Which Is Better Nissan 350Z Or 370Z?

The 3.5-liter V6 VQ35DE engine in the 350Z garnered a lot of attention. However, the 370Z has a bigger engine, produces 32 more horsepower and 10 more lb-ft of torque, accelerates to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds as opposed to 0.6 seconds, has better brakes, and needs just one second less to complete a quarter-mile.

A 350Z or a 370Z—which is better?

The maximum speed of a VQ-powered Nissan 350Z is 155 mph (249 kph). There is little difference between the two if top speed is what you’re looking, even though the 370Z may have more horsepower under the hood. Of course, you might anticipate that the 370Z will arrive a little bit sooner.

G35 or 350Z, which is superior?

The 350z and G35 have some fundamental similarities as well as some significant differences. Which vehicle you like to drive depends on your driving style.

The 350z is your vehicle if you want a sports car that excels on the racetrack. The G35 will be a treat for enthusiasts looking for a sporty vehicle that can also go on long road trips with the best of them.

You could say that both are sports cars, but their unique characteristics are what set them apart. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the G35 is just a 350z dressed up.

Nissan is more popular than other automakers, thus you may anticipate the 350z to cost more. A 370z and a 350z can be worth considering if you’re buying a VQ35HR vehicle because they are both getting cheaper.

Please let us know which of the two cars is your favorite and why in the comments section.

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My favorite car, the 350z Roadster, handles like a dream even on the racetrack. It is entertaining to drive even though a roll cage is required for frequent track days.

Is the Nissan 370Z a good investment?

Although most modern automobile aficionados largely overlook the 2020 Nissan 370Z, this rear-drive coupe nevertheless provides some thrills. Likewise, even if it can’t match their performance on and off the track, it can be a good bargain when compared to more expensive sports cars. The Nissan offers effortless enjoyment because to its nimble handling and snappy 332-hp V-6. In contrast to more modern options, it has less refinement and lower restrictions. Furthermore, the 370Z is considerably further advanced in the aging process, with worn-out style that is particularly noticeable on its interior. A telescopic steering wheel is absent from every model, and some don’t even have a cutting-edge infotainment system. The 2020 370Z will satisfy enthusiasts of its past and consumers on a tight budget, but the vehicle requires a complete makeover to once again be competitive.

350Z or 370Z: which came first?

The Nissan 350Z, the fifth iteration in Nissan’s Z-car line, is a two-door, two-seater sports car that was produced by Nissan Motor Corporation from 2002 until 2009. In Japan, it is known as the Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33). The 350Z started being produced in 2002 and began being sold and promoted as a 2003 model in August of the same year. Since the roadster did not make its debut until the following year, there was only a coupe the initial year. The Roadster was initially only available in Enthusiast and Touring trim levels, whereas the coupe was first offered in Base, Enthusiast, Performance, Touring, and Track models. The Track trim had Brembo brakes and lightweight wheels, but all other coupes’ suspension settings applied. For the 2009 model year, the Nissan 370Z took the place of the 350Z.

How can a 350Z be distinguished from a 370Z?

These sports vehicles look fantastic, both of them. There are some outward similarities between the 350Z and 370Z. The exterior of the 350Z is made with a straightforward, straight-edged style, whereas the 370Z has a curvier form that gives it a more contemporary, aggressive appearance. Comparing the proportions of the 370Z to its predecessor. Since the 350Z’s simplistic style is timeless and never looks out of date, some people might enjoy it.

Which 350z year is the best?

The 2007 350z significantly raised the bar, aside from the addition of Bluetooth and a few cosmetic tweaks. The 3.5 liter V6 beneath the hood has been updated and upgraded. The new engine is around 20 horsepower more powerful and a little bit larger than the old engine.

Nissan enhanced the suspension and added a sleeker, more robust body. 268 lb-ft of torque was produced at 2000 revolutions per minute. Before, the 350z ran at a speed of 4,000 revolutions per minute.

In general, the most dependable 350z models are from the years 2007 and 2008. The VQ35HR and other VQ engines created at this time are regarded as some of the most dependable and effective Nissan engines ever created.

The 350z’s final year was in 2008. Later, the 370z would take its place, but not before Nissan produced one last Roadster in 2009.

The 350z has gone on to sell well over 100,000 units and is still in high demand since it is more affordable than comparable high-performance sports cars. It topped “best of” categories across the board from Motorweek to Automobile Magazine from 2003 through 2007.

The 350z has also established itself as a staple of culture. It has been on the covers of driving video games like Need for Speed Underground 2 and Forza Motorsport as well as the movie poster for The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Is a 350Z a reliable first vehicle?

If driven carefully, the Nissan 350Z can make a respectable first vehicle. Traction control, airbags, and a superb design are all features that make the 350Z a good first automobile. Less favorable characteristics include limited passenger space, poor visibility, and the urge to drive quickly.

The 370Z is broader than the 350Z, right?

The 370 has a narrower turning radius, is 0.6 inches lower, 2.6 inches shorter, 1.3 inches broader, and has 1.3 inches more leg, hip, head, and shoulder room than the 350.

How quick is the Nissan 370Z?

The 2020 Nissan 370Z’s driving performance is a bit of a mixed bag. The naturally aspirated V6 engine in the Z is strong and delivers power linearly. At highway speeds, there is enough propulsion for the five-second sprint from 0 to 60 mph.

Are 350Zs secure vehicles?

The Nissan 350Z, which was produced from model years 2005 to 2008, is among the deadliest vehicles on American roads. The Nissan 350Z had 143 fatalities per million registrations according to the IIHS, with single-vehicle crashes accounting for 90 of those fatalities.

Chevrolet and Nissan produced the vehicles with the highest percentage of driver fatalities and serious injury cases over a four-year period.

Is the 350Z gas-efficient?

According to the manual, you should fuel the 350Z with higher-octane premium unleaded gasoline because its average fuel economy is only 24.8 mpg. At every 9000 miles, service intervals are relatively regular. You might, however, choose to employ an independent garage for this, which will result in a 20% reduction in costs.

Are Nissan 350Zs considered sporty cars?

The Nissan 350Z, a two-door, two-seat sports car, began production for the Nissan Z-Cars fifth generation in 2002, ending the US production pause of six years.

Are 350Zs quick?

10 Engine and Power The 350Z can attain a sub-six-second 0-60 mph time and an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph thanks to all of this, making it capable of performing as the GT car Nissan originally marketed it as.

What issues does the 370Z have?

The following are some of the most typical Nissan 370Z issues after 100,000 miles:

  • Nissan 370Zs with a lot of miles on them may experience a number of issues with their engines, such as excessive oil consumption and, in earlier models, oil galley gasket failure.
  • The 370Z’s exhaust, catalytic converter, clutch master and concentric slave cylinders, as well as the electronic steering locks on pre-2013 versions, may all degrade over time.
  • Check to see whether the rear axle nut on your 370Z is clicking, and if you intend to drive on a racetrack, take care of any potential fuel starvation issues.

There is an option if, like many aficionados, you can’t wait for the 2023 Nissan Z to appear. Even in today’s used car market, Nissan 370Zs remain affordable sports cars, and the 2023 Z is still somewhat based on the 370Z although being considerably modified. But before you start looking, you need be aware of some issues that 370Zs frequently experience.

What does 350Z in a 350Z mean?

The 350 refers to the vehicle’s 3.5 liter V6 engine displacement.

In that situation, you may argue that the vehicle ought to be known as the 35Z or, if CCs are utilized, the 3500Z. The 350Z, on the other hand, has a far nicer sound than the alternatives, and it is also consistent with some of Nissan’s past naming patterns, such as the 300ZX’s 3 liter V6 or the 180SX’s option for a 1.8 liter engine.

This is why Nissan elected to increase the engine displacement for the 350Z’s replacement to 3.7 litres, as indicated by the 370Z designation. For further details, you might be interested in reading our Nissan 370Z buyer’s guide and model history.

In truth, all of Nissan’s Z-Cars, at least those sold in export markets, have utilized a three-digit number to indicate the engine displacement. For instance, the 2.8 liter engine in the 280ZX. The forthcoming 400Z is the lone exception, breaking with tradition by utilizing a 3.0 V6 that generates 400hp (hence the 400).

The current Nissan Z-Car is usually marketed as the Fairlady Z in the domestic Japanese market; find out more about the Fairlady name’s history here.

Short version: Since the late 1960s, a single line of sports automobiles bearing the Z-Car moniker has been manufactured (there have been six generations so far, with a seventh to be heralded by the arrival of the Nissan 400Z). You might find this previous article on the meaning and history of the name “Z-Car” interesting.

A “Z” is added to the end of the name of any vehicle that is a member of the Z-Car lineage (although the 280ZX and 300ZX also got the X, which was intended to refer to the additional luxury and comfort features included on those cars).

What Nissan Z has the best speed?

A twin-turbocharged V6 engine with 400 horsepower powers the 2023 Nissan Z. The Performance trim with the nine-speed automatic, which can reach 60 mph in around four seconds, will probably be the fastest model.

The base trim of the Nissan Z will cost $39,990 plus $1,025 for destination and shipping. A limited-production Proto Spec launch model will cost $54,015 and be produced in 240 units, while the Performance variant will cost $51,015 including destination.

Due to small supply chain delays, the Nissan Z won’t hit the market until the summer of 2022.

the 350Z is turbo?

You must be aware that every 350z with a turbo requires additional maintenance. It’s true, but there’s more to it than that.

Your entire car will need the additional maintenance; not just the turbo package. This is primarily because it will be working far harder than it was intended to.

Everything you typically do to maintain your Z is included here, with the exception that after enhancing it, the frequency will rise.

You’ll need to keep a closer eye on your vehicle. This is unimportant; all you need to do is be alert for things like oil leaks, potential overheating, and rattling.

The best thing you can do for your 350z with a turbocharger is to change the engine’s oil more frequently.