Who Makes Nissan Matic S Atf?

I’m grateful. genuine oil sent to my door No queues or hassles. a few dollars more expensive than my dealership, however it is offset by savings on gas and time.

Since I got my automobile in 2014, the transmission oil had not been changed. 2008 350z model year. It was flooded, and insurance covered another engine. Second engine performed better than first. I continued my routine oil changes but only added transmission oil when it was required. I always felt the Castrol Transmax Multi-Vehicle was sufficient and used it exclusively. It eventually developed a burnt-smelling aroma. In June 2020, I made the decision to invest enough money to get the Nissan Matic S. I delegated the transmission oil change to the mechanic. The transmission has improved significantly upon receiving some clean oil, in my opinion. This factory-supplied transmission oil is excellent. Simply put, I was too cheap to get it before. I will now utilize the recommended products for my car.

This is a nice value for Nissan-branded fluid that is actually Idemitsu Type S (check the MSDS if you don’t believe it). Nissan dealers charge $20 per quart for this stuff, so a price of around $10 is reasonable. If your Nissan requires this fluid, you should just purchase Valvoline MaxLife ATF, which costs $17 per gallon or $4.25 per quart and is the same fluid. It also fulfills specifications for Matic S.

Product is exactly as promised and is original equipment. Use this for Nissan vehicles that need Matic S, particularly for more recent modern automobiles and trucks. You run the risk of harming your Tranny if you use another ATF fluid. It could succeed or fail. Due to the peace of mind, this performs as predicted and is worth the additional price.

Different types of ATF fluids that are available

Nissan-matic K, D, J, and S come to mind. S reportedly took J’s place, but when and what about the other two? Are some “better” to use on a transmission because they are newer? What sort of fuel does a 2008 V6 take, too?

I was going to consult my handbook, but I had left it in a friend’s car when we went to obtain engine oil for the same car a while back.

I examined the ATF that is offered by my neighborhood retailer. Is castrol transmax multi-import equivalent to castrol multi-import on a regular basis? I’ve looked at that and valvoline maxlife, but I don’t recall seeing any language indicating that either complies with type J or S.

The original Dexron formulation is Nissan Type “D” ATF. Similar in viscosity to Dexron and Dexron II, Dexron III/Mercon, the formula that took the place of the earlier Dexron formulations, has a thicker viscosity and has been shown to have the ability to stick Nissan valve bodies. Castrol Transmax J/Import Multi Vehicle ATF, which is also made by Castrol, and Nissan Type “S” ATF are identical. This synthetic ATF is what Nissan trucks like our R51 Pathfinder utilize as the factory fill in their 5-speed rear-drive automatic gearboxes. Nissan Type “J” applications will work with the majority, if not all, automatic transmission fluids that meet the Japanese “JASO-1A” specification; they are also a good option for Type “D” applications. Nissan added friction modifiers to Type “J” ATF to create Type “S” when it released the 7-speed automatic transmission used in select Infiniti SUVs, therefore Type “S” basically replaces Type “J.” In addition to being compatible with the majority of ATFs specified by the JASO-A1 specification, such as Maxlife, Castrol Import Multi-vehicle, Royal Purple ATF, Amsoil ATF, etc., Nissan Type “K” ATF was utilized in Aisin transmissions.

The bottom line is that there are many aftermarket options available if you don’t want to pay the hefty price for genuine Nissan ATF; just make sure you pick one that is suggested for your application.

I’ve used Valvoline Maxlife in my 2006 LE and 2008 SE (automatic transmission and transfer case) for approximately 4 years without any problems, and I can obtain it from Advance Auto in a convenient 1-gallon jug.


Nissan Matic-S and Honda’s ATF DW-1 are both exclusive manufacturer specifications. No aftermarket product can or will receive real Matic-S clearance; only Nissan-branded products may.

However, there is no proof that it is anything exceptional, therefore any name-brand fluid that claims to be suitable for that use ought to be… suitable.

Personally, I tend to think that a product like Matic-S, DW-1, or WS is simply an off-the-shelf product with a private label applied. For a variety of reasons, such as when a manufacturer specifies a product with certain specifications and an existing product satisfies or surpasses those needs, there may be no need to design something new; the fluid producer and the automaker profit from mass production; etc. Naturally, due to non-disclosure agreements, neither party will openly acknowledge that this is the case.

Nissan Matic S ATF: What is it?

For Nissan and Infiniti, the formulation. Chemical balancing in ATF Type Matic S fluid helps guard seals and o-rings against rust, corrosion, and wear. oxidation resistance to extend the fluid’s life. Check ATF & Power Steering Fluid Guide for exact Year, Make, and Model information.

Which ATF brand does Nissan employ?

The majority of Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and other imported vehicles can use Castrol Transmax Import Multi-Vehicle automatic gearbox fluid.

Nissan Matic S and Matic J compatibility

according to the dealership’s parts counter. For our automobiles, Matic S is the newest, best fluid available. If. When you request J, you will receive S. They mix together and won’t cause any problems until your next trans fluid service.

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Matic S is it synthetic?

Is a synthetic automatic transmission oil that was created specifically for automatic gear boxes that need low viscosity. ATF. guarantees effortless shifting at all operating temperatures with minimal friction. The low pour point and high VI allow for application across a wide temperature range. It easily satisfies the required drain intervals thanks to its excellent oxidation and heat stability, which also helps it maintain its special features. Modern additives and a special blend of synthetic base oils ensure seamless, simple shifting. Compared to ATFs with standard viscosities, the low viscosity ensures a gain for fuel economy.

What occurs when ATF is used in a CVT transmission?

Utilizing automatic transmission fluid in place of variable transmission fluid or vice versa is the most frequent instance of using the incorrect transmission fluid. Adding ATF to a CVT will eventually cause the transmission to fail.

What makes CVT fluid and ATF fluid different from one another?

Continuous variable transmission is also known as single-speed transmission, steeples transmission, or pulley transmission. The vehicle is propelled using a CVT mechanism, which lacks a set of gears. The CVT can smoothly transition between a large number of useful gears. Due to the stability of the CVT, the input shaft will maintain a constant angular velocity. The architecture of the CVT system was belt-driven. The two types of belts are belts and metal link belts. The only distinction between CVT fluid and other fluids is the amount of fiction it contains, which is more in CVT fluid than in other fluids. It runs on a pulley system with belts, thus it has to be lubricant cation and more frequently to stop the belt from sliding on the pulley system.

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) not only maintains the engine’s maximum power range continuously, but also shortens the gap between gear changes, producing more consistent and dependable acceleration.

The CVT is a desirable piece of machinery that offers outstanding fuel efficiency and performance, and people who live in mountainous regions may find it useful that it can move effortlessly and smoothly up inclines. However, because of the absurdly high installation costs and very low reliability, the amount you can save on fuel does not equal the amount you will ultimately spend when they fail.

Matic fluid: What is it?

ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) RAVENOL ATF Matic Fluid Type D is a synthetic ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) that was created on the foundation of premium hydrocrack oils with a unique additive and inhibition to guarantee the automatic transmission’s flawless operation.

The ATF (Automatic-Transmission-Fluid) for the most recent generation of Nissan automatic gearboxes is RAVENOL ATF Matic Fluid Type D. It ensures a high level of wear protection under all working circumstances.

Nissan CVT fluid is what color?

response given by You should see either a translucent fluid or a light pink/red fluid, depending on the CVT transmission fluid that is currently in your car. In general, you should replace your transmission fluid if you notice any other colors or consistencies.

Can my Nissan use Valvoline CVT fluid?

ideal for the CVT Nissan Altima Because it’s always accessible and says it’s compatible with Nissan NS-2 specification, I purchased Valvoline’s CVT fluid at O’Reilly’s. With more than 206,000 miles on the OEM transmission of our 2008 Nissan Altima, we have already changed the CVT fluid three times. Very effective

Who manufactures the Oreilly CVT fluid?

This oil brand is the “creation” of Shreveport, Louisiana-based independent lubricant manufacturer Omni Specialty Packaging, LLC. Established in 1978. The company (Omni Industries, LLC) began as a family-run small petrochemical marketing operation.

However, it appears that Omni Industries is among the biggest producers, marketers, and distributors of chemicals and lubricants for the automobile sector in the US and internationally. Currently, the company provides 15% of the aftermarket brake fluids in the US.

Due to the huge possibility in the lubricant business, it became necessary to open a packaging factory shortly thereafter in 1998. Thus, several heavy and light automotive lubricants, braking fluids, motor oil, and industrial and hydraulic lubricants are produced by Omni.

Fuel injector cleaners, torque and tractor hydraulic fluids, degreasers, power steering fluid, oil and gas boosters, solvents, rust inhibitors, and various refined petroleum products are just a few of Omni’s top goods.

Additionally, this company is in charge of product design, custom blending, packaging, and processing. Once more, Omni Specialty Packaging creates lubricants for privately held businesses that are effective for cars and lawn and garden machinery.

The majority of the company’s goods are sold under private labels, however Xtra Rev and Pure Guard are their own creations. The business holds certifications from ILMA, ISO, and API that attest to its efficiency and adherence to standards.

For the majority of automobile owners, O’Reilly motor oil is one of the better selections, and even then, it is reasonably priced. Please make sure you get this motor oil from reputable retailers to prevent purchasing inferior products.

Which transmission fluid is used by Valvoline?

95% of ATF-equipped vehicles with US-registered light duty applications can utilize Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF, a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid with MaxLife Technology.