Does Toyota Have Any Electric Cars

  • Heat pump system that provides both heating and cooling
  • Available heated seats and steering wheels
  • Radiant foot and leg warming available for front seats (first for Toyota)

AWD with X-MODE, an optional distinguishing feature for bZ4X AWD models and a Toyota first, when combined with the exceptional driving performance of the bZ4X, creates an exhilarating yet comfortable driving experience appropriate for daily driving and off-pavement adventure. The new AWD system with X-MODE can be employed in two modes (Snow/Dirt and Snow/Mud) in conjunction with Multi-terrain Select to handle slick or uneven situations.

To increase vehicle stability and improve traction on slick, dirt surfaces, use Snow/Dirt Mode with X-MODE. Engaging Snow/Mud Mode applies the brakes to spinning wheels to create a limited-slip differential (LSD) effect for more grip on unpaved and uneven roads. By automatically setting the tires to slip in a way that clears away snow or mud, this mode also deals with softer road surfaces that are heavily snow-covered. It increases vehicle stability. Additionally, Downhill Assist Control aids in maintaining a consistent speed in downhill circumstances where the driver must apply severe brakes, allowing them to focus on driving.

Grip-Control, a low-speed technology that makes use of motor drive power modulation to enable capable off-road performance during turns, is another noteworthy aspect of the AWD system. This feature was created as an additional X-MODE function to assess the features of the road surface, maintain a steady pace to avoid skidding on bumpy roads, and free up the driver’s attention for steering.

There are many ways to power the bZ4X, including 120V and 240V chargers as well as DC fast-chargers. A J1772/CCS1 (Combined Charging System (CCS)) connector, which enables both home and public charging, is included in every bZ4X model. The 6.6 kW onboard charger enables the bZ4X to charge from empty to full with a Level 2 charger at home or at a public charger in around 9 hours (at optimal outside temperatures).

As consumers have the choice to purchase a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 charger from participating Toyota dealerships or directly from ChargePoint online, new bZ4X owners will be able to include a ChargePoint home charging system in the price of their new vehicle purchase or lease. With a 23-foot charging line to accommodate various parking arrangements, ChargePoint Home Flex is ENERGY STAR certified, Wi-Fi connected, and can charge electric vehicles up to nine times faster than a regular outlet. It may be put indoors or outdoors. The home charger can fully charge the battery when plugged in over night and can extend range by up to 25 miles for the bZ4X. Qmerit has been chosen to assist bZ4X customers in finding a licensed EV charger installer, providing them with an initial free quote and further services to support them until the installation is complete.

The most recent Toyota Safety SenseTM safety package is available for the first time in bZ4X. (TSS 3.0). The millimeter wave radar and monocular camera’s detection ranges have been increased, which improves the system. To help in everyday driving situations, Toyota has improved the functionality of each feature and introduced new ones. Examples include the addition of Low-Light Cyclist Detection, Daytime Motorcyclist Detection, and Guardrail Detection to the Pre-Collision system. Additionally, additional functionality is added to lane identification while in Lane Tracing Assist mode. TSS aims to lessen the burden on drivers, further reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, and help prevent or ameliorate accidents.

Every grade has a blind spot monitor as a requirement. On the bZ4X, a brand-new safety feature called Safe Exit Assist is also standard. This mechanism aids in preventing crashes between vehicles coming up from behind and an open door or individuals who have already exited. As part of the Blind Spot Monitor feature, an indicator in the outside mirror is lit to give the occupants an audible warning if the system detects an approaching vehicle and determines that there is a chance of a collision with an opened door or passengers who have left. If the system determines that there is a chance of a collision if the door is open, the indicator will be lit even when the door is closed.

The Limited grade offers a Bird’s Eye View Camera with Perimeter Scan, 360-degree Overhead View in Reverse and Low-Speed Drive, and Curb View.

To lessen the amount of times the driver takes their eyes off the road, the engineering team intentionally positioned the Top-Mounted Meter directly over the steering wheel. The meter’s parallax angle also widens the driver’s field of view, resulting in a quicker response between the road and the MID. Even the steering wheel has been made to be more ergonomic; the spokes are now narrower, providing superior grip comfort, and the wheel’s diameter has been decreased to make room for a meter arrangement that requires little eye movement.

Toyota implemented numerous safety precautions to assist safeguard cell integrity as a result of the design and a number of monitoring systems meant to safeguard the car’s battery system.

This comprises:

  • a careful manufacturing procedure that helps prevent contamination of battery parts to support battery durability
  • In order to maintain the ideal battery temperature and prevent cell damage, redundant battery voltage, current, and temperature monitoring is used.
  • When moving back and forth between high-speed driving and quick charging, a high-resistance coolant circulation system is used to assist prevent fire from short circuits even under situations of high battery load.
  • The body frame structure’s floor is integrated with the high-capacity battery pack to provide protection in the case of a collision.

All parts other than those subject to routine wear and maintenance are covered by Toyota’s standard 36-month/36,000-mile guarantee for new vehicles. The powertrain is covered by additional 60-month warranties for 60,000 miles and corrosion without a mileage cap. The traction battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, for the Electric Vehicle Driving Components. The limited warranty is completely disclosed to Toyota dealers. The bZ4X also has ToyotaCare, a program that offers 24-hour roadside support for three years, unlimited miles, and regular factory-scheduled maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.