How Much Is A Toyota Sienna Hybrid

The starting price of the 2022 Toyota Sienna is $34,560. To make owning a minivan hip, the 2022 Toyota Sienna goes fairly far in a number of directions. Most clearly, the outward design has an SUV feel about it.

Is the hybrid Sienna a decent car?

Overall, the 2022 Toyota Sienna is a great minivan. Up to eight passengers can sit comfortably in the Sienna’s roomy, elegant cabin. Its hybrid powertrain offers great fuel economy of up to 36 mpg in combined city/highway driving, and it is pleasant and manageably nimble to drive.

How much will a hybrid Toyota Sienna cost in 2021?

  • For the 2021 Sienna minivan, which underwent a radical redesign and a new hybrid powertrain, Toyota has released pricing information.
  • A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors working together to produce 243 horsepower power the new Sienna.
  • The base L variant of the now-discontinued 2021 Sienna will cost $35,635, up $2820 from its 2020 beginning price of $32,815.

For the 2021 model year, Toyota completely redesigned the Sienna minivan, giving the already-aggressive-looking family transporter an even more aggressive appearance. It is available with front- or all-wheel drive, and unlike earlier models, the Sienna is only available with a new hybrid powertrain, a decision Toyota claims is in response to customers who sought better fuel efficiency and immediate torque. Starting at $35,635, the 2021 Sienna goes up to slightly over $50,000 for the Platinum variant with all-wheel drive.

The new minivan is powered by a 2.5-liter inline-four with 245 horsepower and two electric motors. With a 296-hp V-6, the 2021 model accelerates to 60 mph almost a second slower than the outgoing model, but its EPA-rated fuel economy of 36 mpg is much higher than that of the front-wheel-drive 2020 Sienna’s 21 mpg. Front-wheel drive is standard on the 2021 Sienna, but all-wheel drive is also optional and adds a second electric motor to the rear.

How much is a Toyota Sienna 2021 with all the options?

The starting price of the 2021 Toyota Sienna is $34,460, which is slightly more expensive than the class average. The top-of-the-line Platinum all-wheel-drive vehicle costs $50,460.

Is the Toyota Sienna a plug-in hybrid for 2022?

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan is available in the Touring, Touring L, Limited, and Pinnacle trim levels for anyone looking to purchase one in 2022. You might come across a cheaper Pacifica called the Voyager that Chrysler is only offering to business clients for 2022. If you do, it will probably be a secondhand car.

All Pacifica model levels come with a standard gasoline V6 engine from Chrysler. Alternately, any grade, excluding the base Touring, can be ordered with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Without the $1,495 destination fee, the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica’s price ranges from $36,665 to $54,480. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has an MSRP of $46,145, but a $7,500 federal tax credit is available. All-wheel drive comes standard on the Limited and Pinnacle levels but costs $2,995 more on the Touring trims. Please take note that the Pacifica Hybrid does not offer AWD.

The Chrysler Pacifica comes standard with seven seats. On the Touring and non-hybrid Touring L, eight-passenger seating is an option. Between the second-row captain’s chairs in this arrangement, there is a middle seat that can be removed.

A one-year trial membership to Sirius XM Guardian integrated services is offered on all 2022 Pacificas. The package includes remote locking and starting the engine, automatic collision notification, live emergency support, quick access to towing services, services for stolen vehicles, and a vehicle-finder feature for unfamiliar parking lots. The Wi-Fi hotspot in the minivan offers a free trial membership of three months.

Customers can choose from the LE, XLE, XSE, Woodland, Limited, and Platinum trim levels for the 2022 Toyota Sienna minivan. The hybrid powertrain in every 2022 Sienna is non-plug-in.

Prices for the 2022 Toyota Sienna, not including the $1,215 destination fee, range from $34,560 to $50,000. The cost of all-wheel drive varies depending on the trim level and is an option. The new Sienna Woodland trim level for 2022 has standard AWD and somewhat extra clearance from the ground.

Toyota has seating arrangements for 7 and 8 passengers. Between the second-row bucket seats in the normal 8-passenger arrangement, there is a detachable center seat. The second-row captain’s chairs in the available 7-passenger configuration are more luxurious and have a wider fore/aft travel range.

Safety Connect, which features automated crash notification, live emergency help, quick access to roadside assistance, and stolen-vehicle locating, is included for one year with every 2022 Toyota Sienna. A trial subscription to the Wi-Fi hotspot for three months is also included. The higher trims include a year of live concierge services, while the XLE adds one year of remote locking and engine starting (known as Remote Connect) (Destination Assist).

If you own a 2022 Sienna for the first two years or 25,000 miles, Toyota will provide free scheduled maintenance.

How much does a fully equipped 2022 Toyota Sienna cost?

The 2022 Toyota Sienna is a nice minivan, say reviewers including Car and Driver and Consumer Reports. The Sienna is behind only the Kia Carnival in Consumer Reports’ ranking of midsize minivans, but both have an overall score of 79 out of 100. Both publications give the Sienna high marks for its gorgeous appearance, comfortable ride, and hybrid system. Additionally, based on prior ownership, it received a perfect score from CR for owner satisfaction.

It gets 36 mpg overall and an amazing 43 mpg on the highway. It only has a hybrid setup option; there is no standard, according to Car and Driver. While this limits the options buyers have for their minivan, the market is moving in that direction and we should get used to it.

In conclusion, a 2022 Toyota Sienna with all the options is $53,890. That covers the entertainment system’s sole package, as well as delivery, processing, and handling costs. Customers could also purchase additional accessories, but doing so is entirely optional. The Sienna offers a wonderful bargain with a ton of comfort and room, even at its top pricing. Minivans are a cunning way to obtain all the functionality of an SUV without having to pay as much.

How long is the lifespan of a Toyota Sienna Hybrid?

If properly maintained and driven cautiously, a Toyota Sienna hybrid should last at least 200,000 miles and possibly even over 300,000 miles. It should provide 20 years of dependable service at 15,000 miles per year before needing expensive maintenance.

What issues does the Toyota Sienna have?

The Top 5 Issues with Toyota Sienna (Explained)

  • Electric sliding doors have a problem. Possible reasons and remedies.
  • Oxygen sensor malfunction. Possible reasons and remedies.
  • Leaks of oil and loss of oil pressure. Possible reasons and remedies.
  • Dashboard has cracks.
  • Suddenly losing power after braking.

Is buying a hybrid worth it?

Savings: You will frequently save on fuel prices because hybrid vehicles help you save on gas. There are still other potential savings though! You’ll ultimately save more money because to the tax breaks that many jurisdictions provide to people who drive electric or hybrid cars.

Does the hybrid Toyota Sienna require an electrical outlet?

The Toyota Sienna of 2021 has a lot of advantages. Its space is one that quickly stands out. And all three rows of seats fall under that. According to Toyota, there is 38.7 inches of legroom in the third row. Even the cargo area is large, measuring 75.2 cubic feet when the last row of seats is folded down.

The Sienna’s hybrid drivetrain contributes to its high level of fuel economy. Its four-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine can provide 245 hp when combined with two electric motors. The minivan may achieve roughly 36 mpg combined thanks to this. There is no need to plug this hybrid in because the battery recharges on its own as the car brakes.

A long range of standard safety features is another highlight. You receive Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, which has features like a lane-departure alarm with steering assistance, a lane-tracing assist, and a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection.

The Toyota Sienna only has a hybrid engine.

California’s Roseville The Toyota Sienna had seven years in a row of strong sales, but over the past three years, demand has progressively decreased, as has been the case with many other once-popular minivan models.

All minivans are having a difficult time. Even the highest-rated Honda Odyssey experienced a decline in sales in 2020, with 83,409 units sold, the lowest number since 1999. The Sienna, meanwhile, fared even worse, falling to a record low of 42,886 last year.

That undoubtedly contributed to Toyota’s decision to make a drastic turn while designing the updated 2021 Toyota Sienna. The new Sienna is no longer available with a gas engine; only a hybrid powertrain is available. The Chrysler Pacifica is the only other hybrid minivan available.

Minivans were the preferred suburban transportation for several decades not so long ago. However, over time, huge SUVs based on cars may have pushed them into the slow lane of obscurity.

In actuality, many automakers no longer sell them. Don’t bury the minivan just yet, though. The minivan market is still viable but no longer very strong for the manufacturers who still produce them, including Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, and Kia.


The Sienna hybrid boasts a roomy interior that can fit eight passengers, just like its predecessor. It has a lot of technology, is really safe, comfy, gets outstanding fuel efficiency for a big car (36 mpg), and even has considerable power when pushed.

Two electric motors and a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine in the Sienna combine to produce 245 horsepower and 176 pound-feet of torque. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in a respectable 7.7 seconds, but that is still about a second slower than the Odyssey, the king of minivans. The 3,500-pound towing capability of the Sienna.

Five trim versions (LE, XLE, XSE, Limited, and Platinum) and all-wheel drive are available for the attractive fourth-generation Sienna.

The Sienna has good handling characteristics, including responsive steering, stability in turns, and good maneuverability in confined spaces.

What distinguishes Sienna models 2021 and 2022?

In a risky move, Toyota revamped the 2021 Sienna on a new architecture and gave it a gas-electric hybrid powertrain. One of the most fuel-efficient minivans in its class was the Sienna hybrid model.