Why Does My Nissan Key Fob Battery Keep Dying?

When our technology malfunctions, it is annoying. Frequently, it is as a result of a dead battery. There are a few typical causes of battery death. For instance, incorrect use or storage might cause a battery to deplete. It might also have simply reached the end of its life! Each battery is unique. Although your key FOB might be dead for this reason, it might also be dead for another cause, in which case you might need to get creative.

Has anyone experienced this issue? (fadij)

Fadij wrote:The key fob battery was dying, so I replaced it after seeing it on my dash the other day. It worked perfectly for a few days, but then it started showing that the key fob was dying once more. Is there something I need to reset or something?

Do you frequently utilize the transmitter (the ikey buttons)? The batter will drain a lot quicker as a result.


After two years, the key fob for my 2016 Murano indicated a low battery and was replaced. When the same low battery alert appeared two months later and my car was being serviced at the dealership, the technician offered to change the battery. He thought perhaps I had a bad battery. Three months later, the low battery notification has returned. My battery has had to be changed twice in the past five months, and it now needs to be replaced once more. Has anyone encountered this issue and found a solution? In other makes and models of cars, the majority of individuals claim that their battery lasts at least three years. Even though my keyfob is still under warranty, I know Nissan will throw a fit if I ask them to replace it.

Check to determine if the spare key’s battery may be replaced to extend its life. If it does, the original key is broken or shorted in some other way. If both of them drain equally quickly, you may want to consider where you are keeping them. Are they in your pockets, bags, or clothing, where other objects may push against the buttons while you are away from the car?

Other Techniques For Car Unlocking

Still concerned about getting stuck somewhere with a broken key fob? Here are a few alternative ways to start your car if your key fob dies:

  • Remotely enter the vehicle. Use the app on your phone to unlock your car if it has one. Most car manufacturers now offer an app, which was formerly mostly reserved for expensive vehicles. You may open the doors from your phone with the FordPass Connect app, myChevrolet mobile app, MyMazda app, and Toyota app, among others. These apps must be configured before your key fob breaks, and some remote services have monthly fees.
  • Draw nearer. Your key fob’s battery might only be low, not dead, if it doesn’t function from the same range as it typically does. If you get closer to your automobile in this situation, it might unlock. Press the unlock button on your key fob while placing it directly against the door handle.
  • Make a roadside assistance call. Call for assistance if all else fails. Verify if roadside help is covered by your insurance before you run into trouble, then save the number to your phone. Keep a backup copy in your wallet or purse in case your phone dies (or gets locked in the car!).

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Deal Diva: Easy ways to care for automobile key fob technology to extend its lifespan

Keyless entry is a fantastic feature, but you can only benefit from it if you keep the technology up to date.

The little things in life can often mean the most, such as not having to search through your purse for your keys or using your key fob to raise and unlock the back doors so you can load groceries.

But what occurs if the fob breaks down? The key fobs for your car require maintenance just like the vehicle itself does.

When anything breaks down, Gary Freeman, owner of C & G Auto in Myrtle Beach, advised against replacing it right away.

“A replacement fob can be pricey; they can cost several hundred dollars, and once you have a replacement fob, they need to be programmed,” said Freeman.

He advises checking the battery as your first action. If you have to press the lock or unlock button on the remote numerous times before it locks or unlocks, it could be a sign that the battery is starting to lose power, according to Freeman.

According to his calculations, the keyless entry remote can be safely stored or hung up anywhere beyond the six to ten feet from which the automobile computer system can read the fob.

According to Freeman, the battery life for the majority of automotive key fobs is three to four years with regular use. Additionally, he claims that the battery life of your fob may be impacted by where you keep it. Freeman advises against hanging the fob near the car or leaving it in the car overnight.

“It (the key fob) does send a signal continuously, so it drains the battery in the key fob and its causing an excessive drainage on the battery of the automobile,” noted Freeman. “A computer is identifying that signal saying I’m ready to start.”

According to Freeman, if the key fob malfunctions, the automobile frequently won’t start because the computer system won’t acknowledge that the key fob is present in the vehicle.

“In most situations, the owners’ manual will clear that up for you, or practically any auto repair facility can replace that battery,” Freeman continued.

Why won’t my key fob function when I change the battery?

The most typical fix for a broken key fob is a battery replacement. However, replacing the batteries may not always be the best course of action. Therefore, your key fob might not operate even after a battery change for various reasons.

Handling the key fob circuit carefully is the first step in fixing the issue. Do not use your bare hands to contact the key fob circuit if you are not familiar with handling electronics. Call a professional right away to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue.

The following are additional causes for the key FOB’s malfunction:

Over time, a car remote’s button will inevitably wear out. When the button is depressed, the contacts notify the circuit board to carry out commands. The contacts may become separated from the buttons as they deteriorate. Pressing the buttons repeatedly is one of the greatest techniques to identify worn-out car buttons on car remotes.

Determine which of the following circumstances applies:

  • Only certain button presses, or all button presses, function.
  • One button operates while the other does not.

There is a problem with the automobile remote if the plastic that covers the key fob has also cracked. Open the key fob using basic tools, then inspect it for damaged contacts or crooked buttons. In the event that doesn’t work, get a new automobile key fob.

Your car remote might not function after changing the battery for another cause, which is the lock. Look for these indications to determine whether the lock or auto door has become faulty.

  • Manual or key operation of the lock does not cause it to unlock or lock.
  • Some door locks can be opened remotely, but not all.
  • Without the doors opening, a signal has been transmitted, as indicated by the indicator light flashing.
  • Door lock operates partially or not at all.

The automobile key may become damaged as a result of things like water, scratches, etc. The key fob may be damaged if it stops functioning right away after being trodden on, submerged in water, or opened. Other indicators to look out for include:

  • Whether a backup key functions
  • The buttons are stationary.
  • The Key is clearly damaged.

A damaged key can be replaced with a new car key. The key fob can be reprogrammed with assistance from the Colorado Springs Locksmith specialists.

There is a good likelihood that the battery change reset a car remote. When certain buttons are pressed, the key fob can also be reset. Therefore, the failure of many key fobs is a good indication that the automobile key remote has been reset. There are two indicators to watch out for:

  • No spare remotes operate.
  • car remote completely quits functioning

How long does the Nissan key fob’s battery last?

The battery in your car’s fob or remote will eventually need to be replaced, just like any other battery. A car fob battery should typically last three to four years. In addition, there are several indicators that will let you know when your fob battery is running low.

Signal strength loss is the initial symptom. The majority of contemporary fobs can communicate with your car up to 50 feet away. But as your battery ages, the signal’s intensity and range will decline. Another indication that your key fob battery needs to be changed is that you are having to push buttons to lock and unlock doors repeatedly.

A Nissan key fob battery costs how much?

Although replacing the key fob battery on your Nissan model is a simple procedure, it does require handling delicate and sensitive electronics. Make sure to use gloves to prevent harm to the key fob (latex or non-latex substitute). The CR2032 3V battery is used in the Nissan key fob. Typically, a multipack of them costs less than $5 USD. A tiny flathead screwdriver is also required.

  • Nissan key fob flipped over to the rear
  • Slide the little lever to release the emergency key.
  • Delete the emergency key
  • Find the open slot between the front and rear portions of the key fob on its top.

When your Nissan key fob dies, how can you start it?

This is how: Depress the little release button after turning the Nissan key fob around. From the key fob’s base, remove the concealed emergency key. To enter your Nissan, put the emergency key in the driver’s side door and open it.

What is the price of a new key fob battery?

These batteries typically cost $10 or less, however some fobs need two. Since it just takes a few seconds, battery specialists and dealers frequently replace the batteries for free.

Does leaving the key fob in the vehicle drain the battery?

“The key fob will make repeated attempts to connect with the vehicle. And while that does slightly drain the battery, a healthy automobile battery won’t typically be totally discharged by that “road test manager for Consumer Reports, Mike Monticello

What causes my key fob to malfunction in the cold?

Nope, it continued to function even after my phone, Kindle, and a number of other modern electronics stopped working due to the chilly weather. Try replacing the battery using the handbook as a guide. It’s conceivable that the battery needs to be charged. Battery performance may be impacted by cold temperatures. By opening the key fob and replacing the battery, you might be able to replace a faulty contact within. The dealer may be able to assist as well if you ask them the next time you come in.