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Pinnacle Nissan LLC and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office signed a Consent Judgment on March 21, 2022. The Consent Judgment resolves claims that the company committed misleading advertising when it posted online advertisements for low vehicle pricing while refusing to sell the promoted vehicles. The company agreed to pay $305,000 in restitution and $50,000 in civil penalties as part of the terms of the Consent Judgment.

Nissan dealers in Arizona were sentenced to pay more than $500K for pricing misrepresentation.

(3TV/CBS 5) PHOENIX After allegedly participating in misleading advertising pricing, two Nissan dealerships have been sentenced to pay more than $500,000. It happens at a time when the cost of secondhand cars is at an all-time high.

According to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Pinnacle Nissan in Scottsdale and ABC Nissan in Phoenix would both advertise a low price online but afterwards decline to sell those cars for that price. According to state officials, the dealerships would advise buyers to purchase specific “add-on” extras like an extended warranty, protective coatings, or window tinting. Even while the average price of new cars has increased by around 12% to about $46,000, these charges add up to thousands of dollars, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, which owns both dealerships, has refuted the accusations.

According to the AG’s office, Pinnacle Nissan and ABC Nissan each received reparation orders totaling $305,000 and $100,000, respectively. Over $500,000 is the final sum after fines and legal costs.

In accordance with the agreement, the sellers must “offer transparency on add-on items” and more precise pricing details. That implies that businesses will have to include each of those costs in the rates they advertise. They have also been told to correctly remove sales calls from calling lists, as required by law.

To make a complaint, anyone who feels they were deceived or otherwise affected by the dealerships’ actions should get in touch with the AG’s office. The deadline for claims submission is July 31, 2022.