Why Is The Nissan Silvia Illegal?

A few weeks ago, an Ocean Springs man admitted to importing a Nissan Silvia into the country. He might receive a 20-year prison term and a $250,000 fine as his maximum punishment.

For a car that can be acquired online for less $20,000, it sounds exorbitant (Australian). a few things to think about

What is a Nissan Silvia? The Nissan Silvia range of sports vehicles from the Japanese automaker all have a similar chassis. The closest thing to a Silvia in the US is the Nissan 240sx.

Why this automobile is so unique: Its aerodynamic frame, chrome accents, and turbocharged engine are distinctive. In other words, it moves quickly. Their hoods slope downward, and they have low platforms and rounded upper bodies. The Nissan Silvia S15 has a sleek front appearance with an integrated grill and a low front bumper. One website claims that the combination of lower fog lights and the wide headlights, which slope inward from the sides, gives the driver excellent visibility in poor lighting.

Because it did not adhere to federal safety and environmental regulations and featured a right-hand steering column, like cars in England, this particular vehicle was deemed unlawful in the United States. However, some Silvia vehicles have been registered in the US after being modified to comply with US laws.

First off, only the accused (Kendall Noble) is authorized to explain why he took the risk of transporting the car to the United States. But the Nissan Silvia S15 is popular among auto fans because it excels in local drag racing (street classification), drifting events, and street racing. The S15 has won seven D1 Grand Prix titles in drifting with five different drivers (Nobuteru Taniguchi:2001; Ryuji Miki:2004; Yasuyuki Kazama:2005; Masato Kawabata:2007; Youichi Imamura:2009,2010,2011)

Why Should the Nissan Silvia S15 Still Be Prohibited in the US?

Currently, the Nissan Silvia S15 is prohibited from being driven on American roads. Good.

The stated justification for the S15’s exclusion on American roads is our 25-year import law, which prohibits any vehicle that was not first offered for sale in the country and is under 25 years old. The Nissan Silvia is only 16 years old at its oldest and has never been sold in the US, thus it does not meet our safety and emissions rules. Because of this, a man who recently imported one risked 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Safety is the unofficial justification for keeping the S15 from American drivers. protection from lingering horror

Just imagine what would occur if S15s were made legal in the US. That would be insane.

Everywhere, all the time, people would be drifting, including down your street, on their way to school, into school buses carrying students, and into the orphanage down the street staffed by blind nuns. Rival driving gangs would engage in Drift Wars on the public roadways, drifting aggressively and dangerously like in the Fast and the Furious movie but constantly and everywhere.

We appreciate the US government saving us from the Driftpocalypse. May the S15 never be permitted in this wonderful nation.

Silvia deserved to be shared with the entire world as such a renowned automobile. Unfortunately, despite its excellent qualities, it cannot be distributed due to legal restrictions. Despite being nearly 16 years old, the Silvia S15 has never been sold in the US. This is so because there are a few laws in the US that apply to cars from other countries.

the following laws

  • Any vehicle that was not manufactured and sold in the US is prohibited.
  • Foreign vehicles that are under 25 years old are prohibited.

These laws have a maximum 20-year prison sentence as a punishment. Pretty severe, but safety always comes first. These restrictions were implemented as a result of a period of time during which foreign cars were being utilized to drift throughout the nation. When so many people started becoming entangled in it, it started to pose a safety risk. Therefore, even though the US restrictions on imported vehicles are the legal justification for the Silvia’s ban, the actual reason is because of probable safety hazards.

When am I able to buy a Nissan S15 legally?

In theory, you may already purchase one. It is entirely lawful to purchase an S15 and store it outside of the country until you can bring it to the U.S. because the prohibition only pertains to auto imports. You all need to wait until January 2024 before you may drive your car.

The precise year of your particular car is another factor that must be taken into account. In 2024, there will only be 1999 models available. Is your S15 from 2000 or a later year? You still have some time to wait. A

In showroom shape Typically, Nissan S15s cost around $20,000. If the price seems reasonable to you, beware of additional expenses! Due to the many modifications that are available for regular automobiles, the cost of many cars varies. Additionally, you all must pay the necessary import fees. A

A Key Learning S15 imports are prohibited until at least January 2024. You risk penalties or jail time if you try to bring one in before the ban is removed. A

Is the S15 permitted in America?

I’ve read online that the Nissan S15 is prohibited in the US, but I’m not sure why. Though I keep thinking about it, I feel like it might have been clickbait or something.

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In the US, the Nissan S15 is illegal to drive. The 25-year import restriction is the cause of the S15’s prohibition. These regulations forbid any foreign vehicles that:

  • weren’t sold in the US at first.
  • are younger than 25 years of age.

The car also lacks a few features that are required by US regulations. These consist of:

  • The caras emissions do not satisfy US requirements.
  • Caras safety features don’t adhere to US requirements.
  • Like in the UK, the steering column is on the right-hand side.

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Man Who Imported Nissan Silvia Illegally Faces 20 Years in Prison and $250k Fine

A Mississippi man who brought a Nissan Silvia into the country illegally faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 maximum fine.

The NHTSA safety criteria must be met before a car may be imported, or it must be older than 25 years, according to federal regulations. The S15 Nissan Silvia in question was produced from 1999 to 2002, and because they were never marketed in the United States, they cannot be lawfully imported until 2024. Only Japan, Australia, and New Zealand offered the S15 for sale.

Why did he want this particular car so bad? This sports coupe was offered with a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine that produced 250 horsepower with rear-wheel drive, despite the source not mentioning the specific specification. The restricted slip differential and six-speed transmission of the Spec-R made it ideal for drifting. If he wasn’t obtaining the best car available, he probably wouldn’t have gone through so much difficulty to import a car illegally, but who knows.

The existing 25-year federal regulations are a major barrier for American auto aficionados, especially for individuals who adore the fantastic, reasonably priced sports cars that Japanese automakers produced in the 1990s and don’t want to wait until the 2020s to own one. In order to petition the government, a Californian company really crash tested a few Nissan Skylines in 1999. The government granted the corporation permission to import the cars until 2005.

Why Are Certain S15 Year Models Prohibited?

In particular, the Silvia S15 has been ruled illegal since it doesn’t adhere to government safety and pollution standards. Additionally, one of the drawbacks that hinder it from finding customers in the US is the design’s right-hand steering column, which is identical to cars in the UK.

The 25-Year Rule currently prohibits the importation of Silvia S15 into the United States, which is another significant factor. Additionally, any car that is 24 years old or younger cannot be imported into the US. This enables auto enthusiasts to preserve their current collection of vintage vehicles and import more if they so choose. 25 years was too long to wait to satisfy vehicle aficionados as tastes changed.

Nissan stopped Silvia, but why?

When so many people started becoming entangled in it, it started to pose a safety risk. Because of potential safety issues, the Silvia is prohibited even though the stated justification is that it violates American restrictions on imported vehicles.

Can a Silvia be driven in the US?

Japanese sports car with a cult following: Nissan Silvia 15. It is adored by both automobile lovers and racers and is well-known throughout the world for its svelte form and simple handling. A

Americans who want to purchase an S15, however, are out of luck. The cars are currently forbidden to import or own in the United States. Anyone who attempts to import one will face severe consequences, including imprisonment. A

What makes the GTR Skyline prohibited?

One of Nissan’s masterpieces is the Skyline GT-R. We shouldn’t be shocked that it has developed a cult following all over the world given its unparalleled power, handling, and design. The Skyline GT-R is regarded as one of the all-time greatest drifting vehicles and has won numerous awards.

Unfortunately, the Skyline GT-R cannot be fully appreciated in the American market. For the following reasons, the car is not certified for sale in the US:

  • It’s a luxury car on the gray market with features that violate US safety and emissions regulations.
  • All of the vehicles are right-hand drive. None are made to US standards.
  • Although Skyline GT-R spare parts are unavailable in the US, you might look into the brand-new NISMO Heritage Parts program. As of December 1, 2017, some new GT-R parts are being marketed in Japan.
  • It is faster than US police cars due to its speed.

Having said that, bringing a Skyline GT-R into the US is not absolutely difficult. (See the poster we created to celebrate the GT-R.)

Why is R34 prohibited?

In summary, the Nissan Skyline GT-R is prohibited from being imported into the US since it does not adhere to the 1988 Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act. The Skyline was not designed with the necessary safety elements to abide by the applicable traffic safety regulations.

A vehicle is exempt from these rules once it reaches the age of 25, at which point it is allowed to be imported and used on American roads.

With California being likely the most noteworthy exception in terms of particular states where you would have difficulties importing due to tougher emissions control legislation, this means that vehicles like the R32 GTR (the original “Godzilla”) can be imported into the USA.

By 2024, you should be able to start importing the R34 GTR. The oldest versions of the R33 GTR are also starting to become legal for import and compliance (provided there are no additional changes to legislation by then, or further tightening of emissions and environmental rules which is always a risk in the current climate).

To be on the safe side, there are no laws that prevent you from importing a Nissan Skyline as a “show piece” that isn’t allowed to be driven on the road but instead sits in your garage. However, we have heard stories of people looking to buy and store Nissan Skylines with a view to registering and complying them once they turn 25 years old in the hopes of increasing value. While it is likely not a bad idea, there is always a chance that the government could modify import regulations, leaving you with a depreciating burden rather than an asset that depreciates over time. Although it’s unlikely, it’s nevertheless important to remark.

We would be interested in hearing from you if you are aware of any other legitimate ways to buy a Skyline GTR in the United States. Please comment down below!