Will Nissan Bring Back The Juke?

Nissan offered a compact crossover called the Juke from 2011 until 2017. Despite the Juke’s divisive appearance, which was frequently derided, we appreciated it for its sporty driving abilities, optional Nismo variant, manual transmission, and selection of turbocharged engines. Sadly, the Juke was discontinued in the US market back in 2018 and replaced with the less costly (and less powerful) Kicks.

The Juke has returned for a second generation as a 2020 model with an entirely new engine and different gearbox options, following multiple spy images and renderings. We simply have one question for Nissan: Why can’t we buy the new Juke in the United States? The finished product looks terrific.

The 2020 Juke has been introduced in five European cities; a US debut is not in the works. A smaller, 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine with turbocharging now provides power, with 117 horsepower being sent to the front wheels as standard or all four as an option. There won’t be a continuously variable transmission like you’d find in most Nissan vehicles; instead, buyers will have an option between a six-speed manual and a new seven-speed dual-clutch.

The details just keep getting better under the skin, and this crossover is starting to take shape. Nissan has increased the length, height, and width of the new Juke while also making it lighter than the previous generation. Extra passenger space is now available inside, and the trunk has 20% more space for storage. Nissan has also improved the external aesthetic, and in our opinion, the new model has a much more appealing appearance.

Nissan has upgraded the fit and finish within the cabin with new quality materials and a variety of interior, exterior, and roof color options. Along with other safety features like Intelligent Lane Intervention, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Intervention, and Emergency Braking with Pedestrian and Cyclist Recognition, the Juke now has Nissan’s ProPILOT technology. A Bose Personal Plus audio system with eight speakers that is connected to an infotainment system that is compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto is an additional perk for drivers.

Nissan’s UK plant in Sunderland will construct the 2020 Juke, and deliveries are scheduled to start in November. Although these prices are not exactly representative of what it would cost in the US, they range from PS17,395 (about $21,000) to PS25,395 (around $30,700). Nissan has no intentions to bring the Juke back to the US, as we previously mentioned, which is unfortunate given this new model appears to be far more appealing than many of the company’s US options.


Correct. Nissan didn’t hybridize the Juke until 2022, but it has a bold goal for 75% of the cars it sells across its whole lineup to be electrified by 2023. So, you’d better hope this one is a success.

The Renault Clio E-Tech in the Alliance shares a system with the Juke Hybrid. This means that a 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine with 93 horsepower and a 48-horsepower electric motor, both of which were produced by Nissan, work together to provide 141 horsepower. However, it’s not quite as straightforward as a typical hybrid setup because Renault used F1 technology when creating this system, providing Nissan with a tiny high-voltage starter generator electric motor and an incredibly complicated clutchless dog-type gearbox with four gears for the internal combustion engine and two for the larger electric motor. breathe too. Since there is no clutch, the smaller electric motor supplied by Renault regulates the flywheel speed to produce seamless changes.

According to Nissan, the hybrid system provides 20% higher fuel efficiency and 25% more power. If you look closely enough, you’ll be able to distinguish it from the 3cyl gasoline as well. Updated 19-inch aero spec wheels, new hybrid badging, and a modified grille with narrower holes and a black strip across its snout that’s meant to resemble the Ariya EV are all there.

Review of the Nissan Juke, USA, interior, release date, and cost

Since the second version of Nissan’s smallest crossover has been on the market for some time, we can state that it has received favorable reviews. The new model is larger, more handsome, more useful, and better furnished than the original. But since there is a lot of competition in this market, many people think that the 2022 Nissan Juke might include a few upgrades. The authorities are currently keeping quiet, but our sources make assumptions about the new engine choice in the offer.

We have little doubt that the general design will stay the same, despite the prospect of a new engine and other changes. Therefore, you may rely on well-known design elements, which have a lot to offer. This model’s aesthetics and the upscale-looking interior are two things we admire about it. Additionally, there is a long list of standard and optional equipment, and the infotainment system is vastly improved over the previous model.

Despite the prospective innovations, we don’t think the 2022 Nissan Juke will come any sooner than usual, thus it should appear in dealerships in the last quarter of 2021.

Nissan Juke Has Become Cooler

In order to create room for alternative compact SUV choices like the Nissan Kicks and Nissan Rogue, the Nissan Juke was discontinued.

These vehicles, however, are less potent, sportier, and all around less enjoyable to drive. The Nissan Juke may have been too bizarre in its earlier iterations, but these days it has a fresh appearance and modernized features that let us forget about its troubled history.

Is Nissan getting rid of the Juke?

The 1.6-liter turbocharged MR16DDT petrol engine was initially offered in three trim levels: S, SV, and SL. The standard engine is capable of producing 177 lbft (240 Nm) of torque at 2,000 rpm and 188 horsepower (140 kW) at 5,600 rpm. The I-CON display is not included on the base S model, which was only offered with a CVT. I-CON, a 6-speed manual transmission option, and a sunroof are added in the SV variant. Leather seats, USB connectivity, and a rear-view camera are added in the SL model. All grades had all-wheel drive with torque vectoring as an option, however manual transmissions cannot be combined with it.

Will there be a Nissan Juke in 2021?

The rear seats of the Nissan Juke fold flat in 2021. Without folding the back seats, it offers a 422 liter capacity for luggage. Folding the back seats increases the Nissan Juke’s cargo capacity to 1305 liters.

What vehicle will succeed the Nissan Juke?

Nissan Juke is replaced by the Nissan Kicks. But even though we truly like the Nissan Juke while it was available here, it was just replaced by the Nissan Kicks, a thrilling new SUV alternative from Nissan.

Is a Nissan Juke planned for 2022?

Prices for the Nissan JUKE 2022 start at $27,990 for the entry-level SUV Juke ST and go up to $36,490 for the top-of-the-line SUV Juke TI (energy Orange). There is Premium Unleaded Petrol available for the Nissan JUKE 2022.

When did the Nissan Juke’s new design debut?

When it was introduced in 2010, the Nissan Juke’s original design was unlike anything else on the road. It had an intriguing split headlamp design, with the headlights under the grille and the indicators situated on top of the front wings. At the back, the boomerang-shaped taillights and wide wheel arches gave the car a boxy appearance. In 2014, a facelift added new light cluster designs and a reworked rear bumper.

The new model’s style is obviously influenced by its forerunner, but it has a more certain appearance thanks to wider grille, slimmer LED daytime running lights, and sharper metal creases. While the rear end receives sharp new brake lights akin to those on the Nissan Micra, the new grille aligns the Juke with the larger Nissan Qashqai. Rear seat space is improved by a higher roofline. Since then, vehicles with comparable design elements to the Nissan’s multi-level lighting arrangement have emerged, including the Citroen C3 Aircross, Hyundai Kona, and Skoda Kamiq.

How safe is the Nissan Juke?

According to independent crash tests conducted by Euro NCAP, the Nissan Juke is extremely safe in an accident. It received five stars and received remarkable ratings of 94% for adult occupant protection and 85% for kid occupant protection.

Autonomous emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance are both standard safety features, although Nissan also provides safety packs as an option for cheaper grades. A Safety Shield Pack that adds a 360-degree camera view, adaptive cruise control, driver tiredness warnings, blind-spot intervention, and rear cross traffic alerts is also included in this for about PS1,000. For PS1,300, a semi-autonomous ProPilot Pack is also available (which contains the aforementioned functions) that can help with steering, acceleration, and stopping on highways.

Is the juke making a comeback in America?

The Nissan Juke, which will debut in 2022, has quickly emerged as the subject of choice for conversation among car aficionados. The next Nissan SUV to go on sale is the topic of much talk in the automotive community.

What is the Nissan Juke’s main issue?

The CVT gearbox used in the 1.6-liter petrol vehicles is the main problem; it has a terrible reliability record, in part because repairs are frequently impossible and the entire gearbox must be replaced as a result. In some circumstances, Nissan has helped with the cost.

Is the Nissan Juke engine reliable?

One gasoline option is offered for the Nissan Juke, which presently accounts for the majority of sales. Fortunately, the 1.0-litre DIG-T is a respectable engine and would probably be the most popular even if additional options were available. It is compact and turbocharged, feels contemporary, and provides a nice balance of performance and affordable operating expenses. Although it takes 10.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph, it feels more than adequate for the Juke in practice. There is a fuel-saving driving mode called Eco that has a noticeable impact on the car’s performance.

Where is the Nissan Juke manufactured?

  • Sunderland employees received more than 5,000 hours of training to produce the new car.

“The new Juke is conceived, constructed, and produced in the UK for European consumers, representing a further PS100 million investment in our Sunderland facility.

This cutting-edge driver aid technology offers electrically assisted steering, acceleration, and braking to help you feel secure on the road and is designed for highway use in single-lane traffic.

The Juke has also been updated on the inside, with a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder DIG-T turbocharged petrol engine producing 117 PS and offering drivers increased performance and fuel efficiency for a smoother and more intelligent drive.

Soon, one million of our Juke enthusiasts in Europe will be able to see it on the roads. Juke has a long history at our plant, so seeing the new model come off the assembly line makes us happy. Our professional production team will now deliver the car to the high quality that our consumers have come to anticipate after our design and engineering teams did an excellent job.

How much does a Nissan Juke 2021 cost?

Nissan Juke Price and Specs for 2021 The SUV Juke ST+, which is the entry-level trim level, costs $26,888, while the SUV Juke ST-L, which is the top of the line, costs $39,999.

Will a new Juke Nismo be released?

A modified suspension setup with new springs, shock absorbers, and damping rates will be installed. The car will be 20mm lower than the Juke Nismo standard.

Front-wheel drive with a manual transmission will be available on the more powerful Juke Nismo, while CVT-equipped vehicles will be the only ones to have four-wheel drive.

The positioning of the two Nismo variants, according to Nissan, is comparable to that of the Mini Countryman Cooper S in relation to its JCW brothers. By the end of the year, the new vehicle is anticipated to be for sale.

With a more extreme version of the Nissan 370Z, the Nissan 370Z Nismo, which also offers more power, a modified chassis setup, and particular body modifications, the Nismo range will continue to grow.