Does Porsche Cayman Have Rear Seats?

“The Cayman is actually quite beneficial if practicality is something you’re interested in. Although it doesn’t have the 911’s back seats, it does have front and rear trunks, making it a surprisingly practical option for daily driving.”

Are there rear seats in Porsches?

You can fit up to five passengers in the backseats of Porsche models including the Macan, 911, and Cayenne. Backseats are absent from vehicles like the Cayman and Boxster. Usually, performance comes first, but this brand now offers rides that are suitable for families.


The Cayman’s primary storage spaces are divided between the front and back of the vehicle due to its mid-engine design. The only storage available is a squeezed-in bag on a short shelf behind the seats and a deeper well behind the engine. Don’t expect your Porsche Cayman to compete with a VW Golf when you need to return home after a long walk around Ikea despite the fact that there is additional boot up front.


The Sport Seats are supportive during sharp turns and are pleasant. They have mechanical fore/aft and height adjustments in addition to electric backrest adjustment.

Comfort need not be compromised. It also doesn’t feel sporty to drive. You may change the seat height, backrest angle, cushion angle, and cushion depth with the optional Power Sport Seats with Driver Memory Package. The four-way lumbar support with fore/aft adjustment is also electrically controlled.

For the 718 and 718 S variants, the leather Sport Seats Plus with electric backrest adjustment and mechanical fore/aft and height adjustment are an optional feature. The 718 T and 718 GTS 4.0 versions come standard with them. Even stronger lateral support is provided by the harder, sportier padding on the side bolsters of the cushion and backrest. The seat centers of the 718 T and 718 GTS 4.0 models are made of Sport-Tex and Race-Tex, respectively.

Adaptive Sport Seats Plus, which are available upon request, strengthen the link between comfort and sport. They combine all the characteristics of the Power Sport Seats and include power adjustment for the side bolsters on the cushion and backrest as an improved version of the Sport Seats Plus.

Full bucket seats constructed entirely of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) with a carbon-weave finish are an option for the 718 T and 718 GTS 4.0 models. At low weight, they provide very strong lateral support. While the height adjustment is motorized, the fore/aft adjustment is manual.

Porsche Cayman is a two-seater.

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A Porsche Cayman isn’t typically purchased for its utility, but that doesn’t mean it is completely devoid of any useful storage options.

Except for the convertible Boxster model, which shares the same platform, engines, and gearboxes, there is only one body style available. The Cayman coupe, which has just two seats, is placed underneath the 911 sports car. However, there are a few nice details, such as folding cupholders, a little shelf behind the engine, and a large storage area in the nose.

Although Porsche boasts it has 425 liters of cargo space, the Cayman is not a family hatchback and you’ll need to pack sparingly rather than extravagantly if you want to take it on a weeklong trip. Nevertheless, the driving position is comfortable, and the seat has lots of flexibility. The ride is also smooth, and the Cayman provides respectable long-distance refinement if you stay away from the very biggest wheels.

Do Porsches come with four seats?

Except for GT3 variants, which only accommodate two individuals, the Porsche 911 seats four. The driver’s position is particularly praised for its athletic ergonomics, and the front seats are pleasant. The front seat feels the most spacious in the interior, while the back seat is rather small.

The Porsche Cayman has how many seats?

The two-seat 718 Cayman sports car comes equipped with partial leather upholstery. Upgraded sport seats, heated and ventilated seats, and seats with 14 or 18-way power adjustments are also options, as well as upgraded leather upholstery.

Are Caymans authentic Porsches?

Porsche is a German automaker that produces and sells mid-engine two-seater sports cars over the course of four generations. The Porsche Boxster and Cayman are available as two-door, two-seater roadster (Boxster) and three-door, two-seater fastbackcoupes, respectively.

The first generation of the Boxster was released in 1996; the second generation, which included the Cayman, followed in late 2005; and the third generation, which debuted in 2012, was released. The two models have been marketed as the Porsche 718 Boxster and Porsche 718 Cayman since the fourth generation’s debut in 2016.

The plaque Boxster is a combination of the words “roadster” and “boxer,” which refers to the vehicle’s flat or boxer engine. A member of the alligator family, the nameplate Cayman is spelled differently from caiman.

Is the Cayman 2021 a two-seater?

The 718 is a sports car that cost an average of $138,700 to buy secondhand from a dealer and had 80k units made in Germany.

The 718 is a rear-wheel drive, two-door vehicle with two seats and a 2.5L TURBO 4 engine. The engine is mated to a seven-speed auto dual clutch and produces 257 kW of power at 6500 rpm and 420 Nm of torque at 2100 rpm. According to PORSCHE, the 718 CAYMAN S emits 169g of CO2 and uses 7.4L/100km of unleaded gasoline in mixed city and highway driving. With a 64L gasoline tank, it should be able to cover 865km on a single fill-up.

The 718 weighs 1355kg (2987.3 lbs) when empty due to its dimensions of 1295mm (51.0 inches) in height, 4379mm (172.4 inches) in length, 1801mm (70.9 inches), and 2475mm (97.4 inches) in width. The 235/35 ZR20 front and 265/35 ZR20 rear tires on the 718 CAYMAN S are standard. Every 12 months or 15,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, it needs to be serviced.

The compliance plate is positioned on the driver side inner guard, and the VIN number may be found on the floor under the driver’s seat. An illustration of a VIN number might be WP0ZZZ98ZHS200001.

Is the Cayman being discontinued by Porsche?

When Porsche unveiled the 718 Cayman GT4 RS this week, it catered heavily to its enthusiast community. The Cayman has finally received the engine, aerodynamics, and gearing it deserves, and it turns out that it won’t be a vehicle with a limited run. Porsche will produce as many as it can sell, which implies delaying the start of the next few years’ worth of models. Porsche’s GT Cars Director Andreas Preuninger verified this crucial point in an interview with Top Gear. There will be plenty of cars available because [the GT4 RS] will have a production run of at least two, two and a half years, he assured the outlet.

This information coincides with speculations that the upcoming Cayman will be all electric and go on sale in 2025. There are still little details on that vehicle, but we now know there won’t be much of a difference in the lifespans of the two vehicles.

The 718 made its debut in 2016, thus it has been around for five years. It will have been in production for almost ten years by 2024, but nobody seems to be unhappy about it.

In addition to the electric Taycan, Porsche has already released a number of hybrid vehicles. Some people are unhappy about the rumors that a hybrid 911 is also coming. It is maybe a little odd then that the 718, in its current form, might be entirely unaffected by electrification.

Although there are reliable rumors that the upcoming Cayman will be electric, it is still unclear what technology will power this vehicle. Porsche is apparently pursuing solid-state battery technology, but it’s not yet known if it will be available in time for a 2025 reveal. Porsche enthusiasts might not be pleased with the weight penalty if the carmaker chooses to go with conventional lithium-ion technology. To counterbalance this, the automaker might try to use fewer batteries, which could lead to an unpleasant outcome like Mazda’s MX-30.

We’ll just have to wait and see in any event. Until then, we can put on some headphones, close our eyes, and listen to the flat-six in the GT4 RS rev all the way up to 9,000 rpm. I believe I could continue doing that for a while longer.

Does the Porsche Cayman retain its value?

J.D. Power has named the Porsche 718 Cayman as having the best resale value in its segment, holding onto more of its value than any other vehicle in its rivalry group.

The honor was given as a part of the yearly J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Resale Value Awards. The 718 Cayman took up the prize for compact premium sports cars with the best resale value.

“The 718 Cayman has now received this accolade from J.D. Power for three years running. We never take this for granted and are extremely proud of how Porsche products like the 718 Cayman maintain their high value and attractiveness over time “Joe Lawrence, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Porsche Cars North America, Inc., stated.

The Porsche two-door sports car lineup is led by the 718 Cayman, followed by the 718 Boxster and the venerable 911 lineup.

Three new models have been added to the 718 roster, including the 718 T, which is pure, agile, and relatively simple, as well as the new 718 GTS 4.0 with a six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine and the top-of-the-line 718 GT4 and 718 Spyder.

A new Guinness World Record for the Fastest Vehicle Slalom was recently set by 16-year-old racer Chloe Chambers using the 718 model line in 718 Spyder configuration.

Is a Porsche Cayman expensive to maintain?

The overall yearly car maintenance costs for the Porsche Cayman are $1,135. The table that follows provides a detailed ranking of each car in this overall scheme for comparison’s sake. The Porsche Cayman is significantly less expensive to maintain given that its average cost is $1,135 and the typical vehicle costs $651 year.

A Porsche Cayman: Is it pricey?

The Porsche Cayman is a very popular way to get started with Porsche coupe ownership. It’s a fantastic little two-seat coupe that looks like a Porsche and handles superbly. All Cayman generations are simple to use, park, and enjoy.

Which Porsche is the roomiest?

Inside the Cayenne, Porsche essentially offers clients a blank canvas to decorate anyway they see appropriate. Individual choices are available for everything, including the surface materials, seatbelt colors, and inside trim. A stylish gauge cluster with an analog tachometer and two 7.0-inch screens that provide configurable information is in front of the driver. The Cayenne offers desirable enhancements, such as more supportive seats, massaging front seats, four-zone climate control, and more, in addition to conventional options like heated and ventilated front and rear seats. The Porsche features two rows, compared to three in the Audi Q7 and three in the Volvo XC90, its rivals. Even so, the back seat has plenty of room for stretching out and is customizable. With a large passenger capacity and cargo volume that are obviously much greater than any 911’s, the Cayenne entices Porsche lovers. The largest Porsche SUV, it offers up to 60 cubic feet of luggage space when the rear seats are folded flat and 27 cubic feet of freight space behind them. The lackluster inside cubby storage means that the majority of tiny goods are hidden in the door pockets or the narrow center-console bin. Every Cayenne comes with a power-operated liftgate, which can be opened or closed using a foot motion thanks to an optional passive entry technology called Comfort Access.