Does The 2019 Toyota Highlander Xle Have Apple Carplay

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“Sadly, Apple CarPlay is not listed among the optional entertainment amenities for the 2019 Toyota Highlander, but that doesn’t mean it is devoid of features. When you choose the proper package, the new 2019 Toyota Highlander’s comprehensive multimedia system will enable you use Bluetooth technology and more. ….”

To my 2019 Highlander, how can I add CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay Setup Guide in Steps

  • Utilizing a suitable media cable, connect your iPhone to the USB media port.
  • Currently, a prompt should appear on the multimedia system.
  • On the audio/multimedia system, hit the Menu button, then select the “Apple CarPlay” symbol.

Whether my Toyota Highlander is Apple CarPlay capable.

The 2022 Highlander’s basic compatibility with Apple CarPlay is one of its most appealing features. With a compatible iPhone and Toyota’s multimedia system, making calls, getting directions, and listening to music is now as simple as ever.

When was Apple CarPlay added to the Toyota Highlander?

One of the most popular family crossover SUVs in America over the last few years is the Toyota Highlander. If the Highlander is one of your top contenders for your future vehicle, you may already be looking into its technological and comfort features. You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been wondering whether the Highlander supports Apple CarPlay. We conducted the research so you may enjoy reading it.

Apple CarPlay compatibility is a standard feature on the audio and multimedia system of the Toyota Highlander for model year 2022.

Sounds intriguing, no? Continue reading to learn a lot more about the Toyota Highlander, its compatibility with Apple CarPlay, and its other features.

When was Apple CarPlay added to the Highlander by Toyota?

The first Toyota models with standard smartphone integration are those from 2020. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you may use compatible Apple devices and a variety of Google phones with the interface in the 2020 Highlander.

Additionally, the standard touchscreen was increased from 6 to 8 inches. Additionally, there are five USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. Additional cool enhancements are available if you choose one of the higher trims.

Both satellite radio and HD radio are standard in the Highlander XLE model. A 12-speaker JBL audio system and a Wi-Fi hotspot are additional features of the Limited and Platinum models. Inside each of these trims are 12-inch touchscreens.

Can Toyota Entune be upgraded to Apple CarPlay?

Updates for Toyota Entune The main entertainment system in many new Toyota models is Toyota EntuneTM, and owners of those vehicles may take use of Apple CarPlayTM, Amazon Alexa, a large range of apps, and much more!

Can Apple CarPlay be used wirelessly in a Toyota Highlander?

Finally available as standard equipment, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available for the Highlander.

The 2017 Highlander is Apple CarPlay compatible.

For a large portion of the car-buying public, the word Toyota is an indicator of dependability, durability, and quality. Nothing about the 2017 Highlander changes those admirable qualities. Unfortunately, the Highlander makes no attempt to overcome the fact that the Toyota name has also come to mean boring. Despite its stylish new aesthetics, this hard-working, powerful three-row crossover is not fun to drive. Instead, it focuses on its primary advantages, including comfortable riding, the ability to transport both people and cargo, and economical engines. Its minor update for the 2017 model year added improvements to the appearance, active safety features, and engine, but sadly left out Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and onboard Wi-Fi technology. The Highlander is still worth considering if a well-made, unassuming, and very adaptable crossover is what you’re want.