average mileage for vehicles from 1997 now would have exceeded 250,000 miles.

Nevertheless, it is frequently cited as one of Toyota’s most dependable vehicles. It was included on the list of “Most Reliable Used Vehicles” by Consumer Reports. The 1997 Corolla might be the car we all need, even though it might not be the car we all want.

We won’t advise you to hunt for a 1997 model to purchase. If you’ve had one for a while, though, follow the maintenance plan and take advantage of it while you still can.

A 2008 Toyota Corolla’s lifespan is unknown.

How long do Toyota Corollas last? may be on your mind if you’re thinking about buying one. The Toyota Corolla has a life expectancy of up to 10 years or 300,000 miles with routine maintenance and service. You might own your new Corolla for well over a decade if you take good care of it.

What is the 2008 Toyota Corolla’s fuel consumption?

Editor’s note: This review of the 2007 Toyota Corolla LE was written in October 2006. The model for this year hasn’t altered all that much. Check out a side-by-side comparison of the two model years to see which specifics have changed this year.

The Corolla is still among the most popular vehicles sold in the United States even though there hasn’t been a significant change since the 2003 model year. What exactly makes this small so appealing? The Corolla’s outstanding gas mileage is just the beginning. It is also quick. The Corolla’s exceptional reliability may be more significant to those searching for affordable transportation. However, the interior of the Corolla is starting to seem dated.

External Design The styling of tiny cars is becoming more and more adventurous. Look at the Honda Civic’s futuristic front end and the Dodge Caliber’s imposing exterior. The Corolla lacks the chutzpah of these two automobiles due to its unmemorable appearance, which may or may not be a positive thing depending on your preferences. (The Corolla is set for a facelift in the upcoming years; if Toyota’s 2007 Camry redesign is any indication, it might gain a more unique look.) The Corolla’s doors do, however, close with a satisfying “thunk that conveys a luxury as opposed to an economic vehicle.

Although LE variants can have 15-inch alloy wheels and the Corolla S can have 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels, all models come standard with 15-inch steel wheels. For the S, a spoiler is optional.

Riding and Handling I spent the most of my time driving the Corolla on the streets and freeways of Chicago. It didn’t take long to realize how adept this automobile is at maneuvering around congested traffic given the ongoing gridlock on these roads.

The Corolla is quite nimble even though its rigid suspension does little to cushion against bumps and potholes. On the highway, the ride becomes a little rough and the suspension moves up and down a lot, but body roll is successfully controlled when cornering. Stabilizer bars for the front and back are standard.

Moving and Stopped Since the high-output XRS has been discontinued, the 2007 Corolla’s only available engine is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder with 126 horsepower and 122 pounds-feet of torque. Both a four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual transmission are available. For manual versions, the EPA estimates 32/41 mpg (city/highway); for automatic models, the numbers fall to 30/38 mpg.

Although the Corolla’s engine produces substantially less power than a lot of the competition, it nonetheless performs very well on city and suburban roads. The Corolla’s performance is only restricted on the highway by the engine’s low power ratings; the automatic Corolla I tested had just enough power for speedy passing. When needed, the quick-shifting automatic engages smoothly, but when the four-cylinder increases rpms, the act creates a noticeable amount of engine noise.

Front disc and rear drum brakes on Corollas offer linear stopping performance. The use of antilock brakes is optional.

The Interior For drivers over 6 feet tall, the driving position is a little tight, but this is more because the driver’s seat cannot be adjusted backward than because the cabin is too small. The steering wheel is a bit of a reach and does not telescope to make driving more convenient, even with the driver’s seat adjusted as comfortably as feasible for a tall person. The stereo’s controls on the dashboard are out of reach. While shorter drivers are unlikely to encounter these problems, if you’re taller you should pay close attention to the ergonomics of the cabin throughout your test drive.

The Corolla’s dashboard is made of plastic with attractive graining, and the controls are positioned rationally. The majority of the panels fit together snugly, and the LE model’s top trim looks like fake wood. Before you take into account the Corolla’s premium pricing in its market, the LE’s cloth seats and cloth door-panel inserts look and feel antiquated in comparison to newer competition.

Although it would be ideal if the front seats could recline farther, their short trip maintains some room for the backseat passengers, whose comfort levels are tolerable overall despite the lack of legroom for tall people. However, I wouldn’t want to spend more than a few hours there. Once more, the size of the occupants can significantly affect comfort, and shorter travelers may find it completely acceptable, even for lengthy travels.

Safety In the frontal-offset collision test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Corolla achieved a Good overall rating. When outfitted with the front side-impact airbags, which are optional, as well as the front and rear side curtain airbags, it received an Acceptable overall grade in the IIHS side-impact test. You should view those $655 airbags as essential since without them, the Corolla’s overall side-impact rating slips to Poor.

Antilock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution and an electronic stability system, which is available for automatic-transmission S and LE versions, are further optional safety features.

Freight & Towing For a tiny sedan, the Corolla’s 13.6 cubic feet of trunk space is sizable, and access is made simple by a wide opening. Utilizing two cleverly placed knobs towards the top of the trunk, the conventional 60/40 split rear seats may be folded. But there is a ledge between the folding seatbacks and the trunk floor, so the extended cargo floor isn’t quite flat.

Features Standard features include air conditioning, a CD stereo, power-adjustable side mirrors, and a temperature gauge. In addition to a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter, revised instruments, power door locks, and interior chrome trim, the S versions’ exterior features include rocker panels and front and rear underbody spoilers. Power windows, keyless entry, and colorful, easy-to-read electroluminescent instruments are all included on the top-tier LE model. Optional features include cruise control, a sunroof, and a JBL audio system with an in-dash six-CD changer.

Corolla at the Shop The Corolla is proof that having the newest, swankiest model isn’t necessary for successful sales as long as the fundamentals are in place. Even though the Corolla’s interior is outdated for an economy car, its sales are difficult to contest: Through September 2006, more than 200,000 units have been sold, despite new competition from the Honda Civic’s facelift. Even with the Corolla’s stellar reliability record, that’s a remarkable performance for an aged car.