How Much Is Toyota Aygo Road Tax

The new TOYOTA AYGO models that are currently available are listed below.

When purchasing a new TOYOTA AYGO, the “First year rate” is the price; the “Standard rate” is the sum paid.

is the continuing, yearly car tax owed. If applicable, any vehicles having a list price of $40,000 or above are subject to the “Premium rate” for years 2 through 6.

The Toyota Aygo belongs to what insurance group?

The Toyota Aygo will certainly cost you more to insure than some of its more sober-looking city car competitors due to design elements like those very pricey projector headlamps, yet it’s possible that the implied “youth” appeal of its zingy style makes a difference.

The most recent Aygo line, however, comes with Toyota’s Safety Sense bundle as standard, placing all vehicles in insurance category 6.

In comparison, the entry-level Hyundai i10 begins the bidding with an insurance group one that cannot be matched, while the Skoda Citigo, VW up! The SEAT Mii also outperformed the Toyota in group evaluations.

Costs, insurance groups, MPG and CO2

Even though most Aygos are purchased using PCP financing, it is still competitive when compared to the Volkswagen Up on a like-for-like basis. Since there isn’t a truly basic model, you’ll find that some Up models and all Dacia Sandero variants are less expensive, while the Aygo does slightly undercut the Hyundai i10.

The Aygo has more impressive operating expenses. It will be an inexpensive company car with CO2 emissions of 93g/km, and the official WLTP combined fuel economy is a respectable 57.7mpg. In the actual world, anticipate getting close to 50 mpg with relative ease.

Which issues does the Toyota Aygo have?

Corrosion may cause the clutch to fail earlier than intended. A recall to address the issue is compatible with modified parts, and the rear brakes may require replacement early on as well. Poorly installed weather seals can cause water to leak into the car’s boot, while a malfunctioning vent can cause the same issue in the front footwell.

On a highway, is the Toyota Aygo safe?

Comfortable suspension and riding. You’ll frequently discover that the Aygo is surprisingly comfy for a city car. Around town, it is rather flexible over gentler road folds, and at highway speeds, it stays just on the right side of calm.

Do Toyota Aygos require road taxes?

The 1.0-liter VVT petrol engine in the most recent Toyota Aygo is the same tried-and-true model’s engine, however it has been updated to increase fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

In comparison to its key competitors, including the Fiat 500, Kia Picanto, Volkswagen Up!, and Hyundai i10, the Aygo is exceptionally inexpensive to operate.

It has a great warranty, and its remarkable fuel economy and pollution numbers allowed you to avoid paying road tax in the past. All Aygos are priced at the usual VED rate (tax). It’s important to note that compared to its Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 sibling vehicles, the Toyota Aygo has historically maintained its value as a used vehicle better.

Toyota Aygo MPG & CO2

The most recent Aygo has CO2 emissions that are rated at 111-120g/km for the manual gearbox and 118-124g/km for the automatic. However, since the WLTP emissions test has become more stringent, the tiny Toyota is no longer eligible for one of the lowest Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) rates should you purchase one as a company vehicle. With stop and start installed, Toyota claims the Aygo can achieve up to 57.6 mpg in WLTP ratings. These numbers aren’t significantly impacted by the x-shift automatic gearbox either.

Are Toyota Aygo vehicles dependable?

I wanted to replace my beloved 2001 Yaris, but Toyota’s new Yaris is bigger and faster than the one I’m used to. As a result, I chose a new Aygo, which I now deeply regret. It’s similar to operating a grocery cart or a small toy. It is cheap and tinny. There is very little legroom in the back and a glove compartment that is only little larger than an A4 envelope. The less said about the boot, the better.

The performance is primarily the biggest issue. It’s hardly manageable in the city, but it’s not completely awful on A highways and motorways. We get frustrated with hills even. The other issue is a safety one: poor visibility. The back and rear passenger windows are so small that it is difficult to combine and reverse properly. The mirror is low and occupies a large portion of the upper center of the windscreen.

Aygo doesn’t arrive through two doors, which I myself would have loved for better visibility but evidently isn’t necessary.

I know I shouldn’t expect too much from a small car, but at the absolute least, I should think it could handle a highway. Overall, we won’t be exchanging the car for a Toyota.

If I had to change, It will be another Aygo

  • 2011
  • 1020
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • Hatchback
  • 4

I adore this vehicle. shifted to a Toyota Aygo from a Renault Megan. It is essentially a get in and go vehicle. I often take it to Toyota for maintenance. Cost of fulel is reasonable. I’ve had mine since 2012, and so far there have been no mechanical failures. In 2014, I purchased a new battery (recommended by Toyota South Africa) I changed the gasoline pump in 2017 per Toyota SA’s advice, and that’s it. When taking lengthy trips with adults in the back, I can see how the lack of rear leg room could be a problem. However, there are just the three of usour 8-year-old and I. We’ve traveled for days on end on long trips, and my Aygo has never let me down. When you open or close the back doors, they make a somewhat tin(ish) sound. Dues’ full-door sound is not as pleasant or firm as that of other automobiles; instead, it has a more metallic, empty sound. However, I don’t mind because the automobile excels in other areas where other vehicles fall short. Both turning and driving straight are very safe due to the excellent road holding. I should mention that power steering is a blessing. My car has a 1.0-liter engine, so when driving up hills or on mountain roads, I downshift to third to spare her from straining in top gear. On mountain roads, maintaining a fair speed is more effectively accomplished by shifting up and down. She responds to my care for her by being incredibly dependable. We once dressed up to go to a wedding, and as I got in the car, I swear I heard her whistle to me. Who knows; after all, we do have a good connection.

Yes, there is much more I could say, but the Aygo is deserving of the Toyota logo.

Great city, town car, cheap, fun car to drive, nippy

  • 2007
  • 998
  • 5

I got a great first automobile! cheap gasoline I top it off at 25 pounds, and that earns me a lot of miles. 20 quid yearly road tax is very affordable, economical, and nimble in the city. It is also a small car for parking spaces, great to reverse around corners, and fits into tight spaces. It also has a great cd radio, which plays cds without any issues, bass adjustment, and excellent air conditioning and heating. These features make it a great car. Heats quickly after the engine starts. Good pedals that aren’t too high off the ground for comfort! The steering wheel has a good grip, two drink slots up front, one at the back, coin pockets, and one on the driver’s right side. One speed dial is huge, and the petrol gauge beeps when the reserve is reached, making it ideal for city driving and town parking. As soon as the button is pressed, the boot slams shut. Nicely opened back doors and comfortable sitting. With a push mechanism, the back windows open, pushing outwards to roughly an inch and a half for air! great automobile with a cool design #

Toyota Aygo

  • 2008
  • 1000

Drop-down back seats for hauling large stuff, 20 annual road tax. even though the boot is short and narrow and the parcel shelf occasionally gets in the way, it holds surprisingly big amounts of cargo. Very basic model, and I miss things like automatic mirror adjustments, electric windows, and seat height adjustments. One of the primary reasons I chose my model was the presence of back sensors. I also purchased a smaller vehicle because I am retired and no longer travel as much on the highway. a very capable runabout that is quick over short distances. Low insurance costs and reasonable maintenance fees.

My car


I discovered that running my car was inexpensive. It’s the ideal tiny car for me because I mostly use it for local travel. Despite its size, it can accommodate 4 adults in comfort and with plenty of legroom. It is simple to enter and exit thanks to the five doors. The fact that the back seats can be folded down makes it easier to fit larger objects inside despite the car’s limited boot. Even though it’s a little issue, I have trouble with the lockable gas cap, and it can be uncomfortable if I can’t get it unlocked when filling up with gas.

Toyota “old” Aygo

  • 2014
  • Saloon

I’ve owned two Aygos, and I’ve found them to be both incredibly dependable, reasonably priced to operate, and capable for their engine size. Although front seats are roomy and pleasant, the boot and back passenger spaces are quite modest. An iPod can be attached to the built-in satnav and radio-cd player, which also enable hands-free mobile phone use. The “old” Aygo is a reliable compact car that is great for commuting but can also handle longer trips if necessary.

Inexpensive motoring

  • 2012
  • 3

bought as a backup vehicle because I already own a Toyota camper van. Needed an inexpensive runabout, and the Aygo proved to be a snappy, comfortable, cost-effective, and road tax-free vehicle. I couldn’t be happier with my decision; I’ll renew with a newer model the following year. very advisable.


My Aygo satisfies all of my requests. It is affordable to operate, I don’t have to pay for road taxes, and it is convenient to park. The Toyota Yaris I had before treated me well for 13 years. I’ll be happy if my Aygo works out well for me.


What a fantastic little beauty!

Nippy, responsive, maneuverable, economical, completely dependable, quiet, and with plenty of legroom for tall drivers and front passengers. Although I rarely transport rear passengers, “four up” has worked out just well as long as the back two aren’t taller than 1m80/6ft!

I appreciate that the air conditioner doesn’t significantly hinder performance and, contrary to popular belief, has no impact on mpg.

Excellent service from the neighborhood main dealer [I’d given up on MDs with previous vehicles – Ford/Mitsubishi]: the Aygo and Toyota don’t have any outrageous service bills.

Aygo compromise

After two years of ownership of an Aygo Go, I’ve noticed that the fuel efficiency is essentially meaningless for such a little vehicle. When carefully driven, just 50 mpg in the city and 60 mpg in the suburbs. The ride is quite comfortable and the suspension is reasonably stiff up until the dampers become extremely heated. Excellent handling and good lights. The door sill region accumulates dirt and needs further cleaning in addition to a professional car wash. Since the window seals are broken, opening and closing the window won’t be able to clean the side windows. uses very little oil and has always been dependable up until this point. When there is so little available power, four hefty adults really bog the automobile down.


Regarding my Toyota Ago, I have nothing but praise. It is a nimble little car for its engine size, has the lowest operating costs I’ve ever experienced, is always dependable, and when the back seats are folded down, I could fit a newborn elephant inside. Never a concern in the world, just enjoy the ride! Because I am under five feet tall, I find all Toyotas to be highly dependable (including pick up trucks and vans), and the pedal, gear, and steering wheel ratios are all perfect for me.

Some unexpected costs

We purchased this Aygo brand-new in 2007, anticipating really low operating expenses and reliability.

We have appreciated this car besides that. It is entertaining to drive and gets decent gas mileage. I keep trying to predict what will break next.

Though it travels well on highways and is inexpensive to operate, the small car lacks acceleration. When the back seats are folded down, the interior is exceptionally roomy.


I switched to a new vehicle to save money on fuel, road tax, and insurance. It has tinted rear windows that assist reduce glare, is quick when overtaking is necessary, is simple to park, and has a great appearance. Everyone who has traveled in the rear with me has remarked on how comfortable and roomy it is for trips of a reasonable duration. I believed Toyota had given me another compelling reason to buy after five years. Overall, a fantastic compact car.