Must-Have Car Accessories For Babies

When it comes to car traveling, car safety needs to be a priority for all parents. Every good parent should make car safety a focus.

First Things First…

Of course, when it comes to car safety, the first thing every parent must do is to choose the right baby car seat. When that part is done, then it all comes down to the right baby car accessories to make your baby’s car trip more safe and comfortable.

Shade screens are one of baby car accessories products that protect your baby from strong sunlight, UV and glare inside your car. The best shade screens allow the window to be raised or lowered even when fitted. Also, the best shade screens fit most makes and models, and can be easily and safely attached. If your rear car window is rectangular, then you should choose a rectangular shade screen, and if it’s rounded, then you should choose a rounded one. You should also make sure that the shade screen you choose has an adjustable strap so that the shade screen will never ride up. Of course, you should cover both back windows for maximum protection.

Insert sets for baby car seats are designed for use in convertible car seats. Insert sets are made out of a comfort pillow, comfort insert, shoulder straps pads, and a crotch buckle pad. When it comes to baby car accessories like these, you should make sure they meet Standards for car seat accessories. These baby car accessories should be treated for flammability, meet toxicity requirements, and have been dynamically crash tested.

Seat Belts

Locking clips are an innovation when it comes to baby car accessories. Locking clips are a new way to convert the vehicle lap sash belt into a lap only belt. Locking clips are used in place of a gated buckle. Of course, the best locking clips meet the Standards for car seat accessories.

Adjustable extension straps are designed to be used with an upper anchorage where you need additional length to reach the vehicle anchor point. These baby car accessories should also meet the Standards.


Portable change mats are something that you’re just not traveling without. With the help of this product, you can change your baby’s diaper anytime and anywhere, because being stuck without a clean place where you can change your baby can be more than frustrating.

Portable high chairs don’t really seem to be a necessity when it comes to car safety, but they are a must when it comes to traveling, because they are, well – portable. Portable high chairs allow your baby to sit on and eat with everyone else around at equal height. These chairs also make your feeding job much easier, and you don’t have to hold the baby, while at the same time you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety while at the table.


Travel cots are a baby car accessory that will always come in handy. These products are very important when it comes to safety during your baby’s sleep or nap time. With the help of a travel cot, your baby will always have a safe place to sleep, or play, and you don’t have to worry about your baby’s bed, or where to put your baby to play safely while you get your job done.