Do Golf Clubs Fit In A Porsche Boxster?

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The Porsche Boxster is one of the best roadsters now on the market. The absence of a storage area for your golf clubs would be the only deal-breaker. Will golf clubs fit in a Boxster, which isn’t known for its storage capacity?

Golf clubs may be kept in the Porsche Boxster’s passenger seat at all times and in the trunk if the trunk’s length is at least 40 inches. Although they are an option, bike racks for outside storage are not advised.

Keep reading to see where, why, and how you can keep your golf clubs, as well as perhaps a friend’s clubs, in your Porsche Boxster.


I was pleasantly delighted to find that the rear trunk actually has room for a full set of golf clubs. Driver and longer hybrid 3 clubs should be placed near the back of the trunk where there is some extra room on each side. The remaining clubs are neatly packed, leaving space for a full-size golf bag and a set of shoes. Only those non-collapsible alignment rods that are conveniently stowed behind the driver and passenger seats might not fit.

I’m just happy that I was able to fit my golf bag and clubs in the back trunk despite being told they wouldn’t fit. I decided to give it a shot anyhow and everything fit with enough of room. The thought of having to put kids in the front seat would have been my one pet peeve about the vehicle.

eager to see a photo. If they fit, I might take the Porsche and play golf on the same day, even though I usually grab the other car to go play golf. What more do we need?

Of course, I also need to remove the driver and the third wood and set them aside separately.

In the Boxster, clubs fit perfectly. Simply remove your wood and spread it around the trunk’s back. The irons can stay within the bag while it is being carried or stood up, if such is the case. There is still enough place for a shoe bag, several boxes of balls, etc. However, if you use one of those enormous cart bags, you’re probably out of luck because they are frequently “round” in shape rather than “oval,” and they will be too thick to go in the trunk.

By removing every club from the bag and “compressing” the bags, it is claimed that you can fit two sets of clubs and bags in one space.

Hmmm. I had no such luck when I hid the bag in the woods. With a 45″ shaft, 983K. Not to add that tipping the bag in that manner causes my irons to fly out of the bag.

I already have animal head coverings, so I don’t need to remove any of the forest. I merely slant the top of the bag I use for my ping hoofer just within where the coolant tank is. I’ve done this for a long time. I only remove the driver from the bag if I have additional items in the trunk in addition to my clubs, such as extra shoes and rain gear.

My trunk easily accommodates my clubs. The bag easily fits in when I remove my woods. I did have to look around a bit to locate a smaller bag, though. Just be careful when using the stand legs on your suitcase; when mine got smashed, they hit the back spoiler and caused a very noticeable scratch. I lost out on winning the competition here in Austin because of that scratch. Just a few ideas on the subject.

What Fits In The Porsche Boxster’s Trunk?

A variety of objects can fit in the spacious trunk of the Porsche Boxster. Numerous suitcases, numerous sets of golf clubs, or even a small couch will fit. The Porsche Boxster can accommodate 14.1 cubic feet of cargo when the seats are up.

While packing lightly can be advantageous for both work and leisure travel, it can be detrimental when on vacation. The Boxster has ten cubic feet of storage space, which is almost the same size as a conventional luggage. I’ve heard from several folks that each storage space could hold multiple carry-on things. Some contend that carrying anything other than a duffel bag would be challenging. A Boxster is capable of hauling a sizable amount of luggage and cargo. The front luggage compartment is deep enough to fit two full-size, wheeled carry-on bags and a backpack despite the absence of the Cayenne. It also comes with two back packs, an accordion-style duffel bag, and a soft-sided suit carrier. For a large clothing horse, a trip of two or three weeks would be absolutely stress-free. The remainder of the journey and the 1200 miles we drove while attempting to understand the car will be discussed later.

The Boxster’s front trunk has greater space for larger objects than the Porsche 911’s rear trunk, which is the opposite. It’s probable that you won’t be able to accommodate all you need even if both trunks are small.


For some weeks, I had been keeping an eye on a 2014 Boxster S at the neighboring dealership. Because I’ve been informed that I can’t fit golf equipment in the trunk of a Boxster, I haven’t thought of trading my 2008 CS for the soft top. I play roughly 85 rounds a year, therefore I would not accept leaving clubs in the backseat. I demo-ed this Basalt Black BS for the day because New Orleans has plenty of gorgeous days to drive without a top. My full bag of 14 clubs fit in the trunk, and I took pictures of them for record-keeping. (I have never seen images of a complete set in a 981 B) I placed the carry bag containing all the irons in second after taking the fairway woods out of the bag and laying them on the trunk’s floor. The 46″ shafted driver was the last thing I added independently. With space for shoes, etc., it all started out easily.

Now comes the difficult decision: Should I exchange in my gorgeous 2008 CS for the brand-new, fantastic-driving 981 BS?

Does a Porsche Macan have room for golf clubs?

Full golf bags can fit diagonally in the cargo space, including the driver. The 60/40 split back seats can be folded down to create a total cargo space of 53 cubic feet, so of course more can fit within.

Can a Porsche 911 fit golf clubs?

If you’ve made it to retirement, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a really great car. You ought to have fun! And having fun typically entails playing golf whenever you can. The only issue is where to place your golf clubs if you own a Porsche 911 or are looking to buy one.

Golf clubs can fit in a Porsche 911 by folding down the rear seats, laying the clubs on top, then removing the drivers and woods to lay them beside the bag. Golf clubs that are very long or large will not fit, but standard-sized or foldable clubs will.

Continue reading if you want to learn how many inventive ways there are to fit your clubs in your Porsche 911, including which clubs will and won’t fit.

Fitting of golf clubs in Porsche 718?

We’re happy to offer the Porsche 718 Cayman at Porsche Riverside, a fast coupe with enough room to bring along your favorite person to play 18 holes with, as well as those large golf clubs.

Can a 987 Cayman hold golf clubs?

It’s obviously late… But why didn’t I think to turn the bag so it was facing north-south? East-West will hardly fit in my present bag. I want a smaller sack, but I imagine I’ll still have to chop up a few logs.

I can confirm that two sets of clubs in “carry bags” will fit in the back of the 987 with the clubs facing north and south.

I’ve also received the identical bags in the same arrangement for the 981, even though it fits much more snugly and one bag fits much more comfortably.

Will a Jaguar F Type accommodate golf clubs?

Jaguar boasts that the 550-horsepower 2015 F-Type R Coupe can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds. After slamming the monster supercharged V-8’s throttle ourselves, it is incredibly simple to believe.

Two golf bags can fit, according to the British automaker, in the compact, 11 cubic feet trunk area of the coupe. More usable than the roadster’s meager 7 cubic feet of baggage room, but two golf bags?

Our two adult golf bags with clubs fit into the Jaguar F-Type Coupe just barely, but it might not have if one stitching strand was out of place on the golf bags. Of course, your personal golf bag and set of clubs may be larger, but at least you and a companion have the opportunity to tackle the course in something this active.

Does a Porsche Cayman have room for a golf bag?

In any case, I get one set for a 987 platform in the “trunk” with the driver and three metals outside the bag (which is a Titleist carry bag) facing East/West or sideways. The bag and clubs fit without difficulty, but you must move them into place. View the first image.

I can easily fit two bags, which weigh 987 once more, into the vehicle by laying them “north/south” (see second photo).

I’m not sure how the 981 platform operates because, as I understand it, the trunk lid is likewise slightly higher than the engine “bay.”

Can a Toyota Yaris accommodate golf clubs?

  • emissions—or lack thereof! The Toyota produces 119g/km, which results in continued savings. I recently extended my residents’ parking permit for PS19 with my neighborhood London borough for an additional six months. When I previously ran the 407 Coupe, this would have cost PS 110.
  • Yes, I can fit my golf clubs in, and the low sill makes loading them easy. However, the red bumper marks too readily for my taste, and too frequently, while swiping gear in and out, I’ve been left with unattractive black markings.

Downsizing. Everyone is engaged. There is no doubting that switching from a Peugeot 407 Coupe to a Toyota Yaris has many advantages, not the least of which are decreased expenses.

But when I learned the tiny Japanese automobile would be my next set of wheels, I had one specific anxiety, which I know many other drivers have as well. Would I be able to store my golf clubs there? Don’t laugh just yet. The accolades that come with the badge on my car in the golf club parking lot don’t much annoy me. And I don’t play well enough to want to yell at Nick Faldo for not picking me as a wildcard pick for the Ryder Cup. But it’s of little use to me if a car’s trunk can’t accommodate my golf bag. So how does the Yaris fare? Well, yes, but only.

Undoubtedly, it requires some tweaking and needs to be inserted at a specific angle. It’s also fortunate that Mrs. Hope isn’t a developing tiger, or should we say tigress? Woods, because if there are two golfers in the family, the Yaris is a total non-starter.

Can golf clubs fit in a mini?

If the back seats are folded down to create a shelf and the drivers are removed from the bags and placed next to the bag, you can put 1-2 golf bags in the back of a Mini Cooper. To prevent incessant rattling as you drive and to safeguard your clubs, remember to put a towel around them.