How Many Toyota Dealers In Canada

The exclusive distributor of Toyota and Lexus automobiles in Canada is Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI). Through a nationwide network of 287 Toyota and Lexus dealerships, Toyota has sold over eight million vehicles in Canada. Toyota is committed to improving the quality, dependability, dependability, and safety of Canadians’ automobiles and services. With its main headquarters in Toronto, TCI also has regional offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Halifax, as well as parts distribution centers in both cities. In Canada, Toyota has two manufacturing facilities. Popular Canadian models produced at these factories include the Toyota RAV4, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Lexus RX 350, and RX 450h hybrid. Together, they have produced more than eight million vehicles. The most popular Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid models will be produced in greater quantities thanks to recent investments at its facilities in Ontario.

How many Toyota dealerships are there in Canada?

The distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, trucks, and SUVs in Canada is called Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI). Toyota was established in 1964, and since then, a nationwide network of 285 Toyota and Lexus dealerships has sold more than 4 million vehicles in Canada. With regional offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Halifax as well as parts distribution centers in Toronto and Vancouver, TCI has its main headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

TCI became a Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) subsidiary in January 2013 with a 51 percent ownership stake and a 49 percent minority stake held by Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

[1] Larry Hutchinson, who took over as CEO and president of Toyota Canada on January 1, 2016, succeeded Seiji Ichii. [2]

TCI extended its business in October 1990 and started selling luxury vehicles to Canadians under the Lexus name. Twenty years later, in October 2010, TCI continued to grow its sales activities by starting to offer vehicles with the Scion brand in Canada. In Canada, there are 92 Scion, 247 Toyota, and 38 Lexus franchisees as of July 2014. [3]

In 2014, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc. (TMMC) built 50% of all Toyota vehicles sold in Canada, while the remaining 83.0% of all Toyota vehicles sold in Canada were made in one of Toyota’s 14 North American sites. Comparatively, just 45.1 percent of Toyota automobiles made in North America and only 32.1 percent of those sold in Canada in 2001 were made in Canada. With 224,547 automobiles sold in 2017, Toyota Canada Inc. had its best-ever sales year, increasing overall yearly sales growth by 3.1 percent. [4] More than $9 billion CDN has been invested in Canada by Toyota, its group companies, and dealerships as of December 2013, and more than 24,000 Canadians are employed by them nationwide. [5]

Toyota began commemorating its 50th anniversary in Canada in September 2014. The 2015 Toyota Corolla S and 2015 RAV4 special editions with distinctive Canadian interior and exterior features and paint colors were unveiled to kick off the jubilee celebrations. There were just 2000 of each of these cars made specifically for Canada. [6]

What Canadian Toyota dealership is the largest?

The largest Toyota dealership in Canada, OpenRoad ToyotaRichmond in British Columbia, has plans for a brand-new, cutting-edge showroom and servicing center. This month marks the planned start of construction.

“We’re proud of the services we have offered for almost 40 years, and our new building will ensure that we are ready to keep giving current and potential consumers in the Vancouver area the best service possible.

OpenRoad Toyota Richmond first opened a small dealership on Granville Avenue in the neighborhood in 1978. The business relocated to its current space in the Richmond Auto Mall in 1985.

The new facility, which will be constructed just across the street, will have a surface area of 205,000 square feet and be five times bigger. Numerous environmental systems will be included, and there will be more room for displaying and maintaining the entire lineup of Toyota cars.

Two lounge spaces, a kids’ play area, a full-service cafe with TVs, a fireplace, and Wi-Fi are just a few of the amenities available to guests. With room to showcase 36 automobiles on two levels and 10 indoor new vehicle delivery bays, the new vehicle showroom will be more than 15,000 square feet, making it the largest Toyota showroom in British Columbia.

OpenRoad ToyotaRichmond will continue to show why Toyota dealers have a reputation for providing top-notch customer care by offering a 12-bay drive-through welcome service, 30 full mechanical service bays, and four rapid service bays for standard maintenance like oil changes. Six detail bays and two automatic carwashes will also be present.

Many cutting-edge environmental features, including a green roof, a water collection system on the car wash, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and more, will be included into the exterior architectural design of the new building.

In North America, how many Toyota dealerships are there?

Inc. Toyota Motor Sales U.S. With approximately 1,500 dealers from coast to coast, TMS is the sales, marketing, distribution, and customer service division for Toyota and Lexus in the 49 continental states.

What number of Toyota franchises exist?

The North American Toyota sales, marketing, and distribution subsidiary focused on the US market is Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. (TMS, commonly referred to as Toyota USA). TMS was established in California in 1957 and now employs over 6,500 people. Toyota relocated to a new campus in Plano, Texas, in the spring of 2017. The building of this new facility, which is situated next to the world headquarters of J. C. Penney and the FedEx Office and at the intersection of Texas State Highway 121 and Legacy Drive, began construction in the fall of 2014[1]. Toyota’s old headquarters, which oversaw 14 regional offices, located in Torrance, California.

Through a network of more than 1,200 Toyota dealers (of which more than 900 had formerly sold Scion automobiles), and more than 200 Lexus dealers, TMS manages the sales of Toyota and Lexus products in 49 states. With 172 dealerships, California has the most Toyota dealerships of any other state. Servco Pacific distributes Toyota automobiles in Hawaii. TMS creates Toyota’s television ads and other materials for use across the country, and it also manages dealer marketing to make sure that dealers project a consistent image. Through 12 parts centers and 5 vehicle centers, TMS also oversees regional distribution. TMS’s president is James E. Lentz III. [2] [3]

In Canada, how many Lexus dealerships are there?

Concerning Toyota Canada Inc. Through a nationwide network of 286 Toyota and Lexus dealerships, Toyota has sold more than six million vehicles in Canada.

In Canada, how many Toyota plants are there?

Three years later, a blue, four-door 1988 Toyota Corolla would be the first vehicle to leave the manufacturing line, beginning the crucial activity that would propel Canada’s automotive industry: transporting tiny cars, and now crossovers, throughout North America.

More than 8,000 Canadians are employed by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), which has now expanded to three facilities: the North Plant in Cambridge, the South Plant in Cambridge, and the West Plant in Woodstock. Each factory serves as the hub for a network of suppliers, which increases their economic impact and enables just-in-time manufacturing techniques.

Since 1985, Toyota has invested more than $8.5 billion in its businesses in Canada as part of its commitment to produce cars there. Thousands of more Canadians assist these operations by providing components and services.

Who is Mayfield Toyota’s owner?

The Prestige Auto Group grew after Mayfield Toyota’s success to add South Pointe Toyota and Country Hills Toyota. With South Pointe being one of just three Toyota approved, pre-owned dealerships in Canada, both have developed into fantastic Calgary Toyota dealerships.

What is brand-new with Toyota?

The all-new Corolla Cross small SUV and redesigns of its full-size Tundra pickup truck and GR86 sports coupe are among Toyota’s key modifications for 2022. In addition to many new special editions, like Toyota’s blacked-out Nightshade Edition, the range receives further small adjustments elsewhere.

Is the Toyota Vios available in Canada?

Since 2002, Toyota has produced the Toyota Vios, a subcompact automobile, especially for markets in the Asia-Pacific area.


The Tercel (marketed as Soluna in Thailand since 1997 and Indonesia since 2000), which filled the Asian subcompact or B-segment class in the region, is replaced by the Vios together with the compactCorolla and mid-sizeCamry. In the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, the Vios has also replaced the entry-level versions of the E110 series Corolla, with the E120 model and later the Soluna, which is based on the Tercel, handling the premium option. Since 2005, various nations throughout the world have also marketed the Vios alongside the Yaris, its hatchback counterpart. The Belta in Japan and the Yaris sedan in the United States, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago,[2] Jamaica, the Middle East, and Australia are the names for the second-generation Vios.

The XP150 series Yaris and the third-generation Vios both use the same platform. Only in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia is the Vios nameplate utilized; in India, the Middle East, and Latin America, the Toyota Yaris sedan is offered instead.

The word “Vios” is a translation of the Latin verb “vio,” which means “go or travel (forward)”.


Who in the US is the biggest Toyota dealer?

Since 1967, Longo Toyota has been the highest volume Toyota dealership in the United States.

Longo is also the biggest Toyota dealership in the world, with a campus that spans more than 50 acres in El Monte. We pledge to provide the finest experience for visitors throughout each and every encounter, every day.

We make buying a car simple. We help you save time and money by having the largest selection of Toyota vehicles in the nation. Inability to visit our El Monte site Not to worry Without further cost to you, we will deliver your car.

Our Collision Repair Center is one of only five body shops in California with dual Toyota and Lexus certifications, and our service and parts departments are available seven days a week.

Over 130 Toyota honors and medals have been bestowed upon Longo, including the coveted President’s Cabinet Award and President’s Award for outstanding performance in sales, service, and guest satisfaction.

How many Toyota dealerships are there in Gulf States?

One of the biggest independent distributors of Toyota vehicles and parts worldwide, Gulf States Toyota was established in 1969. In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, GST provides services to over 150 Toyota dealerships.

In the Philippines, how many Toyota dealers are there?

It shouldn’t be shocking that the first item is on the list. A startling total of 72 dealerships exist for Toyota Motor Philippines countrywide. In Metro Manila, it has 18, in Luzon 29, in the Visayas 14, and in Mindanao 11, dealerships. Given that its showrooms are fairly distributed around the nation, it’s no surprise that it’s the top-selling automobile brand in the nation. Due to this, its clients have easy access to both its vehicles and replacement parts as needed.