Where Can I Get My Porsche Serviced?

We take total care of your Porsche vehicle, from servicing and maintenance to skilled repair. We also attend to your concerns by consulting with your Service Advisor in the Direct Dialog Bay.

Each component of a high-performance sports automobile functions flawlessly as a whole to provide a thrilling, risk-free driving experience. Your car will run better for longer and retain its value if you use Porsche Genuine Parts, tires from carefully chosen partners, and the correct engine oil.

Every brand-new and pre-owned Porsche is covered by a guarantee, which you can extend for an additional 15 years if necessary for your peace of mind. Additionally, Porsche Assistance will offer worldwide breakdown protection (Europe-only for Approved Porsche).

Services Offered

We completely take care of your Porsche, performing everything from routine maintenance to skilled repair. We also attend to your problems by consulting with your Service Advisor in the Direct Dialogue Bay.

All of the components of a high-performance sports automobile work together smoothly to provide a one-of-a-kind, secure driving experience. Your car will run better for longer and retain its value if you use Porsche Genuine Parts, tires from carefully vetted suppliers, and the proper engine oil.

Not Another Shop List!

There are frequently a lot of shops in your neighborhood that make the claim to offer Porsche repair services, so it might be difficult to find an independent Porsche repair shop, technician, or specialist. Other websites provide you a list of Porsche repair shops and force you to pick one! Which Porsche repair facility can you rely on, though? And how do you decide which store to visit over another?

We conducted the research for you using our Porsche experience and shop knowledge. Our hand-curated directory of Porsche repair facilities took hundreds of hours to research and develop. (Some work is still being done!) We divided the businesses into categories depending on the kinds of services they offer as well as their qualifications and experience. Below are descriptions of several shop categories. We collaborate closely with the specialists and repair facilities we suggest. Each business offers a broad range of Porsche expertise, a wealth of knowledge, and renowned customer service.

Go here if you’re looking for a shop that specializes in GT cars and has racing experience. Additionally, click here to find a vintage restoration specialist.


The Porsche Approved Collision Center Program is a network of Porsche Cars North America-certified dealers and independent vehicle repair facilities.

locating a trustworthy Porsche mechanic

To get high-quality work done on your Porsche, you don’t necessarily need to take it to a dealership. Finding a local Porsche technician or an expert in European cars may be simpler for many people. Although these repair businesses may be far smaller than your typical dealership, they still provide work of the greatest caliber. You might even be astonished to learn that your neighborhood Porsche mechanic is more knowledgeable about your vehicle than the technicians at the dealership.

Even though the closest Porsche dealership is only 20 miles away from where I live, I still took the time and conducted a lot of research before picking where to take my used Porsche Cayenne. I chose Vlad’s Autobahn, a locally owned European store, because it had even better reviews than the dealership. After making a brief visit to the factory to ask a few quick questions, it became apparent that the staff there knew just as much—if not more—about Porsches than the staff at the dealership.

Small, locally owned businesses like Vlad’s must provide top-notch work to remain competitive. They often work on a variety of European automobiles, but unlike dealerships, they work on just as many vintage Porsches or older models as they do new ones, which makes them a fantastic choice to take your Porsche no matter the year. They may have more hands-on knowledge than dealership technicians who often handle recall-related maintenance if you’re trying to customize or modify your Porsche with anything from new wheels to performance tunes.

For all of your Porsche vehicle maintenance needs, visit Paul Miller Porsche’s Service Center.

Porsche Marin provides authorized Porsche maintenance and repairs.

The staff of highly skilled Porsche experts at Porsche Marin offers top-notch maintenance and repairs in a timely, thorough, and affordable manner. Porsche Marin, which is conveniently located in the city, can assist you whether your Porsche only requires an oil change or a complete overhaul.

Your own Porsche can you service?

It can be very expensive to bring a car into a shop to get it fixed or maintained properly. The prices quickly rise as a result of the labor and material costs. However, since your labor is free, performing the maintenance yourself might be substantially less expensive.

How frequently should a Porsche get maintenance?

Regular service is performed every 10,000 miles, intermediate service is performed every 20,000 miles, and major service is performed every 40,000 miles. Replace your oil filter and get regular maintenance performed every 10,000 miles.

What is a big Porsche service?

Porsche offers two different forms of maintenance: a minor service that must be done every 20,000 miles or two years, and a major service that must be done every 40,000 miles or four years. Models such as the 911 Carerra, Cayman, and Boxster are eligible for these services.

What is included in a Porsche’s yearly maintenance?

Packages* consist of:

  • follow the factory maintenance schedule for servicing.
  • oil, labor, and all parts.
  • With free Porsche Assistance for up to 12 months, you can relax.
  • Car wash and vacuum services.

Why would you take your most prized asset anyplace else when Porsche Genuine Parts are used exclusively, there is a direct factory line, and there are specialized tools and equipment available?

*While supplies last; offer valid from 1 August 2022 through 31 March 2023. Based on the age and mileage of your car, your Official Porsche Center can offer a package.

How is a Porsche maintained?

  • Track Alerts on the Dashboard.
  • Check your tires often.
  • Key are oil checks.
  • Use only genuine components.
  • Allow experts to handle your car.
  • Protect It From the Sun
  • Keep the Health of Your Battery.
  • Examine your cooling system.

How much is routine maintenance for a Porsche?

Typically, you should service your Porsche once a year or every 10,000 kilometers. Experience has shown that routine maintenance, such as changing the oil and filters and inspecting the vehicle, will cost between $200 and $400, while substantial maintenance, such as transmission repairs, will cost between $400 and $600.

How long does it take to service a Porsche?

As part of ANY Scheduled Maintenance interval, I believe dealers also clean the engine’s topside. To do this, the top engine cover must be removed, along with, IIRC, two layers of trim, 16 bolts, and a few more minor components that must be taken out and lined up again. That is required because to the vehicle’s sealed engine bay, narrow side intakes, and known propensity to build up debris in front of the filters (even with the recall grill installed).

Before changing the engine air filter at the service mark, the dealership doesn’t open the engine compartment (30,000 mile mark at the dealer I visited). After 10,000 miles, they might clean the engine’s topside, but not for quite some time.

The dealership refused to replace my BMC air filter during my free 10,000-mile service without paying for at least an additional hour’s worth of labor to open and close the engine compartment.

I follow BMC’s advice to change the air filter instead of going to the dealer after traveling about 15,000 miles.

Oh, and ask for a pricing quote for the 20,000 mile service while you’re there for the 10,000 mile service. The dealership I went to gave me a price quote for the 20,000 mile service at $1,000. (with the PCA discount).

I think that’s a ridiculous amount of money, and I’d much prefer spend it on something else.

I suppose that’s when I understood I would have to work as a substitute Porsche mechanic on the side.

The appropriate period for the complimentary 10,000 mile service is two hours. All the checks that have been specified and an oil change are all that are necessary. Given that the dealership (or Porsche North America) is paying the bill, they should finish the 10,000 mile service in a little under an hour. They want their shop to be engaged in activities that would generate income.

However, I will give credit where credit is due to the dealership’s service staff because they performed the full oil change without the use of a lift (which is fairly astounding). Well done service department!

Any mechanic can work on a Porsche, right?

Many people believe that the brand’s dealership is the finest location to go if you want your automobile to receive top-notch maintenance. Particularly with Porsche, not just any mechanic can work on your vehicle. Because most of their cars have mid-engines, unique tools are needed, along with some specialist knowledge to complete the work swiftly and effectively.

A Porsche requires a little bit more general maintenance than a typical oil change. Even changing the oil in most European cars involves specialized equipment, including filters and occasionally unique types of oil that your typical mechanic might not have on hand. Due to this, many people choose to merely go to their neighborhood dealership.

How much does a Porsche Cayenne servicing cost?

Over the course of its first 10 years of use, a Porsche Cayenne will require roughly $20,552 in maintenance and repairs.

This is $4,838 over the industry standard for luxury SUV models. Additionally, there is a 60.89% likelihood that a Cayenne will need a significant repair at that time. Compared to similar vehicles in its sector, this is 21.33% poorer. The following graph shows how these expenses and the likelihood of repairs will rise over time.


How should I maintain my Porsche?

Friedl washes the Porsche with water and then uses a concentrated pH-neutral shampoo diluted in a gallon of warm water to lather it from top to bottom. She works while the wet pad in her palm rises and falls. She never uses circular motions when cleaning a car. Always work in vertical or horizontal lines, she explains, is the first rule. We discover that the circular motions that cause the micro-scratches she despises are what cause them. Additionally, she discourages using regular sponges, saying that “the particles in the sponge generate small new scratches.” Instead, Friedl suggests using a sponge with a cotton cover.

The second rule is to always replace dirty cleaning cloths that are dropped on the floor with clean ones. The third, too? Throughout the washing procedure, keep the car wet. Friedl then rinses the vehicle and uses a rubber scraper to remove the water. Compressed air is used to remove any remaining moisture from the crevices before everything is dried with a clean cloth, again avoiding a circular motion. Prior to being dried with a cloth, the wheels are further cleaned using a cleaning brush and a dedicated wheel cleaner.

What is a 30000-mile Porsche service?

30,000 Miles – The Porsche maintenance schedule normally calls for checking and refilling the transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant levels every 30,000 miles.

Porsches cost a lot to maintain?

The annual cost of maintaining some Porsches should be between $200 and $600 to be reasonable and affordable. Taxes, fuel, and bodywork repairs are not included. The price may exceed $1,000 if you take it to Porsche or Porsche-approved businesses.

One of the less expensive Porsches to maintain is the Boxster. If you continue receiving regular annual services over a ten-year period, the cost is between $550 and $700 annually.

Some of the fixes you might need to do are listed below. Additionally, costs will change based on your location, the age of the model, and whether you are taking it to a Porsche service center or a neighborhood mechanic.

In place of:

  • Sensor for Cam Shaft Position
  • Control Body
  • Joint Ball
  • assembly of the CV axle/shaft
  • the control arm assembly
  • Assembly of Struts
  • Oil Pan and Gaskets for the Oil Pan
  • Bulb Headlights
  • hose under the power steering
  • Spiking plugs

You must also complete the following:

cooling system cleaning