Investing In Used Cars And Car Parts From Japan

When you’re in the used cars business, you’re going to need better inventory than the next car lot, and all the other car lots located in your city. You’ll need better inventory because this is what will entice customers in and what will propel your profits upward. But how do you accomplish this goal without overspending on used cars and used car parts?

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Find a reliable supplier. You’ll need a reliable supplier especially when you’re marketing to consumers who prefer used vehicles from Japanese car manufacturers. If you think doing this on your own (that is, sourcing and shipping used cars and used car parts from Japan) is going to be cheaper than getting professional assistance from an exporter, that might not be the case. For one, you might have a difficult time finding sellers of good quality used cars and used car parts. For another, the language barrier — unless you speak fluent Japanese — could put you in a disadvantageous position when haggling over price.


You would save yourself enormous time and money by getting a reputable exporter that has established sufficient contacts in Japan, giving you wide-ranging options on where to get whatever it is your used cars business and market will require. Do you need clean, damage-free front cuts from Japan? What about a transmission for an old Nissan? Maybe you have been getting customers looking for a used Mitsuoka Butte? With an established exporter, you’ll be able to get whatever parts or cars you need.

When your business needs a lot of used car parts, make sure to go with an exporter that is a Licensed Vehicle Dismantler. According to TS EXPORT, a business that offers exporting services from Japan, when you choose an exporter that hasn’t been licensed to dismantle vehicles, you risk getting your items confiscated by authorities. Only an exporter with a proper dismantling facility, experienced and skilled staff, and a license, is allowed by law to take apart vehicles in Japan.


Lastly, aside from choosing a licensed Japanese auto dismantler, TS EXPORT also recommends using a pre-dismantling checklist. The front cuts or half cuts or any other parts may be from used vehicles but you should ensure that these cuts and parts still function and, ideally, are in very good condition. Otherwise, you might waste money on damaged front cuts or jeopardize your reputation when customers come back complaining about defective used car parts.