How Long Is Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

depending on the trim and model year, between 18.8 feet (5.73 meters) and 5.39 meters (5.39 meters) long.

A Toyota Tacoma double cab short bed measures how long?

Dimensions of the Tacoma truck bed The length of the bed is, of course, one of the most crucial factors to take into account while looking for a pickup truck. You will receive a length of 60.5 inches with the Short Bed. Test-drive the Long Bed, which is 73.7 inches long, if you want the maximum space.

A Toyota Tacoma fits in a garage, right?

It performs admirably on the road, with sufficient of torque and a pleasant enough ride for regular driving. You feel tall and secure, and you have a dominating view of the road. 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque are produced by the 3.5-liter V6.

It’s a good engine, but to get the most power out of it, you really need to push the throttle. Although undoubtedly not a canyon carver, the vehicle handles well as well. When you drive things hard on winding roads, there is a lot of body roll and some understeer. Off-roading is the Tacoma TRD Pro’s intended use, and I believe that’s where it shines.

However, I would be negligent if I didn’t describe how it handles on the road, since, let’s face it, that is where it will be spending the majority of its time.

I tried to find some harder terrain and did some gravel road driving in the Tacoma, but nothing I encountered even came close to taxing the truck or needing me to engage anything other than four-wheel drive.

I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t need to employ hill descent mode, the locking differentials, crawl control, or four-wheel low. That’s probably what I get for living in Indiana’s flat cornfields.

However, when the pavement ends, the Tacoma’s strength cannot be disputed. The Tacoma will handle anything you throw at it with ease, in my experience driving it on some more challenging off-road terrain.

Comparing it to the Competition

With its standout appearance, practical and comfortable interior, and wide range of trim levels and options, the Tacoma stands out from the competition. The TRD Pro variant distinguishes itself by offering some of the best off-roading gear you can get for your money in a truck.

The MSRP of the Tacoma, which is $25,700, is comparable to but slightly higher than that of other midsize pickup trucks, such as the Chevrolet Colorado or the Ford Ranger. However, given the model’s devoted following, I don’t mind if Toyota charges a little bit more for it.

Interior design lags a little behind certain rivals. The infotainment system appears to be approximately four or five years old and has a lot of rough plastics. It also lacks capabilities like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The double cab’s back seats are also a little bit closer together than I had anticipated.

Still a Killer Midsize Choice

The Tacoma is still a wise pick even though the interior might use some updating, better materials, and more room for the rear seats. With a midsize truck that will probably fit in your garage and is capable of handling about anything you can throw at it, you get the reputation for dependability and quality that Toyota is known for.

I would advise choosing one of the other trim levels if you don’t anticipate doing much off-roading. There are six distinct Toyota Tacoma trim levels, so you should be able to choose one that suits your needs. There are several levels of off-road, towing, and luxury features in each. Of course, the price increases as you add more features.

How long is a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck?

Dimensions of the Toyota Tacoma’s exterior The 2021 Tacoma has dimensions of 70.6 inches in height, 212.3 inches in length, and 74.4 inches in width, allowing you to maneuver it through tight spaces.

How long is a Tacoma with a long bed?

Which body style is best for you and your family when you choose the 2021 Toyota Tacoma is the first decision you will have to make. Fans of the Toyota Tacoma have two cab options to select from: Access Cab and Double Cab. Access Cab models accommodate four passengers, while Double Cab versions accommodate five passengers. Examine the Toyota Tacoma models’ interior measurements in more detail to see how much passenger capacity is offered.

Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom Front/Rear 34.9/30.7 Inches
  • Front and back legroom
  • 24.6/22.9 Inches
  • Shoulder Room Front/Rear
  • Inches 58.3/56.5
  • Hip Room Front and Rear
  • Inches, 57.2/51.7

Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom 39.7/38.3 inches in front and back
  • Front and back legroom
  • 33.66/42.9 inches
  • Shoulder Room Front/Rear
  • Inches 58.3/58.9
  • Hip Room Front and Rear
  • 57.2 x 56.3 inches

What Are the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Bed Lengths?

You need a vehicle that can take the load when hard work is a regular part of your life, and the 2021 Toyota Tacoma will fit all the criteria. There are two different bed length options for Toyota Tacoma trucks: a 6.1-foot long bed and a 5-foot short bed. With a width of 41.5 inches and a depth of 19.1 inches, the typical 6.1-foot bed offers 73.7 inches of usable length in the bed.

The Double Cab versions that come with the 5-foot short bed have an inner bed length of 60.5 inches, a maximum width of 41.5 inches, and a maximum depth of 19.1 inches. Drivers have access to 1,620 pounds of payload capacity with Toyota Tacoma Access Cab variants. The maximum payload for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab variants is 1,505 pounds.

Which Toyota Tacoma is equipped with the longest bed?

Choose models with the Access Cab if you want the 2021 Toyota Tacoma’s longest bed. The only dimension that is altered is length, but at 73.7 inches, it lengthens the bed by more than a foot. When transporting long material, such as lumber, that might make a big impact. The obvious compromise is the significantly reduced cab space.