Who Is Becky From World Car Nissan?

Bequi Sierra, the “World Car Girl,” will shortly get married. Last weekend, the auto spokesperson posted on social media about becoming engaged.

“My heart is overflowing with joy. The love of my life and I are getting married, “the message reads. She added a few hashtags to the post, including the World Car tagline #foralifetime and #worldcargirlisgettingmarried.

Attorney Philip Perez from San Antonio is the one who proposed. They had been friends since high school. Perez went to Central Catholic High School, where Sierra was a cheerleader. She attended Incarnate Word High.

“He said he wanted to shoot some shots at a favorite area that we like to go to on the lake on our last day, Sunday,” she said.

Perez is not only an attorney but also a skilled photographer, so snapping pictures was nothing unusual. She reported that he began snapping photos after they discovered a location with a stunning panoramic view of the lake, trees, and wildlife.

Put your phone away, I want to talk to you, he says as I’m texting my best friend Nicole Garcia Brown on the phone. stated Sierra.

Bequi Sierra, the “World Car Girl,” weds a well-known San Antonio lawyer in a private ceremony.

Bequi Sierra, known in her community as the “World Car Girl” and the company’s top ambassador for World Car Mazda, has some significant news.

She became Mrs. Bequi Perez last weekend after getting married to her fiancé, renowned San Antonio attorney Philip Perez.

On October 23, a small ceremony was held at the Mission San Francisco De La Espada Catholic Church, and a lively reception was held at the Arbor House Suites.

The couple reconnected after their original high school encounter. Perez went to Incarnate Word High School and cheered for Philip’s alma mater, Central Catholic High School.

They got engaged in December 2020 while strolling around Red Bud Isle Park near Lady Bird Lake in Austin.

Perez shared the news on her Instagram page, making care to use the World Car tagline #foralifetime and the hashtags #worldcargirlisgettingmarried.

Perez wanted to make sure that all 75 of her guests had a fun-filled evening on the night of her wedding.

“We wanted them to feel like participants in the event rather than merely observers. And, as you may be aware, so was our reception “Perez explains. Arbor House served as the ideal location for us.

Following the ceremony, they posed for pictures with a fluffy poodle duo known as Coco Chanel and El Rey. The canines, who work as models for a living, wore collars to match the bridal party.

When the guests arrived at the site, mariachis welcomed them and led a callejoneada bridal procession through the courtyard, a custom that is common in San Miguel de Allende. Perez arranged for the poodles to take part in place of the customary donkeys. Pinatas that resembled the bride and groom also had a function in the ceremonial.

Live musical performances and captivating fire dancers from Aerial City Studios were part of the extravagant event. Faces painted for Dia de los Muertos, dancers from Ballet Folklorico de San Antonio also made an appearance.

“No one was to be bored, that’s for sure. I just wanted everyone to always be shocked by new things “Perez explains.

Following a toast, the newlyweds performed their first dance to “Oceans” by Colombian singer Karol G.