Why Does Nissan Paint Fade?

When heat and oxygen combine to harm a vehicle’s exterior, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can play a role in the process of automotive paint oxidation. The paint on an automobile starts to fade over time as a result of heat from the sun’s UV radiation. The paint of an automobile warms up when oxygen seeps through it. This makes it possible for the metal underneath the paint of the car to absorb heat, which causes fading.

Nissan uses this 4,000-watt light to ensure that the paint on automobiles won’t fade.

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The sun’s rays can wreak havoc on car paint if you’ve ever seen a red car from the 1990s that lived outside in the Southwest. Automakers spend a lot of time and effort making sure that paint, plastic, and interior trim pieces can withstand UV radiation for as long as possible in order to help prevent that fate. Nissan is testing an extremely bright light that resembles a satellite of the future. Imagine it as a tanning bed for all the components of your new car.

Nissan’s technical facility in Farmington Hills, Michigan, uses the Xenon Weather-Ometer. It consists of a 4,000-watt xenon light bulb that glows continuously throughout the day, without interruption on cloudy or nighttime days, and emits light with the same wavelengths as the sun. This implies that the XWO cuts down testing times by half; for example, if Nissan intended to test paint under real sunshine for a year, the XWO could finish the testing in just six months.

Engineers may test new paints, plastics, and other components for new cars more quickly by loading 100 material samples into the XWO at once. To mimic how the sun moves across a car throughout the day, the samples revolve around the light bulb. Although Nissan engineers continue to test new hues and materials in direct sunshine, the XWO speeds up the process.

Nissan body and chassis testing technician Doug Prytula remarked in a statement that “new technology allows us to generate severe settings in addition to demanding real-world tests.”

Why Vehicle Paint Fades and Solutions

The last thing a new-car owner wants to worry about is faded paint. Unfortunately, the paint on your car might start fading as soon as two years after purchase owing to weather and other reasons. Even though it happens more frequently in places with harsher weather, every vehicle owner should be ready for it. Learn why auto paint ages, how to stop it from aging, and how to restore faded paint in this article.

Nissan paint job dispute: On your side

12. Roletha Alston dialed. When we looked over her 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe, we discovered some noticeable stains and deterioration. The client thinks it’s a manufacturing flaw. Nissan informed her that the problem is under warranty, but her car’s warranty had already run out.

Alston repeatedly called the Attorney General’s Office, the BBB, the neighborhood Nissan, Nissan North America, Inc., and the local Nissan. She received responses, but no outcomes.

She purchased her stylish red car nearly five years ago, and she thinks it took that long for the paint flaw to become apparent.

Alston said, “It looks like glue, but it’s clear coat showing through. It starts from here and travels all the way over here.

Spotty and cloudy sound more like weather phenomena than paint on a just purchased automobile. A few weeks ago, Alston first saw the imperfections.

The bubbles where you can see the tiny paint breaks have probably been there for a month or so.

Because the dealership that sold her the car, Victory Nissan, is no longer in operation, her husband appealed to Sheehy Nissan West Broad for assistance but was turned down.

Alston complained to Nissan customer service, and he was told to visit Sheehy Nissan Mechanicsville for a diagnostic. In the end, she received the same response twice more.

“A few days later, the Nissan representative contacted and informed me that I was no longer covered by the warranty. Oh no, very sad.”

a letter from Nissan North America, Inc. stating that due to the expired warranty, they are “unable to extend financial help.”

Alston obtained repair estimates from four body shops, which strengthened her conviction that her lovely car had poor paint when she first purchased it in 2008.

“When they individually told me the same thing, they weren’t together. It’s a manufacturing error that happened at the factory. The clear coat and the way the car was painted are to blame for that.”

Online, there are a lot of concerns about Nissan paint. Many car owners complain that their clear coat is eroding.

Regarding what seems to be a widespread issue, I made a call to Nissan corporate and wrote emails.

“Further research led us to the conclusion that Nissan should pay for the problem. She won’t have to pay anything to have it fixed.”

“After seeing Diane Walker assist others, I said, “I’m not going to hear back from her.” But when I emailed her and received an immediate response, I was stunned “Alston stated.

Mechanicsville is currently painting Alston’s automobile. Nissan provided her with a car rental to use.

In a week or so, I’ll check in with her. The car ought to be prepared by then, and we’ll keep you updated on the outcome of the paint work. The Attorney General’s Office provided conflict resolution services in the interim.


Firstly, I know that you get what you pay for because I used to work at a body shop. Your windows might return with a shitload of overspray on them if you take advantage of the $299 Maaco offer. Moreover, I promise that the underside will also be painted. Additionally, there is no assurance that the paint won’t start to peel or chip with time. A properly applied coat of paint shouldn’t ever peel. There are other paint stages as well. Examples: Your Nissan likely has a two-stage paint job, with a base coat of paint (which looks quite dull) and a clearcoat applied on top of the base coat. The paint seems shiny because of the clear coat. The paint itself seems shiny in a single stage paint job (stage 1), but it is not nearly as long-lasting as a two stage paint job. Because of this, one stage is typically less expensive. Additionally, a three stage is just a two stage with the addition of a pearl effect as the third stage, making it highly pricey. You should be able to obtain a nice paint job from a respectable shop for about $500 and $600.

No amount of waxing or buffing will stop the clear coat from already pealing off. It will only remove more of it.

Why does the paint on Nissan automobiles fade?

UV rays, or sunlight, are the principal causes of deteriorating automobile paint. airborne chemical contaminants. road salt used for upkeep

Why is my paint constantly fading?

When low-quality paint is combined with harsh weather, direct sunlight, and excessive temperatures, the result is fading paint. The first two are obvious, but how paint is made and mixed also affects how quickly colors fade.

How do you prevent the paint on your automobile from fading?

Maintaining your car’s current paint as much as you can on a daily basis will help you prevent having to spend money and time fixing faded paint.

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind to stop paint from fading:

  • When feasible, park behind cover and away from the sun.
  • You can wash your car yourself or have a professional car wash do it for you on a regular basis. Use a gentle cleaner and soft towels.
  • Wax your automobile to restore the luster and vibrancy of the paint; for maximum results, do this every three to six months.

Which color of automotive paint ages the most quickly?

It turns out that your car’s paint will fade regardless of what color it is, despite all the tales and stories to the contrary. A white or light-colored car will fade just as much, though darker or more vividly colored cars may show fading more obviously.

You have the most control over the process when it comes to avoiding a fading car. You have the ability to maintain the good looks of your car, and we’ll show you how.

Does sunshine affect the paint on cars?

Radiation in the form of gentle UV rays can be found in sunlight. Similar to how overtanning can give humans blisters and sunburns, continuous exposure to the UV rays of the sun can cause car paint to deteriorate. There are two ways that these UV rays harm the paint of cars. Oxidation and Photo-degradation

Can you restore a car with faded paint?

The only other option to restore the shine is to refinish the car if the paint is too worn or damaged for buffing to be effective. This could involve completely repainting the car or merely painting the corroded parts. If this is the case, get in touch with a nearby collision repair facility.

How can faded paint be made brighter?

This brief video actually gives very good instructions on how to finish polishing fading paint to better condition. The general steps are as follows:

  • Get some fresh water to wet your buffing pad.
  • To the saturated pad and the area with the faded paint, apply buffing compound.
  • Start buffing the affected region.
  • Do this procedure at least three times.
  • Clean the worn-out paint surface with fresh water before inspecting it.
  • After the paint seems to be “cured,” give it one last polishing with compound.

How long does paint take to begin fading?

How Much Time Does Paint Take to Fade? When interior paint isn’t exposed to the things that are known to make it fade, its typical lifespan is between seven and ten years.

My automobile will Nissan be repainted?

Dealers will collaborate with an authorized Nissan body shop to perform a single full repaint of the vehicle. Depending on how many months the car is out of the new vehicle limited warranty, the buyer will pay a variable copayment.

Restoring fading paint is possible.

In any event, you need to be aware of a crucial component of this kind of injury.

Paint on cars will start to oxidize (at which point the damage starts accelerating). Your paint will soon be irreversibly damaged!

But the good news is this:

But frequently, the clear coat finish’s state is all that matters. Only up to the degree of clear coat failure is restoration feasible (blotchy white areas).

It’s usually impractical to restore the paint without a clearcoat. If your color coat has already faded away and exposed the primer, you can forget about restoring the damage.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the afflicted panels, or better still the entire car, require a total repainting.

How long is the paint warranty for Nissan?

Nissan offers a basic manufacturer’s warranty to help you out. For the majority of models, this guarantee covers your car for three years or 100,000 kilometers (60,000 miles), whichever comes first. A 3 year paint warranty and a 12 year perforation from corrosion warranty, both with unlimited miles, are then added to further safeguard it.

What appearance does oxidized paint have?

Vehicle paint degrades over time as a result of oxidation, a chemical reaction brought on by heat and oxygen exposure. It is essentially a type of corrosion in which paint dries out as a result of losing its oil content. Although this procedure is gradual, the results could be disastrous.

Paint loses gloss as it oxidizes. The color becomes less vibrant, and the surface of the car starts to seem worn and powdery. Cars with oxidation frequently appear old and worn-out. Oxidation eventually results in the clearcoat deteriorating, which can permanently remove the paint and make the car’s body vulnerable to rust.

The paint is protected, the vehicle’s luster is restored, and oxidation removal can greatly raise a vehicle’s resale value. This may be done in an inexpensive manner with a little bit of time and some simple equipment and materials.