Does Porsche Connect Plus Include Apple Carplay?

With Porsche Connect, you may also drive with more attention on the road. With Apple CarPlay(tm) and Siri(r), you can send and receive texts while driving while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Intelligent iPhone, Apple, and smartphone integration

Apple CarPlay and a smartphone storage area for improved mobile phone coverage are still features of Porsche Connect. Selected iPhone features and apps are accessible in the PCM thanks to Apple CarPlay. Additionally, the Apple Siri speech recognition program, for instance, allows for the sending and answering of text messages as well as the playing of music and podcasts. A useful connection between the cell phone and the Porsche is made by the smartphone storage space. The smartphone’s antenna signal is collected and sent to the outside antenna of the car when there is an active connection. As a result, the smartphone’s battery life is prolonged and reception quality is improved.

The main point of contact for Porsche’s online presence is the Connect Portal. It provides customers with a wide range of options for controlling both their Porsche and internet services. Here, specific car information, including the mileage, is kept and accessible. Every online service that has been ordered can be customized here.


If your car has Connect or Connect Plus, you can use Apple CarPlay without having to subscribe to anything; it’s not quite that simple, but your dealer should know how to get it functioning. All you have to do is plug your iPhone into the USB port.

I only decided to sign up for Porsche’s service because I wanted access to Google Earth and traffic information on my built-in navigation system. I no longer need to subscribe to Porsche in order to access Google Earth views because my car has connect plus, which allows me to access traffic through carplay. Note: If you decide to use carplay instead of traffic on your PCM for some reason, a Porsche subscription is necessary. Porsche doesn’t support Sirius/XM traffic.

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Does Apple CarPlay come with Porsche Connect?

Bluetooth(r) and Apple CarPlay are also included in Porsche Connect. To reduce distractions on Menlo Park roads, these capabilities enable Milpitas drivers to make calls hands-free and access their phone apps and music via Siri(r).

Is Porsche compatible with Apple CarPlay?

There is considerably more to the Porsche Cayenne than just Apple CarPlay(r), which is a standard feature on all variants from 2017 to 2022.

Can older Porsche vehicles get Apple CarPlay?

In-dash touchscreens that work with CarPlay are produced by independent vendors like Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, and Sony.

Check a website like Crutchfield to see if your automobile can be linked to and work with the aftermarket screens, which are typically 6- to 9-inches wide. You can enter the precise year, model, and make. When I searched for “CarPlay,” 67 results for my 1995 Honda Odyssey appeared.

Porsche is a notable exception to the rule that most automakers don’t offer display updates for older vehicles. In its “Porsche Classic Communication Management systems,” the sports car manufacturer offers its own CarPlay upgrade. So you can now upgrade your German sports car from as far back as the 1960s with a 3.5-inch screen, like the one in the image above, or a 7-inch display for newer models from the 1990s.

The rest of us will need to locate an aftermarket screen that is compatible with most automobile brands because we are driving less opulent hand-me-down vehicles. The majority of touchscreen dashboards with CarPlay compatibility start at roughly $250 and can cost up to $1,000, like Alpine’s 11-inch screen. It’s only a one-time expense, at least.

CarPlay-enabled displays are expected to include additional capabilities that could raise the price. These can be an HDMI connection, an HD radio, SiriusXM radio compatibility, or a backup camera. On some models, connected car services like Android Auto and Amazon Alexa are also accessible. Affordable flats tend to be simpler.

Can my Porsche Macan have Apple CarPlay?

When you purchased your Porsche, it was not outfitted with an Apple CarPlay system? On a few models, the Porsche Lauzon Laval Service and Parts Center can complete the installation after the sale.

On 2017 (and newer) models of the Macan, 718 Boxster, and Cayman, we can install it.

For autos, there is an iOS version called Apple CarPlay. This enables you to instantly access the programs on your Apple phone from the center screen of your dashboard.

Getting directions, making calls, sending messages, trading music, and safely using Siri are all included.

Call the Porsche Lauzon Laval Service and Parts Center, your local Porsche dealer on Montreal’s North Shore, at 450-688-1144 for more information.

What is included with Porsche Connect Plus?

What is the purpose of Porsche Connect Plus? With Porsche Connect Plus, you can use a mobile device to operate automobile features. With Apple CarPlayTM support, you can conveniently play your favorite playlists, and the Porsche Track Precision App lets you monitor your vehicle’s performance.

If my car has Apple CarPlay, how do I know?

It’s not hard to find out if your car has Apple CarPlay. This procedure can be completed in a number of ways. Do a Google search to find the year, make, and model of your car first. The majority of automobiles built in 2014 and later feature Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capabilities.

If your car doesn’t have a wireless dock, A Girls Guide to Cars recommends plugging your phone into the main USB port to see if Apple CarPlay is installed. The software will ask for your phone’s permission to run if the vehicle has Apple CarPlay technology. Thirdly, you can check your car’s user manual to see if it has CarPlay capabilities.

When you plug your phone into some car systems, like Hyundai’s, Apple CarPlay immediately launches; on other systems, you have to manually enable it. If you find that your car has CarPlay but are unsure of how to connect it, read the section after that. On the other hand, if your automobile doesn’t have Carplay, go to the final section to learn how to add it.

What is Porsche CarPlay?

Porsche With Apple CarPlay(r), you can utilize specific iPhone apps in your Porsche while keeping your complete attention on the road, such as Roads by Porsche. Utilize control features like Porsche Connect to access apps such as podcasts, phones, music, text messages, maps, and many more.

The 2018 Macan is Apple CarPlay compatible.

Aspects of the 2018 Porsche Macan All of the buttons are easily accessible. The touch screen’s menus are straightforward, and it responds to inputs swiftly. Additionally, it supports Apple CarPlay, which enables users to display numerous iPhone apps.

Is Porsche Connect a fee-based service?

Value Model Through a subscription, you can quickly buy the Porsche Connect services you require. The costs and terms of the subscriptions change. For the Cayenne, 911, and Panamera, for instance, the Navigation & Infotainment package costs $205.00 annually in the US.

For Porsche Connect, do you require a SIM card?

– To use the Porsche Connect services, you must have a SIM card that supports data. A separate agreement with a mobile service provider is necessary and costs money.

How do I launch the Porsche vehicle Connect application?

Prior to delivering your vehicle, the product will be enabled once you have given your authorized Porsche dealer the installation code. After that, connect to your Porsche vehicle using the Porsche Car Connect app on your smartphone. Once connected, you’ll immediately receive a text message with an activation code.

What advantages does Porsche Connect offer?

  • Remotely locking and unlocking your car.
  • The horn is remotely honked.
  • Remotely activate indicators.
  • Remotely turn on and modify the climate.
  • To find your automobile at any moment, use Car Finder.

Is Apple CarPlay a subscription service?

Apple CarPlay is it free? Apple CarPlay also has the benefit of being a free function that comes pre-installed in new cars; the only expense is the cost of your phone’s standard data plan.

Car Connect is it free?

Car Connect is a vital mobile application that gives you complete management and oversight over your car’s data and gives you the ability to handle your cherished autos.

With the all-encompassing lock/unlock function that is powerfully integrated into this program, you are able to fully control your vehicle and get it ready with just a tap! We can also assist you if you need to easily charge your electric car.

Users of Car Connect are urged to periodically check the status of their vehicles on their phones. Being able to detect when the status is low allows you to quickly address issues. Totally keep an eye on your car on a single screen: – Full Tire Pressure – Odometer – Fuel Remaining Level – Fuel Tank Capacity – Engine Oil Life – Battery Capacity – Battery Remaining Level – Fuel Consumption – Battery Consumption You can find nearby gas stations, EV charging stations, parking lots, and more using a live map. A handy phone contains all the information you need.

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How much does CarPlay installation cost?

Since roughly 2019, CarPlay has been a standard feature in most new car models. If yours isn’t, you’ll need to buy and install an aftermarket head unit.

While a CarPlay head unit may be purchased for less than $100, high-end products from well-known brands like Sony or Pioneer will cost more than $350.

Choosing a head unit can be difficult, therefore we recommend the Pioneer MVH1400NEX.

Unless you purchase through BestBuy or Walmart, which provide some free installs, you should anticipate paying roughly $100 in labor fees for the installation, which is likely to take no longer than an hour.