Why Nissan Xterra Discontinued?

The Xterra enjoyed a successful run between 1999 and 2015 before being retired as a result of weak sales, low fuel efficiency, and the necessity for expensive safety and emissions system updates.

Nissan is once again urged to bring the Xterra SUV back.

  • According to Automotive News, dealers are pleading with Nissan to bring back the Xterra since consumers are snapping up all the new off-road-oriented cars.
  • After a makeover in 2005, the Xterra’s sales began to decline significantly, and it was terminated in 2015.
  • A tough SUV with all-terrain tires, skid plates, and a rear locking differential was the Xterra, especially the Pro-4X model.

Fans of the tough off-roader have been clamoring for the Nissan Xterra to come back ever since it ceased manufacturing in 2015. Nissan’s North American vice president hinted that the Xterra would return in 2017, giving those supporters some cause for optimism. As buyers demand capable, adventure-focused models, Nissan dealers, according to Automotive News, are now pleading with the manufacturer to bring back the tiny body-on-frame SUV.

These complaints come at a time when other automakers are bringing back classic SUV nameplates for tough new models. Even many crossovers have gotten in on the off-road craze, as Ford recently brought back the Bronco and Land Rover recently brought back the Defender. For instance, the Kia Sorento now provides an X-Line aesthetic option, while the Toyota RAV4 now has a TRD Off-Road specification.

Following the launch of the Xterra’s second generation in 2005, sales in the United States gradually decreased. In its final model year, 2015, the Xterra sold 10,672 units overall, whereas the Jeep Wrangler, one of the most well-liked cars in this market, sold 202,702 units. Ford said that as of October 2020, it has received 190,000 reservations for the new Ford Bronco, which hasn’t yet been put on sale. J.D. Power predicted that in 2020, sales of new vehicles would account for 79 percent of SUVs and trucks.

The Nissan X-Terra is a contemporary global vehicle that only shares the name with the Xterra that was discontinued. It is based on the Frontier pickup’s international model, the Navara. We believe the Nissan Xterra would continue to be based on the Frontier in the US if it were to return to the market there. After receiving a new powertrain for the 2020 model year, the U.S. Frontier is scheduled to undergo a facelift in 2022.

An off-road variant called Pro-4X, which is now available on the Frontier and Titan pickup trucks, would probably be offered on this fictitious new Xterra as well. Previously, this model included all-terrain tires, Bilstein shocks, a locking rear differential, and skid plates as standard equipment. All Xterras were equipped as standard with a bulky-looking roof rack, a roof storage area, and a plastic-lined cargo area.

However, it is expensive to launch new automobiles, thus Nissan might not be able to do so. The brand’s sales declined 10.6% globally in 2019 and 33.2 percent in the United States in 2020. (global sales for 2020 are not yet available). Nissan forecasted losses of more than $6 billion for the fiscal year 2019, and a similar outcome for the fiscal year 2020.

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concerns with emissions and safety

The Nissan Xterra appeared dated and had less engine power than other rivals because it had been 10 years since its last design. In addition, it was too old to comply with rules. To continue into new model years without a redesign, costly safety and emissions equipment updates would have been necessary.

Additionally, the Xterra’s fuel efficiency was subpar at a time when petrol costs were high. The two-wheel-drive variant received 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway for the 2015 model year (18 mpg combined). Even worse, the four-wheel-drive model only achieved 15 city mileage and 20 highway mpg (17 mpg combined). The 2015 Jeep Wrangler, though, had quite comparable fuel efficiency.

It would be fantastic if the new Frontier served as the basis for a modern Xterra SUV.

Off-road SUVs are currently somewhat popular. In other words, the incoming Ford Bronco will provide the Jeep Wrangler with some direct competition for the first time in years, and automakers are scrambling to add capability to crossovers and SUVs of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. However, there are certain gaps in the field of play: Both Nissan’s rugged Xterra 4×4 and Toyota’s retro-inspired FJ Cruiser were discontinued long ago. And even though Nissan recently debuted a totally updated Frontier truck, the same pickup that shared parts with the previous Xterra, neither Japanese SUV is now due for a comeback. That caused us to reflect.

What might the new Nissan Xterra look like if it were unveiled right now? In order to create a rendering of the Nissan Xterra that does not now exist and most likely never will, we turned to our wizard of speculative art, Abimilec Arellano.

Whoa, why? Nissan has stated that it won’t be producing a new Xterra, at least not anytime soon, despite widespread speculations to the contrary. A new Xterra would be a great addition to the market given how obsessed consumers are with 4x4s right now. It’s understandable that the automaker might not have the time or resources to pick up the Xterra mantle six years after the SUV was discontinued in 2015. This is because the automaker has a large new-model push that includes the new Frontier as well as the recently redesigned 2022 Pathfinder three-row SUV, updated Armada SUV, refreshed Kicks, all-new Rogue crossover, and a new Z sports car.

The Xterra is still envisioned as a four-door, two-row SUV. We believe a new Xterra would use a scaled-down version of the Frontier midsize pickup’s frame in order to maintain the original’s off-road prowess and credibility. Low-cost models might come standard with rear-wheel drive, but the majority would be built with four-wheel drive and available low-range gearing.

The 4.0-liter V-6 engine was the only option for the previous-generation Xterra when it went out of production, an outdated lump of an engine that was nevertheless used in the Frontier for many years. If the Xterra were to reappear today, it would take on the 2022 Frontier’s new 3.8-liter V-6 engine and nine-speed automated transmission with 310 horsepower.

We’ve outfitted our fictitious Xterra in the same Pro-4X styling as the 2022 Frontier because a Pro-4X ultimate-off-road trim would be a given. Nissan now has all it needs to reintroduce the SUV to service after the inside upgrades to the Frontier have been added. We’d be happy to see a new Xterra, if only to offer some price competition to the ever-expensive Jeep Wrangler and the eagerly anticipated new Ford Bronco, which is expected to be sold out for years.

Years of the Nissan Xterra are not all made same.

To help you find the perfect balance of affordability AND dependability, CoPilot Compare breaks down the price and feature variations between Nissan Xterra model years.

Are you searching for a tough SUV with top-notch performance features? The Nissan Xterra is a fantastic SUV known for its exceptional off-roading abilities and reliable construction. Nissan, to everyone’s dismay, ceased production of the Xterra series in 2015.

Reliability is essential while looking for a used Nissan Xterra because you can’t buy a brand-new Xterra any longer.

Sincere to say, the Nissan Xterra is an effective off-road SUV in general. Nissan had worked out its manufacturing problems by the time it was retired in 2015, so that was a good thing. Like any automotive models, certain model years are less dependable than others.

Today, we have determined which Nissan Xterra model years are the safest to buy secondhand and which ones should be avoided.

Nissan replaced the Xterra with what?

Successor. After Nissan pulled the Xterra from the American market in 2015, it started developing an SUV based on the D23 Navara. Early in 2018, the SUV made its debut in Asia under the name Terra, and the facelifted model debuted in the Middle East in late 2020 as the “X-Terra.”

Which issues does the Nissan Xterra have?

Your automobile may experience a variety of issues as a result of radiator leaks, including overheating and engine damage. Among the most prevalent problems are:

erroneous gasoline readings:

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Other component damage:

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Nissan xterras cost a lot to repair, right?

Maintaining a Nissan Xterra is not expensive. These SUVs are less expensive to maintain than many of their rivals, with an average yearly maintenance and repair cost of $514.

The cost of the repair is less than the average annual maintenance and repair expense of $652 for all vehicle models and $521 for all small SUVs.

According to RepairPal, the Nissan Xterra visits the shop uninvited on average 0.3 times a year, with 14% of these visits requiring a major repair or serious maintenance.

The Nissan Xterra is not only inexpensive to maintain, but also not prone to frequent problems, as compared to the 0.4 times for the yearly unscheduled visit for all vehicle models.

According to statistics from RepairPal, the following are examples of the Nissan Xterra’s typical repairs and their associated price ranges:

  • Inspection of a leak in an air conditioning system: $53–$67
  • $26–$33 for battery cable battery terminal end service
  • $70-$89 for a suspension system inspection
  • Replacement of a battery: $167–$174
  • Replacement of the Check Valve in the Brake Power Booster Unit: $33–$40

Are Nissan xterra repairs expensive?

With a reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5, the Nissan Xterra is ranked 18th out of 26 compact SUVs. It has lower ownership costs than the national average due to the $514 average annual repair cost. When compared to all other vehicles, the frequency and severity of repairs are both about average.