Will Nissan Give Me A Loaner Car?

For clients whose service lasts three hours or more, complimentary loaner vehicles are available. When making an appointment, complimentary loaner vehicles must be requested and reserved. (But it’s not ensured.)

  • The driver must have a valid driver’s license, a major credit card, and a current insurance card and be at least 21 years old. Driver must be present to sign the agreement for a free loaner car.
  • Totally Free Loaner The use of vehicles is limited to the day(s) of service.
  • Totally Free Loaner Vehicles maintained past the scheduled pick-up time might be subject to fees.
  • There are no free loaner cars available for body shop repairs. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.
  • Rentals of complimentary loaner cars are not possible.
  • Nissan models from the current model year make up the loaner fleet. It is not possible to reserve a certain make and model. We sincerely regret any inconvenience.

Re: Loaner car when car is in shop—who pays?

I received nothing when my Leaf was in the shop for six months getting fixed after two hit-and-run accidents in a parking lot happened while it was parked and I was inside with the temporary tags even still on. I only utilized a different vehicle. My insurance company offered to provide me with a rental automobile as it was an insurance claim, but I didn’t need it. But neither Nissan nor the repair company had anything to give. Nissan was entirely responsible for the delay in waiting for the components to ship and arrive in stock. But even though the car was sitting in a garage bay for months, I still had to pay the insurance and the loan for it.

This issue differs significantly from the OP’s since you were responsible for the car’s damage. The dealer and Nissan had nothing to do with the collision, even if you weren’t at fault. In order to explain apples, you are using oranges. Nissan’s position appears to be that they pay for loaners while a warranty-covered fault is rectified, as the OP has stated in their previous post. You just appear to want to criticize the OP without any justification.

The dealership has absolutely NO IDEA what is wrong with your automobile, to the OP. I advise you to take it to a different shop that has Leaf-certified technicians on staff. It can just be a 12 volt battery that isn’t working properly.

In no way. True, what I said. For any maintenance done while under warranty or otherwise, Nissan Motor Corporation is under no obligation to give you a rental car or loaner vehicle.

Like most automakers, Nissan does provide a credit back to the dealership in certain circumstances. Each dealership is a franchise that is run and controlled by a different person. They are also not required to offer you anything under any federal law. Nissan, like many other automakers, is aware that offering a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired fosters goodwill. In order to compensate the dealership for certain repairs up to a certain price, they will assign a value to various fixes. It doesn’t matter if the dealership wants to send you to Hertz or lends you one of their excess vehicles (a loaner).

In this instance, it appears that Nissan would cover rentals as part of the goodwill value associated with the repair. 5 days total. The consumer received that from the dealership. This client has generated no revenue or profit for this independent franchise dealer. Not a current client; I didn’t even buy the car there.

If you have a good relationship with the dealer, they will frequently pay for you out of their own wallet, especially if they have a loaner instead of renting from a third party.


When your automobile is being repaired under warranty, Nissan’s typical policy with their dealers is to allow up to $30 per day for a rental car. When I required a loaner, a ride to work when I didn’t need to go anyplace, and once when it was an overnight return, they paid for a rental even though I don’t have an extended warranty.

Maybe only my dealer here I don’t know, but I am certain that Nissan, not the dealer, paid for the rental car.

Rentals are normally paid for by Nissan, and the dealer contacts the rental provider; loaner automobiles are a completely separate matter. A loaner automobile is one that the dealer gives you off the lot; it could be one from the regular used car lot or a dealer-owned demo car that they keep so that customers can use it when necessary.

Will Nissan lend me a car as a courtesy?

Every time you get your car serviced at a Nissan dealership, you’ll receive free roadside assistance coverage in the event of a breakdown or accident. We’ll arrange transportation for you while your car is being serviced, from giving you a courtesy car to driving you where you need to go.

Is it wise to purchase a loaner automobile from a dealership?

A reasonable cost Loaner cars are less expensive than newer cars because they are used automobiles. Additionally, several automakers may provide factory incentives and 0% financing. As a result, a loaner car might be a terrific choice if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

In a car dealership, what does the term “loaner” mean?

A loaner vehicle is a dealer-owned vehicle that is temporarily removed from dealer inventory for one client alone to use as a courtesy vehicle for a maximum of thirty (30) days within a 366-day period while their vehicle is being serviced by that dealer.

Is a loaner vehicle regarded as new?

Since loaner vehicles are neither new nor used, they are eligible for both new car and used car incentives and programs. A loaner vehicle can be leased just like a brand-new vehicle! Your lease mileage does not include the miles of the vehicle. A loaner automobile is available for a significant discount. Since they can be sold as new, loaner cars even qualify for very low interest rates like 0% financing (where provided). The greatest purchasing freedom and cost reductions are provided by loaner autos.

Why do dealerships loan out new cars?

Popular Models: Loaner cars are chosen to serve a period as loaners are frequently the most well-liked models from the manufacturer’s portfolio, packed with the most coveted technology and features. Loaner cars serve their own purpose as advertisement for the dealership’s new vehicle inventory.

Does Nissan’s warranty extend to rented vehicles?

Response given by. No and yes. Standard manufacturer warranties don’t cover rental cars, but Nissan’s extended warranty requires the firm to pay up to $35 per day for up to five days of car rental. After five days, if your car is still in the shop, you’re on your own.

What renders a Nissan warranty invalid?

Nissan car warranties provide thorough coverage for the majority of the components in your car, shielding you from having to pay for some flaws and repairs out of pocket. The Nissan Limited Warranty, however, is deemed null and void if the car receives a salvage title, and this applies to any other titles that make the car:

  • Junk
  • Scrap
  • Rebuilt
  • Flooded

Nissan warranties can also be nullified under certain conditions and occurrences, such as when a car is transferred within the first six months of purchase or when it is registered outside of its country of origin.

Finally, since all warranties have expiration dates, if you don’t buy extended coverage, you can be responsible for charges that were once covered.

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What does the Nissan Limited warranty cover?

The majority of Nissan automobiles include a Nissan New Vehicle Limited Guarantee, often known as a factory warranty, which covers them for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Basic, Powertrain, Corrosion, Towing, Adjustment, and Refrigerant Recharge Only coverage are all included in the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

If your automobile is in the garage, can you receive a courtesy car?

In the event of an accident, your insurance company may lend you a courtesy vehicle while the damage to your own vehicle is being evaluated. However, if your car is later declared a total loss, you might find that you have to return it.

If your automobile is stolen, not all insurance companies will provide you with a rental vehicle (although some will ). If your coverage doesn’t cover it, you may either add a replacement car extension to your policy or check into getting hire car insurance. If your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will still have access to a rental car.

Nissan’s warranty lasts for how long?

An almost universal 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty and a 5-year limited powertrain warranty are included with every Nissan, including yours. Nissan also provides optional extended warranties for added protection.

If my automobile is recalled, should I get a courtesy vehicle?

The letter ought to include instructions on how to proceed and a contact number you may use to schedule an appointment and have your car serviced.

In most cases, you’ll be instructed to bring your vehicle to the nearby dealer, and you shouldn’t be charged to have the problem rectified. If the work is anticipated to take a while, a courtesy car should be offered to you.

There’s no need to worry that your automobile will break down abruptly if you don’t take it in for repair right away because many recalls are simply preventative measures in anticipation of a problem that might emerge.

However, if you have gotten a recall letter in the mail, it’s still crucial to get the fix done as quickly as possible.

Will a courtesy car be covered by my insurance?

If you have named drivers, you should insure them as well because most insurance companies will automatically cover anyone who is covered by your insurance to drive a courtesy car. However, keep in mind that you could need to pay for the courtesy car individually if it isn’t covered by your insurance.

What papers do I need to get a loaner car?

  • the name of the client,
  • the birthdate,
  • permanent address, as well as, if different, the address at the time of hire.
  • complete information on their driver’s license

Is a courtesy car included in Comprehensive?

If the other motorist was at fault in an accident, you may be able to make a claim on their auto insurance for a loaner vehicle. It can depend on your coverage if you were at fault.

While a courtesy car is typically included in comprehensive auto insurance coverage, this isn’t always the case. You’re less likely to obtain one if you have third-party, fire, and theft car insurance.

However, it might be feasible to add a courtesy car to the insurance for an additional fee. Always thoroughly read the terms and conditions to make sure you are aware of what is being given.

Additionally, some insurers may need you to take your own vehicle to one of their preferred garages for repairs in order to receive your courtesy vehicle.

Do you have to pay for the courtesy car’s insurance?

The garage or business providing your courtesy car may require an additional payment for insurance; however, they may also offer insurance at no cost to you. Additionally, you might be covered by your own auto insurance or be able to obtain coverage for a nominal surcharge.

Therefore, you should get in touch with your courtesy car supplier for more information if you have any questions about the courtesy car’s insurance status.

What transpires if a loaner vehicle is damaged?

In general, if you cause damage to someone else’s car (or other property) and it was your fault, you are responsible for paying for the repairs. But if you and the owner of the damaged courtesy car cannot agree on fault, you can file a claim with the Disputes Tribunal to have the matter resolved.