How To Set Memory Seat Porsche Macan?

This Top Tip about a Macan seat problem comes from a clever NINEAUTO client.

A recent issue with our 2017 Macan S resulted in the deletion of the comfort option, which causes the seat to move slightly to help getting in and out easier.

It was discovered that none of the seat memory settings were functioning as a result of attempts to comprehend what was going on. Manually adjusting the seat for every driver change appeared to be a significant bother.

It is more difficult than usual to call NINEAUTO for assistance due to COVID 19 restrictions. So let’s see what Dr. Google can offer.

#2 • Mar 27, 2016 Your memory needs to retain “the bounds” of the seat before it can recall a position. Sometimes it loses such boundaries, in which case you must re-teach them. Follow these guidelines to accomplish this.

When the car is moving, stand next to your seat, scoot it all the way forward, and hold it in place for two seconds. Then completely retract it and hold for two seconds. Up, then down, and finally up, hold. Do not alter the order.

Now see if your SET button illuminates. If not, it probably still has to “learn” something else. Apply the telescoping steering wheel to the aforementioned. If the issue persists, you will need to take it in for repair, where a computer will be connected to simulate the aforementioned process for all memory functions.


Your memory needs to retain “the bounds” of the seat before it can recall a position. Sometimes it loses such boundaries, in which case you must re-teach them. Follow these guidelines to accomplish this.

The Porsche Macan’s most expensive feature

Given that these 18-way adaptable sport seats are the most expensive interior component of this automobile, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. The higher side bolsters that are often found on the seat squab and backrest make these seats, which are an option for the Porsche Macan, offer stronger lateral support and a high level of comfort.

With the driver memory package or comfort memory package, you have a customized seat that remembers your chosen height, padding, backrest angle, steering wheel, and external mirror settings. The car seems to be blending in with the driver as all of this is going on; it seems to automatically adjust to you. These seats, which are standard in the Macan Turbo, optional for all other Macan models, and only included in the Turbo interior package, combine comfort and racing-style support.

Power seats are also included in the package; while they are less technologically advanced than 18-way adaptive seats (8-way adjustable seats), they are more useful for driving and perfect for comfortable driving. There are 14-way power seats with a memory package that can be added to existing power seats to provide the driver and front passenger more adjustment options.

Has the Porsche Macan got a memory seat?

Customize the interior of the Macan with memory features for the 14-way power seats, side mirrors, steering column position, headlights, wipers, climate control, and more.

How is the memory seat on a Porsche 997 adjusted?

Since my local OPC still has my owners manual “on order,” I’m hoping someone will be able to walk me through the process of resetting the memory on my 2002 996C4 driver’s seat.

Currently, every time I use the remote to open the car, the seat adjusts to accommodate someone who loved to perch high and had very small arms and legs!

You ought to have a button with a key sign if the memory system is the same as or comparable to the one in the 997.

If so, insert your regular key into the ignition, adjust the seat to your preferred setting, and then push the “M” and “Key” buttons simultaneously. That ought should clear the memory associated with that key.

But then you’ll probably be back to the short-ar$e settings if you use your second key. Diesel-powered Porsche Macan

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Thank you, Evil C; that seems to have worked. The seat now stays in the position I left it in when I open the car.

What do the buttons labeled “1” and “2” do? I pressed each of them while I was playing, and the seat changed each time, but never to a position where you could drive the automobile.

They are used to enter settings for additional drivers, allowing you to have separate settings for two keys and two additional drivers. Diesel-powered Porsche Macan

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I must turn on the ignition and push the “M” and “2” buttons for 5 seconds to reset my seats. To see if the seat moves, open your car, and see if the memory lock has been removed?

You can now adjust the drivers seat and side mirrors if you’d like. Regards

Additionally, while establishing the memory (pressing M + key, 1 or 2), put your car in reverse so that the passenger-side mirror will tilt down when in backward.

To put it simply, M+key sets the memory for the ignition key (different keys may have various settings), M+1 sets the memory button, and M+2 sets the memory button.

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How can I disable memory seats?

Turn your ignition to the ON/RUN/START position to enable or disable Automatic Memory Recall. Choose “Settings,” “Vehicle,” then “Comfort and Convenience” from the infotainment system display. Toggle the feature ON or OFF by selecting “Auto Memory Recall” and then “ON” or “OFF.”

How is the Porsche Macan key fob reset?

Locate it in the MFD settings, make the necessary changes, and then save the key with the new settings. Locate it in the MFD settings, make the necessary changes, and then save the new key settings.

What materials are the seats in the Porsche Macan made of?

Up to five persons can sit in the 2023 Macan. Front seats with eight-way power adjustments, partly leather, and heating are all standard. There are options for full leather interior, 14- and 18-way power front seat adjustability, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and a heated steering wheel.

Can the Porsche Macan be tracked?

All new 911 vehicles come equipped with the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) as standard equipment. It is an option for new cars and is available for the Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne models.

Is the Porsche Macan spacious?

A practical, capacious SUV that is both quick and entertaining to drive is the Porsche Macan. Thanks to modifications made in 2021, the inside has also been brought into line with alternatives.

We locate excellent bargains from regional and national dealers to remove the trouble and haggling from the process of purchasing a car.

How does the Porsche Macan skip songs?

To move to the next or previous song on the PCM, use the arrow controls located directly above the volume control.

There may be a method to program the diamond button on your steering wheel to advance to the next track if it has multi-function controls. Although my automobile doesn’t have those settings, a search on the website should turn them up.

yuck. Charles LeClerc once said, “I am foolish.” And definitely blind! I appreciate you bringing this up because I couldn’t see the trees through the forest.

How can you take a Porsche’s fake key out?

  • idle in a locked car.
  • Because you are fully aware that you do not possess the key, spin the key as if you were starting the car.
  • A notification of error is displayed.
  • Dummy key should be removed after being turned to the left and clicking.

Is there a Porsche Macan app?

Utilize the My Porsche App to interact with your Porsche’s main interface. By using just one app, you can check your car’s state, operate your Porsche from a distance, synchronize your locations, and schedule servicing appointments.

Is there a heated steering wheel on the Porsche Macan?

Porsche Macan Sport Edition: The Porsche Macan Sport Edition starts at $61,100 and includes premium features like a panorama sunroof, front dual-zone air conditioning, and a heated steering wheel as standard equipment.

What does Porsche’s individual mode do?

The steering and suspension feel tight and responsive, and the throttle response and changes are incredibly quick. Individual: For those who want to adjust the various parameters to their preferences, there is a “Individual” mode.

The Porsche Good to Know app is what, exactly?

Starting with the 2013 model year, the official Porsche app provides you with comprehensive information on the operation of your car. Learn more about your Porsche. Once installed, select your Porsche model to download the appropriate content package.

Porsche Connect: Is it free?

The majority of the Porsche Connect services have a monthly fee. Depending on the model of your car and the plan you select, the cost of your Porsche Car Connect membership will change; however, the majority of packages are free for the first year or longer. Prices begin at $230 annually.

Is leather used for Macan seats?

Leather seat centers in a contrasting tone (AZB) Seat centers of the front and outer rear seats are covered in smooth leather with a contrasting interior color.

What distinguishes the Porsche Macan’s sport and sport plus trim levels?

Not every automobile has PASM. It comes as standard on a GTS or Turbo. On an S, it is an option. All three versions come with the Sport Chrono option, which includes the Sport Plus.

The rpm limiter and gear shift mapping will both be activated by Sport Plus, but it also adjusts the traction management (PTM) to a sportier level. The sport plus will stiffen the suspension a bit if the car has PASM. Additionally, Sport Plus has Launch Control.

Does Sport Chrono affect anything?

There is no variation in power. Sport Chrono only adds the GT steering wheel, the drive modes dial, the clock, the Sport Chrono tile in the PCM (which can be used in conjunction with the Precision Track App), and two extra driving modes, Sport+ & Individual.