Which Is More Expensive Porsche Cayenne Or Macan?

Porsche Cayenne or Macan? The starting MSRP for the 2021 Porsche Macan is $52,100, making it less expensive than the starting MSRP for the 2021 Porsche Cayenne of $69,000.


Probably the largest distinction between the two is price point. The third-generation 9YA Cayenne is now available in Coupe configuration. Similar to the Macan, this coupe has a somewhat more streamlined and sporty appearance. So, with the Cayenne Coupe and Macan, you now have two choices if you want the Porsche with a sharper, sportier appearance. The Cayenne’s are a bit more expensive, so which is the best for you will depend on your budget.

The base model of the Macan costs roughly $55,000, while the GTS, which is the most costly model, costs $80,000. The base variant of the Cayenne is priced between $69,000 to $180,000.

Overall, the Macan is a more inexpensive, sportier, smaller, and smaller variant of the Cayenne.

Macan vs. Cayenne

There are many similarities between the Cayenne and the Macan, which makes choosing between them more difficult. Both SUVs are capable of all-wheel drive and can seat four passengers. They are direct competitors for fuel economy because both entry-level engines have the same fuel efficiency, averaging 19 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway.

The interiors of both SUVs are luxurious and offer all the amenities you would expect from a Porsche. The Cayenne has more driver safety features on the base model than the Macan, but the Macan makes up for it by providing all of the Cayenne’s options with higher trim packages. Each SUV offers a 4G LTE hotspot and Apple CarPlay for the benefit of the driver and passengers.

The Cayenne is the largest of the two SUV choices, and the base model is the one with the most technological and safety features. This almost makes up for the price difference between it and the Macan because you had to choose the more expensive Macan extras in order to receive the same driver-assist capabilities as the Cayenne. The Cayenne has more power than the Macan does at the base trim level, and it has much more power than the smaller SUV choice at higher trim levels.

On the other hand, the Macan is the smaller of the two. The Macan is clearly designed with the driver in mind as soon as you get into the driver’s seat. In the Macan, the steering wheel is encircled in leather, and the gauge cluster is stunning. Although it has a smaller trunk than the Cayenne, the seats can be folded down to create additional space. The Macan’s cargo area is nevertheless spacious enough to transport heavy groceries or your child’s soccer equipment.

The Macan and the Cayenne have enough in common, depending on the size of SUV you’re looking for and how much you want to spend on particular amenities, that it might be challenging to decide between them. Both are excellent choices for elegance and flair, and they offer enough room and baggage to make short road trips or daily driving enjoyable.

Size and price are the main differences.

The Cayenne has a LOT more cargo room than the Macan. not just for the people, but also for the area behind the passengers. There is just more room for the legs in the Cayenne thanks to the movable, sliding, and reclining back seat.

Do you require that area? Do you have any equipment to transport, such as strollers, or are you just carrying your groceries?

Towing, what about it? Do you commute every weekend with a tiny camper or motorcycles? The Macan can only tow roughly 4,400 lbs, whereas the Porsche Cayenne can tow up to 7,700 lbs, which is obviously a significant difference. Remember that in order to tow, each will need extra features from the base models.

The Cayenne will cost you significantly more with a $16,000 USD starting price differential, plus a little bit more if options are purchased (and let’s face it, everything is optional and additional on a Porsche).

The Porsche Macan is the less expensive overall alternative in terms of pricing and extras.

Are Porsche Cayenne repairs expensive?

The total yearly cost of car maintenance for the Porsche Cayenne is $1,231. The table that follows provides a detailed ranking of each car in this overall scheme for comparison’s sake. The Porsche Cayenne is far less expensive to maintain than the average car, which costs $651 year, given that it has an average cost of $1,231.

Are Porsche Macan maintenance costs expensive?

We looked at how frequently the vehicle required major unplanned repair over a three-year period to determine the frequency of major maintenance. This “serious” maintenance item is a costly system breakdown that needs to be repaired (often a part or component costing above $1,000).

It should be emphasized that even while we analyze this data by make and model, driving style, vehicle condition, and mileage undoubtedly affect outcomes. Different frequencies of maintenance are needed depending on the vehicle. While newer cars can go longer between services, older vehicles may require more frequent maintenance.

The frequency score can be used to determine how long a vehicle can go without maintenance. A frequency score reveals how frequently a certain vehicle needs major repair over a three-year period. If an automobile has a maintenance frequency score of 3, for instance, it needs major repairs every year because the score is calculated over a three-year period. The longer it can go without major maintenance services, the closer the frequency score is to 0.

The frequency rating of a Porsche Macan is 3.87. This indicates that the Porsche Macan is significantly worse than average given that the industrial average is 1.3. The breakdown of all manufacturers and models is shown in the chart below.

It’s important to note that there are many trustworthy cars that could also need frequent, yet reasonably priced maintenance. For instance, many domestic brands have higher maintenance visits but lower overall costs (since labor and parts expense are typically cheaper for domestic brands). This doesn’t imply that cars break down less frequently, but it does show that when they do, the problems are usually fairly simple to remedy, which is perhaps even more significant.

Is the Cayenne or Macan more dependable?

Since there are so many distinct versions and each generation employs something like six different engines, it is difficult to compare the reliability of the Cayenne and Macan. Fortunately, we have already completed our study and created reliability and issue guidelines for the Macan and the first two Cayenne generations.

As a result of the two areas below, the Macans score above average in terms of reliability. Just be careful once the car has traveled more than 100,000 miles since maintenance records are quite important. The reliability ratings for the first two Cayenne models are average. Due to their older age, first gens will be less dependable and cost more to own. Second generations are a coin toss; some will be newer and so more reliable, but they also log more common issues than the first generations. So far, ratings for third-generation Cayennes seem to be above average.

Compared to the 955, 957, and 958 Cayenne, the Macan is more dependable. The reliability of the 9YA Cayenne and Macan is comparable. Both vehicles are capable of exceeding the 150,000 mile milestone, but the biggest component is adequate maintenance and care.

The Macan or Cayenne, which is smaller?

In comparison to its larger sibling, the agile Macan is lighter at the curb, has a shorter exterior length, and is shorter in height overall. Compared to the Macan, the Cayenne boasts roughly 8 more cubic feet of cargo space. There is room for up to 5 people in both SUVs.

The Macan is larger than the Cayenne, right?

Dimensions of the 2021 Porsche Cayenne. The 2021 Cayenne is the biggest of the two SUVs in terms of size and internal capacity. Both vehicles can transport a boat, trailer, or two recreational devices and can accommodate up to five passengers.

The Porsche Macan costs how much?

The Macan is one of the priciest luxury compact SUVs available. A 2023 Macan base model costs $57,500. Prices for the entry-level Macan T and Macan S start at $63,100 and $68,400, respectively. Starting MSRP for the top-tier Macan GTS is $82,900.

Is the Porsche Cayenne a luxurious vehicle?

The Porsche Cayenne 2022 possesses a specific collection of abilities, especially those that relate to driving enjoyment. Although it has a hefty curb weight and is a two-row luxury SUV, it moves carefully and beautifully. Each Cayenne has a reliable powertrain, but because there are so many different models, its strength and fuel efficiency vary. Three powerful engines—a 355-hp turbo V-6, a 434-hp twin-turbo V-6, and a 460-hp twin-turbo V-8 reserved for the GTS—are available. There is also a 455-hp plug-in hybrid that is the fastest on the road and the most environmentally friendly. Every Cayenne’s interior is spacious and solidly constructed, and Porsche offers for great personalization owing to a vast array of customized options. They can easily inflate the bottom line, so use caution. The 2022 Cayenne cultivates the thrill of driving considerably better than most of its competitors, earning it a place on our Editors’ Choice list despite having a small amount of cubby storage in the interior and a ride that may be too firm for sensitive people.

The Porsche Cayenne is dependable.

The reliability of the Porsche Cayenne The expected dependability rating for the 2022 Porsche Cayenne is 81 out of 100. J.D. Power predicts that reliability scores will range from 91 to 100, with 91 to 100 being the best, 81 to 90 being great, 70 to 80 being medium, and 0-69 being fair and below average.

The Cayenne is it a genuine Porsche?

Mid-size luxury crossover sport utility vehicles of the Porsche Cayenne series have been produced by the German carmaker Porsche since 2002 (Type 9PA), with North American sales starting in 2003. It is Porsche’s first V8-powered car produced since the Porsche 928 was phased out in 1995. Additionally, it is the first Porsche with four doors and the company’s first off-road type vehicle since the Super and Junior tractors of the 1950s.

Following an online unveiling, the second-generation Cayenne (Type 92A) was presented at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March. The Cayenne and the related Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q7 share a base, body structure, doors, and electronics. With its public debut at the Paris Motor Show, it had a makeover in 2014 with modest cosmetic changes and included a new plug-in E-Hybrid version. All engines have had direct injection technology since 2008. In 2017 at Stuttgart, the third generation (Type PO536) was unveiled.

In Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia, the Cayenne, the first Porsche built outside of Europe. The only model built in Malaysia is the 3 liter V6 base model; all other variants are imported from Slovakia.

Is the Porsche Macan a trustworthy vehicle?

With a reliability rating of 1.5 out of 5, the Porsche Macan is ranked 11th among 11 luxury compact SUVs. Poor ownership expenses are indicated by the $1,265 average yearly repair cost. You can anticipate more significant repairs for the Macan because both the frequency and severity of repairs are substantially higher than those for the average vehicle.

Which Porsche SUV is the least expensive?

One of the most recognizable sports-car manufacturers of all time, Porsche still produces luxurious cars that people want to buy. Porsche has something for everyone with its selection of cars, SUVs, and electrified vehicles, all of which boast exceptional driving dynamics, exquisitely designed interiors, and broad customizability.

The least expensive way to get into a Porsche is with the Macan compact SUV. The Macan has the driving characteristics befitting the emblem gracing its hood despite being the entry-level Porsche. The starting price is in the mid-$50,000 level.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, which starts at over $220,000, commands a high premium for its astounding performance.

The majority of Porsche models provide an exhilarating driving experience; even the Cayenne and Macan SUVs are enjoyable to drive on your preferred winding route.

Most Popular: Porsche’s top-selling SUVs are still the Cayenne and Macan. The Cayenne came in second place to the Macan in terms of sales in 2020.

Best Fuel Economy: The Porsche Cayenne and Panamera plug-in hybrid models introduce electrification to the equation and enable them to utilise power for short distances. The Taycan outperforms previous Porsche models with an EPA-rated 79 mpg-e, but not being as efficient as comparable electric vehicles.

As soon as a car is released, we want to test and rank as many of them as we can. We’ll rank new models as we periodically update our rankings and we might even change the scores for some models. Vehicles with insufficient testing data, however, are not scored.