How Much Is Insurance On A Toyota Corolla

A Toyota Corolla typically costs $1,273 a year to insure. Although it is one of the less expensive car models to insure, individual prices will vary based on the insurance provider you select and the model year of your vehicle. The best prices can be found by comparison shopping.

Toyota Corolla Insurance Cost

Your Toyota Corolla 2020 insurance cost for a full coverage policy should be roughly $1,374 per year if you’re between the ages of 30 and 40, have a spotless driving record, good credit, and live in a typical city.

Your 2020 Toyota Corolla insurance premiums come to $115 per month when calculated in terms of expenditures. For a full coverage policy that includes additional collision, comprehensive, and personal injury protection coverage, that is rather inexpensive.

What does insurance for a 2021 Toyota Corolla cost?

A full coverage Toyota Corolla auto insurance policy typically costs $1,500 per year, or around $125 per month. The cost of Corolla insurance is $4.3% less than the $1,567 yearly average for auto insurance in the country.

The cost of insurance for a 2022 Toyota Corolla varies according on the trim level being insured, with the L being the least expensive and the XSE Apex Edition being the most expensive.

Collision insurance for individual policies will cost roughly $478 per year, liability and medical insurance will cost roughly $666, and the rest complete coverage will cost roughly $356.

The chart below shows how average Corolla auto insurance premiums vary based on the driver’s age and the amount of the policy’s deductible.

Is insurance for a Toyota Camry expensive?

How Much More Expensive Is a Toyota Camry to Insure Than Other Cars? Compared to the average car model, a Toyota Camry is less expensive to insure. Owners of Toyota Camry vehicles typically pay $1,276 annually. That is a little less than the $1,427 average annual insurance cost for all automobile models.

Toyotas cost more to fix, do you think?

Toyotas are excellent value because annual maintenance expenditures for a typical Toyota are only $441. That is a lot less than the $652 in annual maintenance costs for the majority of autos.

However, maintenance prices will vary from Toyota to Toyota, so we’ve compiled the average costs of some of the most well-known Toyotas now on the road.

Are Prius insurance premiums high?

According to MoneyGeek, a Toyota Prius’s annual insurance costs on average $1,237. This is less expensive to insure than the typical car model because of its reduced price. The model year of your vehicle and your choice of auto insurance provider are just two examples of the many variables that might affect premiums.

Is insurance for a Toyota RAV4 expensive?

No of the model year, a Toyota RAV4’s insurance costs are low in comparison to those of most other makes and models. The average annual cost of insurance for a Toyota RAV4 is $1,181, which is $247 less than the national average.