Why Does The Nissan Cube Have Carpet On The Dash?

You already have distinctive taste in vehicles if you’re considering the Nissan Cube as your next car. However, I’m not even convinced this functionality qualifies as unique. On the dash of the Nissan Cube, there is a spherical piece of shag carpet.

Sure, that’s unique, but it probably has a really good purpose. Nahhhhh. It is simply there. Seriously though, it’s simply there. It appears from an internet search that nobody really knows why this thing exists. And to make matters worse, nobody has really used it.

The dash carpet is intended to store objects like sunglasses and cell phones, a member said calmly on one forum. Finally! a cause for it to exist. But the subsequent back and forth rapidly dashed any hopes that it may be that easy (and useful).

Yes, whether it stores items or not, it still has a silly and unsightly appearance.

On this issue, even the Nissan website is frustrating. There is a picture of the dash carpet among the interior photo photographs. It’s like, no big issue, just throw that photo in there. Moving on, just some 1970s shag on the dash. The words “Dealer installed, also available as part of the Interior Designer kit” are written with an asterisk, though. No help once more.

Why then would Nissan occupy the dash area to place this carpet thing there? We might never find out. I guess they can because they can. The universe’s hows and whys remain a mystery to those of us who genuinely care about them. Maybe it’s as easy as this: If you’re happy with how the Cube is performing, you may actively “lick” the automobile to express your appreciation. Or perhaps you simply need some inspiration from the 1970s for your car’s shag carpet.

A standard feature is dashboard carpet, right?

A little-known oddity about the Nissan Cube was that the dashboard had a shag carpet. Not at all. It did. In fact, the dashboard has a circular depression made just for this pass of fluff.

These carpet circles occasionally appear on eBay, and they never fail to make people laugh in the comments. What kind of lunatic designer thought it was a good idea to place a small area of carpet on the dashboard? Nobody seems to be aware of the purpose of the feature. It cannot hold objects like a cell phone or sunglasses since they just fall off when the car is going.

After some consideration, Linda and I discovered the real reason this carpet exists, but we’ll talk more about that later. We discuss the first artistic endeavor right now. Naturally, I had to design one because the grey and black options that kept appearing online didn’t appeal to me (they simply don’t match the car).

The key to any of these projects is to use salvaged materials to cut costs. There was a big bowl in the house, the right size for the carpet. We emptied the KWartlzab’s drawers till we came across a useful latch hook. All I needed to buy was the rug canvas and yarn.

We needed a pile of yarn after the size was determined. I made a gadget to aid in producing the individual yarn bits in order to be more productive. I initially cut individual lengths of yarn (3″ in length is normal), but after 5 minutes on Tinkercad, I had a simple tool for 3d printing designed. I spent a lot less time wrapping yarn around this thing!

From this point on, grabbing a piece of yarn requires steadily putting the latch hook through a canvas square. The latch hook forms a slip knot when you pull it back and through. About 1000 repetitions will do it

As the carpet is a fascinating component and the apex of the car’s evolution, I’ll write more about it in the future.

Unique design item for die-hard lovers of Cube

It’s a ridiculous novelty item, but if you like the Nissan Cube design, you might want one—even just for laughs. The shag carpet makes sense if jacuzzis were the design inspiration for the Cube. Since the Cube has a cool vibe, at first I believed it was a small homage to 1970s automotive interior design. The shag carpet does aid in keeping things from sliding around on the wide dashboard.

Why do people cover their dash with carpet?

One of the most crucial actions you can do to maintain the appearance and functionality of the inside of your automobile is to install a dashboard cover. A dashboard cover guards against sun damage, which can lighten your vehicle’s appearance and possibly cause the material of your dashboard to crack. Additionally, they can shield previously present UV damage and shield clothing from stains caused by food and alcohol.

The Nissan Cube is based on what?

The Cube is based on the Nissan Micra, which for many years was undoubtedly one of the UK’s most dependable vehicles. Despite its compact exterior, it boasts a very roomy interior and is incredibly comfortable to drive.

The Nissan Cube was retired for what reason?

On November 19, 2008, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the third-generation Cube made its debut. The Cube’s first iteration was the first to be formally exported outside of Japan, especially to markets in Europe and North America. On November 19, 2008, the Cube was made available for purchase in Japan. On May 5, 2009, it was made available for purchase in the United States. [Reference needed]

The rear bumper area, the asymmetrical rear window that wraps around to the passenger side, and the driver and front-passenger windows all have more rounded and curved appearance on the upgraded model. Instead of opening up like a hatch, the tailgate swings open on a side hinge. For markets with right-hand traffic, like North America, the hatch hinge is on the left. It is on the right for markets with left-hand traffic, like Japan and the UK.

The number of seats stays at five. The interior is said to be inspired by the “enveloping curves of a jacuzzi to generate a comfortable and convivial atmosphere,” according to Nissan designers. [Reference needed] A water-ripple motif that emerges in the headlining and is reproduced in little details like the speaker covers and cup holders serves as a design guide. Nissan has created a wide range of Cube accessories to promote customization. These include adjustable color LED accent lighting for the footwell and cup holders, utility hooks and elastic bands in various colors, multicolor appliques that can be placed around air vents and window switches, and a sculptured piece of color-coordinated shag carpet that sits in a shallow well on top of the dash.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance’s front-wheel-drive B platform is used to construct the third-generation Cube, which is powered by a 1.5 L HR engine with 16 valves and 109 PS (80 kW; 108 bhp). It uses a 1.8 L, four-cylinder MR family engine that has 122 horsepower (91 kW) and 127 lb-ft (172 Nm) of torque for use in North America. Europe utilizes

1.5 dCi Diesel and HR 1.6 Petrol. All of them are also utilized in the Tiida/Versa and Nissan Note. A 5- or 6-speed manual transmission or Nissan’s automatic Continuously Variable Transmission are both options, depending on the engine. With its Xtronic CVT transmission, the Cube can achieve 28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km) in the city and 30 mpg-US (7.8 L/100 km) on the highway, averaging 20 km/L (5 L/100 km; 47 mpg-US) on average in Japan. [Reference needed] An electric rear wheel drive motor is included in the e-4WD variant to help the front wheels that are powered by a gasoline engine.

The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami prompted power shortages in Japan, which delayed the 2012 Cube’s debut in the US until January 2012. Nissan did produce a special edition version of the 2012 model, the S Indigo, with a navigation system, rear-view monitor, enhanced audio system, clever key, and upgraded wheels. The 2012 model did not get any mechanical or aesthetic updates. [Reference needed] There were five new paint colors available: Cayenne Red, Bali Blue, Brilliant Silver, and Gun Metallic. [Reference needed] To some trim levels, new equipment features[vague] have been included. The cost of the base model increased by $240. [Reference needed]

Nissan confirmed at the beginning of 2011 that the Z12 Cube would no longer be sold in the UK and the rest of Europe due to its weak sales. Nissan attributed the model’s lack of competitiveness on a low exchange rate.

Due to subpar sales, the Cube was withdrawn from the North American market at the end of the 2014 model year. Up until at least December 2019, production for the Japanese market was still going strong.

Why are there Cube cars?

The Jeep was designed for maximum utility when it was first developed as a military vehicle at the height of World War II. Its cube design contains a metal cage to protect the car’s priceless human cargo in case of rolling.

Are Nissan Cube automobiles good?

Nissan Cubes: Are They Reliable? The Nissan Cube is a fantastic option for a daily driver thanks to its comfortable ride, roomy cabin, reasonable price, and exceptional fuel efficiency.

What is the price of a Nissan Cube?

The base Nissan Cube S with a manual transmission has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price that begins just under $17,500. The CVT automatic raises the cost by $1,000. For about $23,000, you can load up a Cube and have a lot of substance along with your flair.

Does the Nissan Cube use little fuel?

Nissan has been producing Cube versions for six years. The most recent 2014 Cube performs less than average, averaging just 27 combined miles per gallon.

The 2014 Cube’s annual fuel cost is pegged at $1,450 by government regulators. This estimate is based on 15,000 miles of driving, with 55% in cities and 45% on the highway, using normal gas.

Over the course of five years, you spend $0 more than you would on an ordinary automobile.

According to the typical estimate of 15,000 miles driven, the Cube uses roughly 12 barrels of petroleum year. The majority of the world’s petroleum is produced in nations like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States.

The Cube produces about 5,010,000 grams of CO2 annually, or 334 grams per mile. To put this into perspective, 239 plants would be needed to counteract these emissions because a typical tree absorbs roughly 21,000 grams of CO2 each year. There is no start-stop technology in the Cube.

Do dash mats help to keep the car cool?

With dash mats, interior protection is also a crucial consideration. They are designed to cover the dash area of your car to lessen the effects of UV radiation and assist keep the interior of your car cooler on those hot days. Additionally, they restore the aesthetic attractiveness of your interior by covering dashes that have already suffered sun damage.

KarKraft offers a wide variety of dash mats, some of which can be custom-made to fit a variety of automobiles. Oh, and when driving on extremely bright days, they help lessen glare.

What function does a dash cover serve?

Drivers purchase dash coverings as an aftermarket addition to either: 1) safeguard their current dash, or 2) conceal or repair the dash when it is broken.

Does the Cube have decent fuel efficiency?

For instance, the 2014 Cube Wagon 4D SL 4 Cyl. gets a combined gas mileage of 29.0 miles per gallon, whereas the 2010 Cube 4 Cyl. Wagon 4D trim model has a combined gas mileage of 26.5 miles per gallon (8.1 liters per 100 km) (8.9 liters per 100 km).

Depending on the trim and model year, the Nissan Cube’s city fuel economy ranges from 8.4 miles per gallon (8.4 liters per 100 km) to 9.8 miles per gallon (9.8 liters per 100 km) and its highway fuel economy ranges from 29 miles per gallon (7.6 liters per 100 km) to 31 miles per gallon (8.1 liters per 100 km).

For hybrid automobiles, the gas mileage displayed is the miles per gallon equivalent.

Do you know how big the Nissan Cube’s petrol tank is? Click to view our comprehensive Nissan Cube gas tank size information for all years, trim levels, and models.