Why Is My Cruise Control Light Flashing Nissan?

Yesterday on the way home from work, something strange occurred. When I tried to turn on the cruise control while driving home in my Nissan Murano, it just kept blinking. Why is the cruise control light on my Nissan flashing?

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If the cruise control light on your Nissan is flashing, there is a problem and you should take your car to the technician to get it checked out.

Your vehicle’s cruise control system may have entered fail-safe mode if the cruise control light is blinking or flashing. That indicates a malfunction, which can make using cruise control dangerous. The system might even be turned off.

The following list of factors could be to blame for a Nissan’s cruise control light blinking:

  • faulty cruise control system
  • high temperature of the coolant
  • issues with the engine or transmission
  • brake light issue

Basically, a blinking cruise control light indicates that there is a problem that has to be looked into that is occurring in the background.

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Re: The “Set” indicator on my cruise control is flashing.

The manual states the following. When you turn on the cruise, I would check the coolant level and make sure you are not unintentionally pressing any other buttons.

. The cruise control system will immediately shut off if it has a problem. The SET indication will then flash to alert the driver on the vehicle information display.

The cruise control system will automatically shut off if the engine coolant temperature rises too much.

Turn off the main switch for the cruise control if the SET indicator on the vehicle information display blinks, and have a NISSAN dealer examine the system.

When the cruise control main switch is turned ON while pressing the ACCEL/RES, COAST/SET, or CANCEL switch, the SET indicator on the vehicle information display may flicker. Follow these steps to set the cruise control system correctly.


The diagnosis of this issue is extremely challenging. I acted in accordance with the troubleshooting charts’ recommendation to replace the ASCD control unit. Guess what, it still wasn’t fixed. The voltage to terminal 5 was lower than battery voltage, I discovered after spending a lot of time examining each input to the ASCD control unit. The ASCD cancel switch, which is situated in front of the bake pedal, feeds this voltage to terminal 5 of the device. A resistance testing revealed a high resistance contact with very erratic resistance readings between 7 and 20 ohms. It now works perfectly once I updated the cancel switch!

The brake pedal assembly must be removed or at least unbolted in order to access the switch, which is a difficulty but is not too bad once you grasp what needs to be done.

Most cruise light flashers, in my opinion, are caused by faulty ASCD cancel switches.


To test if there is an issue with the cancel switch on the pedal mechanism, try repeatedly pushing the brake pedal. Perhaps check the area under the dash where the switch is located to see if there are any unusual things.

Sometimes the switches on the steering wheel will not work. Turn the wheel back and forth a few times while activating them a few times.


This is from Alldata; I haven’t tampered with one. It appears that you need a scan tool to look for any cruise issue codes.

The ECM will stop the cruise function and alert the driver by blinking an indicator lamp if it detects any of the following conditions.

  • The CRUISE lights may blink slowly if the engine coolant temperature is somewhat greater than the standard operating temperature. The CRUISE lamp will cease blinking when the engine coolant temperature drops to the normal operating level, and you can start or stop the cruise by pressing the SET/COAST or RESUME/ACCELERATE switches.
  • For some self-diagnostics of ASCD control malfunction, the SET lamp will blink quickly.


Verify the speed sensor plug at the output/back of the gearbox. Remove, give it a quick blast with some contact cleaner, then replace. The ECU will utilize a wheel sensor as a speed reference and the speedo will continue to function but the cruise control won’t if that sensor or the signal from it fails. Although there are a few additional things to look for, start with the simple one.

Why is the Subaru Liberty’s cruise control indicator flashing?

When the cruise control light on a Subaru automobile flashes, there may be a number of mechanical problems with the car, including damage to the engine from misfires, a loose gas cap, or a broken speed sensor.

The instrument panel on the dashboard of the car houses the cruise control light. The cruise control system is properly configured but not turned on when the cruise control light is white. The cruise control light becomes green when it is engaged.

Why is the Subaru Forester’s cruise control indicator flashing?

My Subaru Forester’s cruise control light has recently started flashing. Additionally, the cruise control appears to be completely inoperative. The flashing cruise control light: why?

Please accept my sincere apologies for your broken cruise control and flashing light. Although sad, this kind of event happens frequently in Subarus. Your Subaru Forester’s cruise control has likely been automatically disabled, which is why the cruise control light is blinking. The failure of one of the electrical systems connected to the cruise control will most frequently cause this to occur.

In essence, the cruise control feature will be disabled if there is a breakdown in any one of your Subaru Forester’s systems that could jeopardize its safe operation. You all note that the dynamic stability control and check engine lights have also turned on.

Unfortunately, doing a diagnostic test is the only way to be certain. You can always have a mechanic check the code if you don’t have an OBDII or don’t want to acquire one. To get whatever the fundamental issue is fixed, you all must go to one.

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Why is the cruise control light on my Subaru WRX blinking?

The cruise control in your Subaru has most likely been disabled as a result of a mechanical or electrical issue, which is why the cruise control light is flashing. Because many of your car’s components are interrelated, a problem with one could cause issues with others.

On a Nissan, how do you deactivate cruise control?

I recently purchased a new vehicle, and the following week, I must travel. I want to make sure I have cruise control set before entering the freeway because I have never used it in this car. How do I activate and deactivate the cruise control in a Nissan Altima?

Greetings on your new automobile! Along with learning all the new amenities of your car, getting a new car also means getting car insurance.

Fortunately, using your new cruise control is not too difficult. Push the ON/OFF switch on the steering wheel all the way to the on position to turn it on. After that, accelerate to the desired speed and depress the COAST/SET switch to set your cruising speed.

You have three alternatives for disabling cruise control: depressing the brake pedal, selecting CANCEL, or flipping the ON/OFF switch to the off position.

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Why won’t my cruise control function?

The most frequent causes of cruise control malfunctions are blown fuses or broken brake pedal switches. Problems with the ABS or the throttle control system may also be to blame. In earlier cruise control systems, a broken vacuum line may be to blame.

Why are my traction control light and check engine light on?

When the engine light turns on while you are driving, does your heart begin to race? You are not alone, though. The engine light may be a sign of a serious issue that should not be disregarded until it has been resolved.

As a result, the most frequent causes are a defective traction control system and its malfunction as a result of road conditions if your engine light is flashing and your traction control light is also on.

Usually, there are multiple reasons why you can see more than one warning light on the dashboard of your car.

Here are a few reasons why these lights might be intermittently flashing or staying on, according to your research or the information in your car’s owner’s manual.

As you can see, there are a variety of explanations for why these dashboard indicators illuminate simultaneously in the dashboard, and each of them needs to be looked into.

Additionally, you shouldn’t ignore these warning lights since they turn on for your protection. In fact, before you continue driving, you should have a mechanic diagnose the issue to ensure the safety of any passengers who are already in your car.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that analyzing these problems can be a little more challenging if the engine light and the traction control light are both on at the same time on the dashboard of the car.

This is due to the fact that you will require an explanation for why both lights have turned on. Are these difficulties connected, for instance? Or should these issues be identified and isolated? In either case, before you can resume driving comfortably, you need a repair option that will take care of both lights.

Why does my check engine light flicker before ceasing to do so?

The most common cause of a flashing check engine light is cylinder misfiring. The reason the light flashes rather than being steady is because misfiring should be investigated and fixed right away because it can harm the catalytic converter and necessitate more expensive repairs. Misfiring can have many different reasons, some of which are commonplace like old, worn-out spark plugs. If you order a misfiring diagnostic, a qualified Mechanic will be sent by YourMechanic directly to your location and will take care of this issue for you, no matter what the cause in your particular situation turns out to be. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with YourMechanic again if you have any additional queries or worries; we’re always happy to help.

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Can Nissan disable the intelligent cruise control?

It is wise to maintain adaptive cruise control active to keep you safe because it is a useful safety function. As a result, when you initially activate the cruise control, press and hold the aCruise on/offa button for at least 1.5 seconds if you wish to switch off adaptive cruise control on your Nissan. While overriding the adaptive cruise control feature, this will determine your speed.

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