Why Are Nissan Altimas So Expensive To Insure?

Everyone I know makes a lot less money than I do. In the past three years, I’ve made two claims, and it looks like my rate is continually going up. Is there a way I can have my rate lowered? Is it helpful to complain to the business?

In less than two minutes, find out if your auto insurance is being overcharged.

Car insurance companies use a number of variables when calculating prices. Your prices may vary depending on your age, marital status, address, and driving history.

Two claims during the last three years can result in a rate increase. You should also take your type of coverage into account when comparing your rates to those of others. Full coverage auto insurance is always more expensive than liability-only coverage.

Contacting your auto insurance provider is another option. They could be able to get you more discounts or provide you advice on how to better understand your rate.

If it doesn’t work, shopping around is the simplest approach to discover affordable auto insurance. You can quickly determine if your current carrier is giving you the best deal with the coverage you want by obtaining different quotes.

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The insurance costs for the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus, both of which cost less than $19,000, are greater than those for the Ford Explorer and GMC Sierra, both of which cost more than $28,000. In every state across the nation, the largest carriers—representing 60% to 70% of the market share—were examined for their insurance premiums. Toyota

Eight of the top nine insurance values, which are used to distinguish between vehicles that are reasonably inexpensive to insure and those that are not, were offered by trucks and SUVs and were calculated by dividing the average annual cost of insurance for each vehicle by the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This is in part because, according to the survey, these bigger cars are “less likely to be damaged in accidents” and “offer more protection for occupants.”

Of course, many motorists will pay substantially less to insure their vehicles than the average rates (car insurance, which includes coverage for both old and new cars, averages about $815 per year, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and varies greatly depending on where you live, your driving history, and other factors). Additionally, insurance companies provide numerous discounts.

The Nissan Altima is the most costly car to insure out of the 20 with average yearly insurance prices of $1,414. Adams claims that a portion of this is because the car is routinely stolen. It is among the most stolen cars in America, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s most recent data on stolen vehicles. Nissan

Due in part to the fact that “repairing or replacing its state-of-the-art electrical components contributes to greater claim expenses,” according to Adams, the Prius is the second most costly car to insure at $1,404 annually. However, motorists might find solace in the fact that they will save money on gas every year. If drivers spend 45% of their time on the highway and 55% in the city, they will only spend $650 on petrol annually, according to Toyota, compared to the average American household’s $2,000 annual gas expenditure. Our request for comment from Toyota has not yet received a response.

A Corolla has a sticker price of little under $19,000, which appeals to drivers on a tight budget. However, of the three vehicles analyzed, only this one had insurance costs of $1,400 or more annually.

The Ford Focus has one of the highest insurance prices on this list at $1,391 a year, despite being the least expensive car on it (the suggested retail price is slightly over $18,000). Our request for comment from Ford has not yet received a response.

Nissan Insurance: The Price of Each Model’s Insurance

The average annual insurance cost for a 2022 Nissan is $2,636; however, there is a more than $600 variance between variants.

The least expensive Nissans to insure are the Frontier truck, Rogue SUV, and Versa subcompact sedan. The most expensive vehicles are the 370Z sports car, the GT-R sports car, and the Maxima luxury sedan.

Your insurance costs will also be influenced by your age, and younger drivers should anticipate paying more for Nissan insurance. Even if the younger driver has a perfect record, an 18-year-old will pay more than three times as much as a 30-year-old.

Comparing Altima insurance to that of other cars

In the midsize car segment, the Nissan Altima is rated as the 11th most affordable car to insure out of 13 comparative vehicles. Full coverage insurance for the Altima is $1,706 per year, while the sector median premium is $1,589 per year, a difference of just $117 per year.

2022 Nissan Altima auto insurance is $204 more expensive annually than Toyota Camry, $118 more expensive than Honda Accord, $104 more expensive than Tesla Model 3, and $122 more expensive than Chevrolet Malibu when compared to the top-selling comparable midsize cars.

In terms of affordability, the following table compares the typical Altima insurance premiums to those of the other midsize cars on the market in 2022.

Table Information: The average prices are based on a 40-year-old married male driver with a spotless driving record and no accidents for which he was at fault. The average policy premium for all vehicle trim levels includes safe driver and claim-free reductions. Rates are averaged across all states in the US, and physical damage deductibles for full coverage are $500. Information last changed on September 27, 2022.

  • To save money, look into discounts. Discounts may be given for policyholders who are members of specific professional organizations, cover multiple vehicles under one policy, are devoted clients, are homeowners, or qualify for a variety of additional discounts that might result in annual savings of up to $290 for the typical driver.
  • For insurance, high-risk drivers must pay much more. Having to purchase a high-risk insurance policy can push up the price for a 20-year-old driver’s policy by $2,646 or more annually.
  • Obtain lower rates thanks to your employer. The vast majority of auto insurance companies give discounts to people who work as doctors, lawyers, police officers, members of the armed forces, elementary and high school teachers, college professors, and other professions. Depending on the policy coverages chosen, applying this discount to your policy could result in annual savings on auto insurance of between $51 and $159 for you.
  • Drive defensively and save money. A few at-fault incidents can significantly increase rates, up to $2,396 for a 20-year-old driver and $528 for a 60-year-old motorist annually.
  • Teenage insurance premiums can be very high. For a 16-year-old driver, full coverage Altima car insurance costs $6,190 year; for a 17-year-old driver, $5,768 annually; and for an 18-year-old driver, $5,380 annually.

High Theft Rates Drive Up Insurance Prices

The fact that some Nissan models are well-liked by thieves is one of the main factors that raises the cost of insurance a little. Models like the Altima and the Maxima are stolen fairly frequently, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s state-by-state top-ten lists. It appears that 1990s models are the main targets of thieves. This auto manufacturer’s automobiles are slightly more expensive to insure since these figures make insurers uneasy.

How much is insurance for a Nissan Altima?

For regular insurance coverage, a Nissan Altima vehicle insurance policy typically costs $1,446 per year. Of course, a number of variables (such as location, driving history, and driver age) could affect your actual insurance costs, so we’ve put together some excellent guidelines and calculators to help you estimate and determine your unique insurance costs.

Is Nissan Altima insurance expensive?

Main Points In comparison to the average automobile model, the Nissan Altima has an annual insurance cost of $1,323 as opposed to $1,427. Depending on the company, Nissan Altima insurance prices might vary by $617 annually. Depending on how old your car is, Nissan Altima insurance quotes might vary by as much as $431 annually.

Do altimas cost a lot to maintain?

The annual auto maintenance costs for the Nissan Altima come to $483. The table that follows provides a detailed ranking of each car in this overall scheme for comparison’s sake. The Nissan Altima is significantly less expensive to maintain than the average vehicle ($651 annually compared to $483 for the Altima).

What is the Nissan Altima’s biggest issue?

The Altima’s continuously variable gearbox is where the majority of its issues lie (CVT). Owners complain about a shuddering or jerking sensation when accelerating as well as a delayed throttle response. even experienced transmission failure on some models.

Is buying a Nissan Altima worthwhile?

Is the Nissan Altima a Reliable Vehicle? The Altima is a good mid-sized vehicle with strong motors, great fuel efficiency, a smooth ride, and cozy seats. It has a 9.6 out of 10 safety rating and is capable of handling slippery roads.

Nissans are they expensive to fix?

According to RepairPal, Nissan customers spend $150 less than the typical motorist on car maintenance. The average yearly maintenance expense for a Nissan is $500, compared to $652 for the entire industry.

The Nissan new car warranty that comes with every new Nissan is valid for the first necessary auto maintenance appointment for 2019 models. It offers a multi-point check, an oil change, and tire rotation.

When compared to the average maintenance cost of all automobiles, the Nissan Altima’s average yearly repair cost of $483 makes it affordable to maintain and repair. According to RepairPal, the average yearly maintenance expense for a Nissan Altima is $169 less than the average expense for all automobile types.

The least expensive to maintain vehicles tend to be the most dependable. According to RepairPal’s most recent Reliability Rating, Honda, Acura, Kia, Hyundai, and Mazda are the top five most dependable automobiles. Nissan placed ninth out of the 32 brands considered.

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Is Altima a dependable vehicle?

Since its introduction in 1993, the Nissan Altima has shown to be a dependable and trustworthy vehicle. Owners of Nissan Altima vehicles rely on them for their dependability and safety. They are sturdy automobiles. In terms of dependability, the Nissan Altima performs admirably. It ranks 11th out of 24 midsize automobiles with a reliability rating of 4 out of 5, according to RepairPal.

The Nissan Altima has lower ownership costs than the industry standard due to its low average repair cost of less than $500. Furthermore, Altima substantial repairs are not common. A Nissan Altima’s average annual cost for repairs and maintenance is $483, which is lower than the $526 average for other vehicles in the same category.

Greater than a Nissan Altima is what?

In comparison to the Altima, the Maxima is an inch wider, an inch longer, and an inch shorter. The Altima really has more internal room despite the Maxima’s smoother outward styling giving it the appearance of being a much larger car in photographs.

How much does a Nissan Altima transmission repair cost?

Cost of Nissan Altima transmission Depending on the car, a new Nissan Altima transmission could cost over $3,500, while less fancy transmission treatments like fluid changes and transmission fluid flushes can sometimes cost less than $150.

How far will a Nissan Altima drive?

Whether you drive a sedan or a coupe, the Nissan Altima is a fantastic car to own. You can anticipate your Nissan Altima to last 200,000 to 300,000 miles, or 13 to 20 years, thanks to Nissan’s commitment to quality and performance.