How Much Does Toyota Tundra Cost

The 437-hp twin-turbo V-6 iForce MAX hybrid, 22-inch alloys, and a ton of chrome come standard on this fully outfitted Tundra.

What is the price of a Toyota Tundra truck?

The twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 SR Double Cab is the entry-level 2022 Toyota Tundra, and it costs $35,950. The starting price for the new Tundra SR 4X4 is $38,950. The 2019 Tundra Limited starts at $46,850, while Tundra SR5 versions start at $40,755. To again pay for the appropriate 4X4 variants, add $3,000.

Are Toyota Tundras a good investment?

Full-size trucks like the 2019 Toyota Tundra are made to be durable enough for most jobs. For individuals searching for a dependable vehicle for business or daily commuting, this truck is a solid option. For hauling and towing, it offers a lot of power and torque. Additionally, it provides a ton of comfort for travel on a daily basis. To accommodate most purposes, it is available in a number of cab and bed combinations.

Strangely, the TRD Pro trim level was not included in the 2018 lineup. It returns in the 2019 Toyota Tundra with some noticeable improvements. This year, the wheels, springs, and shocks are all overhauled. Toyota is currently equipping this specific model with BBS wheels. The external and interior appearance have also seen some changes. This year, the grille receives a clean facelift, and the new LED headlights have stylish, black trim.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2019 Toyota TundraThe Pros

1. V-8 engines deliver excellent performance.

The 4.6 liter V-8 base engine for 2019 vehicles produces 310 horsepower and 327 lb-ft of torque. For most light- to medium-duty tasks, that’s more than enough power. This truck engine can be utilized for both work and towing in addition to general transit. Toyota has a 5.7 liter V-8 with 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque if you need a bit extra oomph. This particular model can tow a trailer or big load with ease and has exceptional performance for a car of its size. Both engine options deliver good on- and off-road performance.

2. Sufficient Towing Power

One of the biggest reasons to buy a full-size vehicle is its capacity to tow. The Toyota Tundra from 2019 delivers in this regard. The standard engine’s maximum towing capacity is 6,800 pounds when fully equipped. It is capable of towing an amazing 10,100 pounds with the improved 5.7 liter.

3. Excellent handling and steering

On the Toyota Tundra, handling and steering are excellent. The steering is precise and precise. The truck boasts a remarkable 44-foot turning circle for a vehicle of its size. Both engines provide strong acceleration. Strong and hard braking is used. Even when you’re not on paved surfaces, it performs well thanks to an optional 4X4, off-road kit.

4. A Luxurious and Comfortable Interior

The inside of the 2019 Toyota Tundra is roomy and welcoming. Passengers get plenty of head and leg room, even in the back seats. No matter what setup or trim package you choose to buy, this is true. The Tundra has luxurious interior features while being a big, robust truck designed for hard labor. You can choose wood-grain trim and leather upholstery, depending on the package. For even greater comfort, heated and cooled front seats are an option.

5. Cutting-edge safety features

The Standard Toyota Safety Sense P system, or TSS-P for short, is now standard on the Toyota Tundra. When you are utilizing cruise control, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control warns you when you approach an item. On lengthy drives, a lane departure alert helps you maintain a steady course. A pre-collision system uses sensors, radar, and an onboard camera to reduce the risk of hitting objects or persons. Cameras also aid in identifying potential blind spots.

6. Excellence and Dependability

The Toyota Tundra from 2019 is a dependable vehicle. For all of its vehicles, Toyota has a solid reputation for dependability and a high rating for durability of life. This is not any different in the Tundra. Compared to the majority of full-size trucks in its class, it performs better in this category. A Tundra should have a long lifespan and consistently reliable performance.

7. Advanced Console Functions

Modern, high-tech features are included in all models, including the entry-level ones. When reversing, a rear-view camera improves your field of vision. To warn you, sensors and warning devices also have an auditory component. You can go where you’re going with the aid of an integrated navigation system. A 7-inch touchscreen with excellent, high-definition visuals shows all of this. You may see information on your fuel economy, remaining gasoline, and average speed on another tiny display located directly on the center cluster.

8. A Classy Infotainment Device

The infotainment touchscreen on the 2019 Toyota Tundra is excellent. The speakers in this truck produce excellent sound. You can connect your smartphone to the Toyota Entune function to merge numerous systems. Even accessing numerous smartphone apps and features for hands-free use while driving is possible via the center console.

9. Fun Off-Road

Another factor driving the popularity of trucks with consumers is their ability to go off-road. Off-road travel is more than possible for this full-size truck. The Toyota Tundra can traverse even the most difficult terrain because to its strong engine and torque. Off-road, the suspension system performs admirably. The Tundra is a true beast in this class because to its 4X4 setup and unique off-road kit.

10. Superior Crash-Test Safety Scores

We’ve already talked about the 2019 Toyota Tundra’s extensive list of safety features. Additionally, it does very well in crash tests. This shows you that the Tundra is a reliable and secure car to be in in the sad event that you are ever in an accident. In front-crash tests, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration awards it four out of five stars. In tests for side impact, side barrier, and pole crashes, it receives a flawless score of five out of five.

buying advice

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These free sites will provide you the best deals and provide you with numerous price quotations from rival businesses. Before visiting the dealer, you will be aware of the best pricing.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2019 Toyota TundraThe Cons

A Difficult Ride

For a truck in this class, the ride quality isn’t terrible. However, the trip is rough. To some extent, this is actually true of all full-size trucks. It is something to take into account if you have never owned and operated a truck before. Although the Tundra isn’t necessarily worse than the competition in this area, you should be aware of this before choosing your next car.

It’s a Big Truck, too.

This is a drawback for all full-size trucks, not just the 2019 Toyota Tundra, to reiterate. For certain drivers or passengers, getting in and out of it may be challenging due to how high it sits. It appears to be very big on the road and can be challenging to park in some locations.

3. Unacceptably Low Fuel Economy

One more category remains where no full-size truck does exceptionally well. When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Toyota Tundra trails its rivals slightly. You may anticipate a combined fuel-economy estimate of about 15 mpg from the 5.7 liter engine. Only slightly better results are obtained if you choose the smaller engine. Your truck’s setup may determine whether you notice a boost of only 1-3 mpg.

4. There are fewer exterior options than the competition.

You have a good selection of box length and cab size options with the 2019 Toyota Tundra. A 2-door cabin is not a possibility at this location. There are several interior and performance options that are extremely comparable to those of rival vehicles. Your selection of exterior colors, though, strikes me as being one area that is lacking. There are nine different color options available, however many bundles only offer three or six. All of the hues are rather neutral and traditional. That might be perfect for you, but this truck just cannot accommodate something bolder.

The market for full-size trucks has always been extremely competitive with the Toyota Tundra. Large trucks are among the most popular cars in North America right now. The market-dominating American automakers like Chevy, Ram, and Ford are the main source of the fierce competition.

The Ford F-150 is the full-size truck that sells the most. Here, the costs between Ford and Toyota are comparable. In terms of power and towing capacity, Ford triumphs. When it comes to general reliability, the Tundra prevails. When it comes to body type and engine options, the Ram 1500 provides a few more options. Again, these two vehicles are fairly close, with the Tundra having a slight dependability advantage. Additionally, the Chevy Silverado offers more alternatives, such as a V-6 variant with higher fuel efficiency ratings. In terms of reliability and safety, the Tundra performs better.

Anyone shopping for a full-size truck should consider the 2019 Toyota Tundra. The Tundra’s efficiency and dependability are unmatched. Additionally, it has a lot of safety features to protect you and your passengers. It’s a wonderful pickup for routine or sporadic work duty and is cozy enough to drive every day. It also has excellent off-road capabilities for those that are more daring.

What will the price of the 2020 Tundra be?

The base model of the 2020 Toyota Tundra lineup is a 2WD (rear drive) Double Cab SR, with an MSRP of slightly over $35,000 (including the $1,595 destination fee). The large bed increases the price by $330 while the 4WD model goes for $38,070.

Which truck should you purchase?

The Top Pickups to Purchase in 2022

  • Ford Maverick is the best compact pickup.
  • Chevrolet Colorado is the top midsize pickup truck.
  • Ram 1500 is the top full-size pickup truck.
  • Ram 2500 HD is the top heavy-duty pickup truck.
  • Ram 3500 HD is the top heavy-duty dually pickup truck.

What issues are there with Toyota Tundras?

Full-size pickup trucks like the Toyota Tundra have been manufactured since 1999.

While older models had a V8 engine, the most recent model has a potent turbocharged V6 and a hybrid drivetrain.

The Tundra’s excellent performance on and off-road is complemented by a cozy and clutter-free interior.

The Tundra has many excellent qualities, but it also has certain drawbacks. Below, we go over the most typical Toyota Tundra problems.

Tacoma versus Tundra, which is superior?

The Toyota Tacoma is the more reasonably priced vehicle because it is the smaller and less powerful truck. SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro are the six trim levels available. The Toyota Tundra is more expensive than the other two but has more power and interior capacity.

Is Tundra a reliable vehicle?

The Toyota Tundra is a reliable pickup, yes. It has two powerful engines, one of which is a hybrid, and both of them feel more than capable in nearly all driving circumstances, especially while towing. The interior of the Tundra is well-built, and it rides and handles well.

Key Points

  • Although two Toyota Tundra owners exceeded the million-mile barrier, most drivers should anticipate that their Tundra will achieve its maximum mileage of roughly 300,000.
  • Typical issues with high mileage Ball-joint failure and exhaust manifold leakage are Tundra problems.
  • For the Toyota truck, repairs are inexpensive.

What used trucks should you avoid?

The 5 Worst Used Trucks to Purchase in 2020

  • Chevy Silverado 1500 from 2014. Due to flaky A/C units and peeling paint, the 2014 Silverado 1500 is one of just a few Chevy Silverado model years to stay away from.
  • 2012 Ram 2500HD.
  • Nissan Frontier from 2008.
  • Toyota Tacoma from 2016.
  • 2010 Ford F-150.

Tundra versus Nissan Frontier: which is superior?

The Tundra easily defeats the Frontier when it comes to towing and hauling. The Frontier can pull a maximum of 6,710 pounds whereas the Tundra can tow a maximum of 10,500 pounds. Additionally, the Tundra can tow a payload of 2080 pounds, compared to the Frontier’s maximum towing capacity of 1500 pounds.

Do Toyota Tundras have high maintenance costs?

Cost. A Toyota Tundra’s total yearly maintenance and repair costs average $606, compared to full-size trucks’ averages of $936 and all other vehicle models’ averages of $652. the typical annual sum for unplanned maintenance and repairs for all model years of a car.