Where Can I Watch Kinnporsche For Free?

What KinnPorsche seasons are currently airing?

  • Episode 1.1, 8.7, April 2, 2022
  • Episode 1.2, 9.4 April 2022
  • Episode 1.3, April 23, 2022, 8.8
  • 30 April 2022, Episode 1.4, 9.3.
  • 7. May 2022: Episode 1.5, 8.9.
  • Episode 1.6.4 will air on May 14, 2022.
  • Episode 1.7.3 is dated May 21, 2022.
  • 28 May 2022, Episode 1.8, 9.2

The television show KinnPorsche has how many episodes?

How many episodes will there be of Kinnporsche? After this one, there are only 2 episodes left in the 14-episode Thai drama Kinnporsche. As the romance and drama intensify, anticipate that Porsche and Kinn’s stories will continue to evolve.

Is KinnPorsche season 14 available?

KinnPorsche On July 9, the final installment of the series, episode 14, will premiere. The first season of the Thai mafia series was an emotional roller coaster, and rumors about whether the conclusion will be a cliffhanger for a second season are brewing online. Look at the ep 14 previews here before the highly anticipated BL finale.

KinnPorsche, the first Thai original series on iQIYI, With just one season, The Series has already created its own legacy. Viewers hailed the series as one of the best Thai dramas ever produced thanks to Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin’s sizzling chemistry, accurate depictions of the lead couple, and overall cast chemistry.

Fans of the popular series still have a lot to look forward to since the actors of KinnPorsche will shortly begin their world tour with two back-to-back performances in Bangkok. Check out this page for information on purchasing show tickets.

Is KinnPorsche season 12 available?

KinnPorsche Airtime for the Series KinnPorsche The Series episode 12 will run on the One31 local channel on June 25 at 11 PM Thailand time. On June 26 at 12 AM Thailand time/June 25 at 1 PM ET, the unedited version will be posted to iQiyi.

When does KinnPorsche debut?

On July 2 at 11 PM Thailand time, KinnPorsche The Series episode 13 will air on the One31 local channel. On July 3rd at 12 AM Thailand time/July 2nd at 1 PM ET, the uncut version will be uploaded to iQiyi.

  • Pacific Time: July 2 at 10 a.m.
  • 12 p.m. Central Time on July 2
  • Eastern Time: July 2, 1 PM
  • British Summer Time: July 2, 6 p.m.
  • European Time: July 2 at 7 PM CEST
  • Indian Standard Time on July 2: 10.30
  • Philippine Time: July 3 at one in the morning
  • Japan Time: July 3 at 2 JST
  • Australian Time: July 3 at 2.30 AM (AEST).
  • Singapore time: July 3 at 1 AM
  • Korea Time: July 3 at 2 AM KST
  • Where to find the English-language KinnPorsche novel as the season finale approaches
  • See what is known about KinnPorsche season 2 so far, which is encouraging to fans.

Why did KinnPorsche get scrapped?

Due to creative issues with the series’ former production company, the show, which had virtually finished filming and was originally scheduled to premiere in March 2021, was threatened with cancellation.

What makes KinnPorsche so well-liked?

Thai crime romance film KinnPorsche Despite only having been on the air for six weeks, the BL drama is becoming more and more well-known all over the world with each new episode that is released. Meet the gorgeous KinnPorsche The Series cast that is sweeping the internet right here!

The first original Thai drama from iQIYi is on its way to become one of the greatest BL dramas of all time thanks to a gritty plot and a picture-perfect cast that includes Apo Nattawin and Mile Phakphum, among others.

The way that the characters are handled and the nuanced aspects of human desire are portrayed in KinnPorsche The Series set it apart from other dramas of the same genre.

Every character in the play, whether it be Kinn, Porsche, Vegas, or Pete, is brought to life by the cast with the highest acting skill. As a result, it has a stellar rating of 9.2 on iMDB and is becoming more and more well-known worldwide.

Will KinnPorsche the show have a second season?

One of the drama Pond’s directors, Krisda Witthayakhajorndet, shared some encouraging information as fans talked on social media about getting their hopes up for a season 2 renewal.

The director responded to a question about whether they were considering filming a sequel by saying, “It’s obviously not just one season, but we still can’t give further specifics.” Added he, “We have ambitions that extend beyond a single season. We should have the motivation to continue now that we have had positive feedback from our fans.”

How many seasons are there in KinnPorsche?

The popular Thai BL series Kinnporsche season 2 will soon be released, and fans can learn more about the premiere date, cast, director, and streaming information here.

Popular Thai action and romantic television show KinnPorsche. This Thai BL series’ first season attracted millions of admirers worldwide and was well-liked. On July 9, 2022, the show’s final episode aired, and now that it has, viewers are eagerly anticipating the second season. You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been watching the KinnPorsche series and are anticipating season 2. Here is all the information you need to know about this show’s second season, including the cast.

What occurred in episode 12 of KinnPorsche?

The surprise Kinn has in store for Porsche will be revealed in episode 12 of the KinnPorsche television series. Porsche consulted his buddies for guidance as his birthday approached. What Kinn has in store for Porsche as a gift will be intriguing to watch.

On the other hand, we might possibly witness some improvement in Vegas and Pete’s relationship. Although he severely tormented Pete, we can assume that since the previous episode, he has begun to feel sympathy for him. In the future episode, it’s also probable that Kinn may learn that his father was responsible for Porsche’s parents’ demise.

Has KinnPorsche’s story a happy conclusion?

In the show, Kim is seduced by Porchay’s innocence, and despite his best efforts to keep his distance, he ultimately falls in love with Porchay. He also tries his utmost to assist Kinn and Porsche when Porchay is abducted for this reason.

The fact that Kim was with Porchay when masked men had attacked and kidnapped him in order to teach Porsche a lesson, however, was kept a secret even up until the most recent episode of KinnPorsche The Series.

Kim seems to have come to the essential realization that a relationship between him and Porchay is doomed and always had been, despite all the nice gestures between them. In contrast to the literature, he is also portrayed on screen as being much more analytical. This simply enhances the development of his character.

KinnPorsche In contrast to the web novel, the television show strongly suggests that Porchay and Kim will experience a tragic ending this season. In the show, Porchay confronts Kim after finding out the real reason for his friendship. A tragic uproar results from Kim failing to convince Porchay that everything between them had been a lie.

However, the majority of the antagonism between Kim and Porchay in the webnovel is only hinted at. At no point do they detract from Kinn and Porsche’s prominence. Kim and Porchay are only mentioned in passing and don’t get much screen time.

In truth, Porchay protests against all he has ever desired in episode 12 of KinnPorsche The Series. He stops going to college interviews, dyes his hair, and spends out with pals who give him drink and drugs. Porchay’s love interest Kim is powerless to stop the boy from going astray. He tries in vain to convince Porchay to see sense. Their relationship gains depth as a result of their debate, something is lacking in the novels.

By the time the latest installment of the KinnPorsche series comes to a close, readers will know that Kim and Porchay have a happy ending—or, at least, one that is as good as possible given the circumstances. Kim’s father chooses him to be the heir so that he can control both Kinn and Porsche. Kinn and the rest of the family aren’t aware of this information, though. When Kim accepts this title, Porchay is by his side.

It would be intriguing to observe how Kim and Porchay’s relationship develops with only two episodes left in this season.

What occurs at KinnPorsche’s conclusion?

We learn that Korn is still alive at the end of the episode. As a result of Korn saving her, we also learn that Porsche’s mother is still alive. She is unable to recall Porsche due to memory loss. Porsche is named as the minor family’s head by Korn. Porsche and Kinn ride together in the boat to the event. With a special beverage, Kinn there professes his affections for Porsche.

Vegas is still alive and making a full recovery in the hospital, which is also revealed to us. Pete is taking good care of him while always by his side. Vegas informs Pete that he is no longer his pet. Vegas, Pete, Kinn, and Porsche reunite at the end of Season 1 and continue to live happily ever after.

Who is KinnPorsche’s mole?

Porsche and Vegas are let to flee by Kinn. Porchay is taken hostage. Pete goes undercover to expose Vegas but is discovered by Ken, who has been working with Vegas and is a mole for Kun. Tawan’s involvement in Porchay’s kidnapping is made clear because of his passion for Vegas. Porchay is saved by Kim, but Big gives his life to save Porsche. When Tawan realizes Vegas has abandoned him, he takes a terrible action. Ken is killed by Kun, and Vegas torments Pete.

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