Will There Be A 2023 Nissan Z Convertible?

Nissan didn’t always provide sporty vehicles with convertible tops. Although the 350Z was offered as a roadster, a drop-top was not considered when it was being designed. With the 370Z, that changed because a convertible model was intended from the start. Consequently, it would be reasonable to presume a roadster was in the works given that the 2023 Nissan Z is built on a significantly improved version of the 370Z’s base.

Okay, no. Nissan apparently has no plans to produce a 2023 Z convertible, according to The Drive. Paul Hawson, Nissan’s director of advanced product development and strategy, told The Drive that it isn’t even “‘talking about a convertible at all. And it doesn’t appear like the problem with the 350Z will occur again. However, it is debatable whether the lack of a Z Roadster will improve performance.

True, driving contemporary sports convertibles like the Miata may be enjoyable. However, removing the roof off the majority of cars makes them less rigid and less dynamic. Additionally, even though additional bracing and roll bars can restore some stiffness, doing so also adds weight. That’s acceptable if a person simply desires a convertible with a sporty appearance, as several 350Z and 370Z Roadster customers did, according to The Drive. But compared to its predecessors, the 2023 Nissan Z appears to be courting performance-minded enthusiasts even more aggressively. The coupe is the chosen option for this group.

Certainly, that looks doable.

The 370Z Roadster was discontinued by Nissan after the 2019 model year. Given that the drop-starting top’s price at the time was $42,705, or around $10,000 more than its coupe counterpart, its demise did not come as a huge shock.

Despite this, there’s still something exciting about a potent, compact roadster. We are aware of our company. Imagine a Nissan Z Roadster from 2023. Cutting the top off the new Z might result in a Z Roadster that buyers could actually want to pay the additional money to obtain because to its classic styling, alluring rump, and potent 400-hp 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine.

When questioned about the potential revival of the body style, Nissan chose not to comment. Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer should find it quite simple to revive the Z Roadster. After all, both the new Z and the previous 370Z have the same fundamental chassis. Nissan should therefore find it quite simple to produce a 2023 Z Roadster given that the vehicle’s foundation has already been designed to enable a convertible version.

Another matter is whether Nissan chooses to bring the Z Roadster back. We propose that the automaker might be persuaded to do so by high consumer demand. However, it appears logical to believe Nissan will retain the new Z a coupe-only model to optimize its profitability in the absence of encouragement from potential customers.

There won’t be a 2023 Nissan Z convertible

He explained the roadster’s chances in very straightforward terms as we conversed casually while gazing over Nissan’s display of new cars at the show, which included two new Z cars. There are “absolutely no plans of announcing or talking about a convertible,” in his opinion. As we spoke, it became evident that while the possibility of a Nismo version of the new Z was still on the table, the drop-top wasn’t given any thought. Although convertibles have appeared in the history of the Z, the coupe is unquestionably the most popular model.

Hawson gave the impression that this claim was connected to the kind of fine-tuning that made the new Z the meticulously balanced, perfectly polished sports vehicle he claims it to be. He explained to me that switching to a convertible has an impact on, say, stiffness and other aspects of performance. As opposed to prior versions where a client may have simply been in the market for a convertible and the Nissan appeared like an appealing alternative, this suggests that the new Z is targeted at a customer who is a little more performance-focused.

Of course, this is not to say that Hawson isn’t interested in appealing to a wide audience. He observes that the Z draws a far less “homogenous” crowd than other vehicles in the sector. He continued, “We want everyone to enjoy it. Old, young, male, and female make up the most diverse crowd at a Z, which is awesome. Hawson believes that this new car will be able to flourish either way because of its various options, cost, and other factors, even though a convertible doesn’t appear to be in the cards even though it would potentially extend its appeal.

He stated, “I hope we struck the mark with all of those people. “That is Z’s difficulty. We’re building it for everyone, not just one extremely eccentric race car driver.”


It’s the ideal time for Nissan to rebuild its dated Z coupe because sports cars are currently in style, as evidenced by the resurrected Toyota Supra and the flashy mid-engine Corvette that both made their debuts last year. Perfect also since it’s obvious that it’s out of date. Nissan’s sports car has always gone by an alphanumeric moniker, such the current 370Z model or the original 240Z from 1969, but this generation will just be known as Z. The 2023 Z is propelled by a 400-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that sends its power to the rear wheels via either a nine-speed automated or a six-speed manual transmission. We were thrilled to discover that the Z is overall more refined than the vehicle it replaces. We are happy with the Z’s lively handling and snappy acceleration. Thankfully, the Z gets a technology upgrade as well, getting a new touchscreen infotainment system, a re-configurable digital gauge display, and a ton of new driver-assistance technologies. The next-generation 370Z moves slightly up-market to target the Supra, while the previous version competed with more cost-effective sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 Miata and the Toyota 86.

Nissan Z Removes the Virtual Convertible Top and Drives the Roadster in a Double-Bubble Path

These days, Bavarian sports cars with eye-catching kidney grilles (3 Series LCI) or enormous noses, increased pony counts, reduced weight, and either a jaw-dropping MSRP or limited availability have taken the globe by storm (BMW M4 CSL). However, summer is quickly approaching, and we truly want our two doors to essentially drop their tops.

So, with a little assistance from virtual artist Rostislav Prokop, also known as rostislav prokop on social media, who works with HotCars to continue the dream journey periplus, we are once again in the mood for a 2023 Nissan Z. This is another enormous grille story, but it concerns a much better one (in our opinion, at least, feel free to disagree).

Anyway, the magazine has been requesting creative car ideas from outstanding pixel masters Timothy Adry Emmanuel (aka adry53customs) and Rostislav Prokop. However, it appears that in order to highlight the results of their partnership, the latter is moving a little more quickly across his social media reel.

Therefore, it was logically the right moment for something with a “JDM” flavor following a CGI-reborn Pontiac GTO that had the orange powerful style needed to make The Judge proud and a wishful thinking zero-emissions Porsche 911 Cabriolet that copied Taycan’s visage to offer the EV link.

The 2023 Nissan Z, which is arguably the most anticipated enthusiast vehicle of the year, not only has a massive grille similar to that of the newest BMWs, but it is also considerably less expensive. Starting at under $40k, Nissan took sure to note that this is the base MSRP for the Coupe variant. We are taking this as a clue that an even cooler OEM Roadster might be planned for release in the future.

We can only wait till then with a little faith, perseverance, and a little virtual Nissan Z Roadster fun in the video posted below. Although the top of a seventh-generation Z has been dropped by a CGI expert before, this instance features a double bubble uniqueness and may be the most alluring digital representation to date.

Is There Room In This Market For A Convertible Nissan Z?

This piece features independent illustrations for a fictitious Nissan Z convertible created by Sugar Design; these illustrations are not associated with or approved by the Nissan name.

The Nissan 2023 Z is set to go on sale, and while the Japanese carmaker has been mum about potential 2023 Z variants, there’s a fair likelihood that one of them will be a convertible.

Given that the new Z shares a base with the 370Z and that the Nissan 350Z and 370Z were both marketed as coupe and convertible variants, Nissan could probably remove the hardtop without any problems. You’ll undoubtedly agree that the Z Convertible depicted in these renderings by Instagram user Sugar Design looks fantastic.

The majority of people have been relatively accepting of the new Z’s design, in part because of its retro influences, with the exception of some complaints regarding the style of its front grille. In order to turn it into a convertible, Sugar Design had to create a new decklid for the vehicle in addition to removing the hardtop. A pair of noticeable roll hoops are also present behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

If Nissan does introduce a convertible version of the new Z, we anticipate that it will not feature a retractable hardtop but rather a folding soft-top similar to the 370Z Convertible.

Nissan said earlier this month that bookings for the 2023 Z were now available in Canada but declined to do the same in the United States. Although a release date and price for the American market have not been determined, the automobile is anticipated to start at about $40,000.

A 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine providing the Toyota Supra rival’s remarkable 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft (475 Nm) of torque gives it a tiny advantage over the Supra 3.0’s 382 horsepower and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm).

Will the Nissan Z Roadster debut in 2023?

Tennessee’s NASHVILLE – The MSRP1 for Nissan’s most recent “attainable dream car,” the 2023 Nissan Z, was released today and is $39,990 for the Z Sport and $49,990 for the Z Performance. In the summer of 2022, both grades are expected at Nissan dealerships all throughout the country.

According to Michael Colleran, senior vice president of Nissan U.S. Marketing and Sales, “The Nissan Z is the heart and soul of our company, bringing sports car design, performance, and excitement to a broad range of buyers, starting with the introduction of the first generation more than 50 years ago.” When it launches this summer with a starting MSRP of less than $40,000, the most recent model is prepared to win over a brand-new generation of Nissan Z enthusiasts.

A special “Proto Spec” edition and Sport and Performance trim levels are available for the 2023 Nissan Z. The Proto Spec version, which will only be available in 240 units for the U.S. market, will pay respect to the 2020 Z Proto with commemorative plaques and exclusive inside and exterior features. All grades come with a 400-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine and either a new 9-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters or a 6-speed manual transmission.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices for the 2023 Nissan Z1:

Destination and handling are $1,025. * The combined total production is 240 units.

The 2023 Z’s outward design is modern and stylish, and its long hood and short deck convey a reverence for its heritage. Inside, the driver-focused cabin is modeled after earlier Z generations and features three traditional analog pod gauges in addition to more contemporary features like a 12.3-inch TFT meter with customizability and an optional 9.0-inch touchscreen display.

The next Z will it be convertible?

The new Z pulls design cues from earlier models but offers a glimpse into the future with current technologies and a much-needed interior renovation, as previewed by the Z Proto concept car. A convertible version of the new Z may be released after the hardtop coupe version, which goes on sale in the summer of 2022.