How Do I Find The Manufacture Date Of My Toyota

Important details about an automobile’s engine, transmission, and even body style are stored in the model code. The Vehicle Identification Plate contains the model code.

Date of Production:

Your car was manufactured on the date shown under production. It might not match the year the car was purchased. The Vehicle Identification Plate contains the production date.

How can I determine when my Toyota automobile was built?

You can inform your husband that you are in fact right. The model date and the production date are typically different!

Look at the sticker in the door jam on the driver’s side. The date of the vehicle’s manufacture or production will often be displayed. You can also use your vehicle identification number to find the date if your sticker has faded (VIN).

The VIN is typically located on your windshield, your registration documents, or the declarations page of your insurance policy. Once you locate it, you may decipher the meaning of each sign using a free VIN decoder. You will likely locate the manufacturing date somewhere in the order.

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Does the VIN number reveal the date of production?

2. The VIN is an alphanumeric code, and its appearance does not reveal the manufacture month or year. Since different manufacturers employ various strategies to incorporate the vehicle’s manufacturing timeline into the VIN, there are various ways to decipher the VIN.

3. Automobile manufacturers converted the months and years of production into English alphabets. Similar to how the letter “A” stands for 2010 and the letter “Y” for 2030. The VIN number does not use the letters “I,” “O,” or “Q,” so keep that in mind. You can better comprehend by using the table below.

4. The letters “A” and “M” also stand for January and December, respectively.

There is no standard method to determine precisely which location on the VIN number displays the manufacturing year and month because different auto manufacturers utilize the aforementioned letters at different locations. The manufacture month and year are coded in the VIN in the following ways by some of the top automakers. Simply said, depending on the brand of your car, you need to know which character number to search for. Here’s how to identify them for some of India’s most well-known automakers.

1. Maruti Suzuki uses the tenth letter to represent the manufacturing year, while the eleventh letter stands for the corresponding month.

2. Hyundai codes the month with the 19th letter and uses the 10th letter to indicate the manufacture year.

3. Mahindra utilizes the 12th letter to represent the month and the 10th letter to represent the manufacturing year.

4. In accordance with their system of codes, Honda cars use the 10th letter to signify the manufacture year and the 9th alphabet to indicate the month.

5. Tata Motors uses the tenth alphabet to symbolize the manufacturing year and the twelveth letter to indicate the corresponding month.

6. Finally, Renault uses the tenth letter to denote the manufacture year and the eleventh letter to denote the month.

As a result, the alphabet ‘I’ is not used, thus if the tenth character in your VIN number is the letter J, it will be in position nine in the A to Y numbering. Given that the tenth character stands for the year, 9 will represent 2018 on a scale of A to Y, with A standing for 2010. For simpler comprehension, please refer to the above table.

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How can I decode the Toyota VIN?

What the Toyota VIN Stands for?

  • Country of Manufacture, first digit.
  • Secondly and thirdly: Manufacturer.
  • Vehicle Brand, Engine Size, and Type 4th8th digits.
  • Security Code, the ninth digit.
  • Model Year is the tenth digit.
  • Plant of Assembly, the eleventh digit.
  • Serial Number, 12th17th digits.

How can I look up my car’s production date online?

If the fourth character on your VIN is G, it stands for the month of July. The year 2012 is represented by your fifth and sixth characters both being 12. Model Year 2013 is indicated by the 10th VIN character, which is D.

How is the production date of a car decoded?

You must have a fundamental understanding of the elements that make up the VIN/Chassis number in order to decode a chassis number.

So, the three widely recognized parts of the Chassis number are listed below.

World Manufacturer Identifier(WMI)

WMI is a three-character number that identifies the parent firm and manufacturer of the vehicle as well as the country of origin.

Nation of Origin:

The first character in the VIN, which may be a letter or a number, designates the nation of origin.


  • 1,4 or 5: USA
  • India, M
  • J: Japan.
  • K: Korea, etc.
  • A for Audi
  • Nissan, N.
  • A is for Audi, etc.

The manufacturer or the vehicle’s parent firm is indicated by the third character in the VIN.

Vehicular Description Section (VDS)

The six-character long VDS number or code tends to communicate additional important vehicle details like the model, body style, etc. These requirements include:

Vehicle Classification:

  • A: 49 cc and under.
  • B: 50-69 cc
  • C: 70-79 cc

The numbers used to identify the type of engine utilized in the vehicle are typically the sixth character in a VIN.

  • a single engine with one stroke
  • engine with a 3-2 stroke configuration, etc.

The version sequence is represented by the seventh letter in the VIN, which combines an alphabetic value with a numerical number.

Make sure to verify this before making a deal if you’re buying a new car. Almost all motor vehicles include a tenth character that reflects the year they were manufactured. Either a number digit or an alphabet represents it.

For instance, the twelfth character in the AY range stands for the year between 2010 and 2030.

So, wave adieu to the showroom’s seemingly new cars that are actually more older than you might have anticipated.

The eleventh digit of the chassis number, which stands for the code of the vehicle’s manufacturing plants, contains the special information.

The vehicle’s serial number is represented by the final six characters, from the twelfth to the seventeenth. The Month of Manufacture is often represented by the twelfth character.

Ex: In TATA Motors, the 12th character, which ranges from A to Z, corresponds to the months Jan through Dec in order.

We will now talk about finding the car’s manufacturing date online using the chassis number.

How is a VIN number decoded?

figuring out your VIN

  • You can find out where in the world the car was produced from the first character.
  • The manufacturer is indicated by the second character.
  • The division or type of vehicle is indicated by the third character.
  • You can learn the vehicle brand, body style, engine size and type, model, and series from the fourth through the eighth characters.

How to locate your Vehicle Identification Number

A visible Vehicle Identification Number may be seen through an unique cutout at the bottom of the windscreen in the majority of contemporary Toyota vehicles. Additional VINs are written on tamper-proof stickers that are placed just inside the front nearside door’s close line. A metal plate rather than a sticker might be present on earlier models.

The VIN is stamped into the metal floor of the automobile on the chassis, underneath the right-hand (driver’s side) front seat. It is typically seen through a tiny flap that has been purposefully cut out of the carpet of the car.

How does a VIN number appear?

The 17-character VIN is made up of both capital letters and digits. Your vehicle may have been built before 1981 if your VIN looks to be any shorter than this, when VINs ranged from 11 to 17 characters.

Where are the serial number and the date of manufacture?

Using the serial number, determine the date of manufacture: Your serial number’s first three digits will always indicate the date of manufacture. The first number represents the manufacturing YEAR, while the second and third numbers represent the manufacturing MONTH.

What does a VIN number’s eighth digit signify?

The Vehicle Description Section is represented by the numbers in positions 4 through 9. (VDS). Your vehicle’s model, body type, restraint system, gearbox type, and engine code are all identified by the fourth through eighth digits.

Can I search up my car’s specifications using the VIN?

Using a VIN decoder tool to determine a vehicle’s specifications just requires a VIN number. Some VIN decoding services, usually those intended for commercial usage, let users provide both the complete 17-digit VIN and the VIN pattern (characters 18, 10, and 11). For companies who might not always have complete VINs on hand, this functionality is helpful.

Businesses that frequently engage with VINs will desire to license a VIN decoding solution that can be instantly included into their internal system or user-facing application (s). The easiest and most effective way to do this is by using a VIN decoder API. Smaller companies that handle a limited number of VINs each month might think about investing in or subscribing to a solution with built-in VIN decoding functionality.