Where Is The Nissan Derelict In Need For Speed Payback?

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Subaru 240Z

Once you finish Mac’s fourth story mission, the first clue for the following classic small rusty Nissan number is revealed. It’s right next to a mobile home on the side of the road.

Once the components are known, you should move on to the engine, which is next to the solar power plant and should be simple to spot as you were just there as Mac.

Your body parts will come up next; for this one, you’ll be traveling to the northern outskirts:

As previously said, these are largely jumps. To reach to the actual part, there is another jump coming from the northwest.

Third, we go on to the accessories. To do this, we move to the center, south of your main airfield garage.

You can get to the part by jumping from another unpaved road; just look for the ramp.

The last Nissan component is in the northeast, beside a gorgeous, enormous bridge. Mind you, you don’t want to shoot at the bridge itself.

You’ll see a jump off the side of the road as you get closer to the goal place. Of course, you want to take the jump, which will land you at your last 240Z part.

The parts manual for the Nissan 240Z from Need for Speed: Payback.

The hunt for abandoned vehicles in Need For Speed: Payback is one of the best diversionary activities. These dilapidated heaps are dispersed around the game’s expansive globe and, once found, take a little more labor to restore to functioning order. After a boss race, you’ll receive a clue for the Nissan 240X, and we know exactly where to look.


In Need for Speed: Payback, derelict cars can be fixed up using components discovered all over Fortune Valley.

Five abandoned structures can be rebuilt using discarded materials, however before collecting their components, a first clue must be obtained by fighting a street league boss. The first hint will lead to a chassis, which when obtained will reveal clues to four other locations of items required to rebuild the abandoned structure.

Rav can reassemble a derelict at any garage if he finds all the necessary parts. Before being finished, a wreck that Rav is rebuilding might be given a racing, drift, drag, off-road, or runner class.

All five abandoned vehicles can be purchased from any dealership after being rebuilt.

Derelicts cannot be constructed into a speedcross class car by Rav in the Speedcross Story Bundle; instead, they must be bought from the speedcross dealership, but only after all five derelicts have been constructed.

In Need for Speed Payback, where can I find the first abandoned car?

After completing Tyler’s first five story objectives, you’ll discover your first derelict. To find it, head to a vacant garage and search for the water tower.

The four components are yours to keep once you have the chassis in your possession.

You should start with the Engine and move further west:

A fire adjacent to the jump is the key hint here, so look for it just off the road.

Following that, you’ll be traveling to a central northern region for the bodily parts:

Find the abandoned mine, mill, or whatever it is; drive through the center and over the ramp to reach the following section.

Your Mustang accessories, which are available in the east, come in third place:

After climbing a neighboring hill just off the main road, look for this leap to indicate that you have reached the desired part.

Finally, you’ll be traveling northwest in search of this abandoned building:

This one is simple; jump from the next neighboring corner and land directly on the portion.

Where is Need for Speed: Payback’s third abandoned building?

If you need a guide for any of the other Derelict Cars you can encounter in the wild in Need for Speed: Payback, visit our walkthrough center for the game’s guides. This guide only covers one Derelict Car in the game.

How can you get the Ford to pay you back in Need for Speed?

In Need for Speed Payback, you must first finish the Graveyard Shift races and defeat the Graveyard Shift boss race in order to access the maps that contain the locations of the car parts for the 1965 Ford Mustang. The boss will then direct you to the abandoned 1965 Ford Mustang’s chassis.

When you locate the chassis, you’ll receive images that will put you in the direction of the four abandoned 1965 Mustang auto parts on the map. You may find their locations and instructions for getting there below.

How does Need for Speed Payback unlock cars?

I’m sick of playing Need for Speed Payback in the same old cars. I know you can unlock cars, but I’m not sure where to begin. What must I perform in Need for Speed Payback in order to unlock a car pack?

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You have to complete a significant portion of the game before you can unlock the car pack, something you definitely don’t want to hear. In Need for Speed Payback, you actually have to complete the prologue and the first few chapters in order to acquire a car pack. Following that, you all open a garage to gain access to car packs. You can receive more car packs as you unlock more garages.

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Which abandoned building in NFS Payback is the best?

The Nissan 240Z is essentially a universal vehicle. While lacking in Off-Road performance, it ranks highly in every other category of vehicle.

Although it performs poorly in races, the Chevy Bel Air is a good runner, off-road, and drag racing vehicle. I haven’t tried it, but I’m heard it’s a terrific Drift car as well.

The best off-road wreck is without a doubt the Ford Mustang. Although it performs only mediocrely in all other classes, it also produces a decent Drag vehicle.

The Chevy C10 is arguably the best runner car in the game, and winning “avoid contact” bets is made especially easy by the fact that your timer won’t reset when you jump curbs thanks to its tall suspension. However, it’s about what you’d anticipate in every other class.

Though I haven’t tested it in Drift, the VW Beetle is a really good Drag vehicle, Off-Road car, and Race car. If you want to pretend to be a soccer ball, it works very well as a Runner car.

In NFS Payback 2021, are abandoned cars still available?

You might collect and keep abandoned cars as a feature. In June, the abandoned cars were discontinued. However, you can purchase abandoned vehicles from in-game dealerships, including the Mazda RX-7 and BMW M3 E30.

What are all the abandoned vehicles?

There is nothing better than building your own unique car, but what if you could go one step further and construct it entirely out of scrap? We’re introducing a brand-new kind of vehicle in Need for Speed Payback, which we’re dubbing Derelicts.

Derelicts are automobiles that you construct from nothing but scrap metal to stock and, eventually, supercar. However, you’ll need to find a chassis to begin any Derelict build. From there, your unique ride awaits.

Once you’ve located a chassis, it will be waiting for you to locate the remaining components in your garage. You will be prompted to complete or cancel your current project or buy an additional garage if there isn’t an open slot available.

You’ll also need to find the drivetrain, wheels, and two special components that are exclusive to your chosen Derelict construction, in addition to the chassis. The five components of a Derelict can be found tucked away all across Fortune Valley.

You will be able to select one derelict project at a time to track, and by doing so, you will discover hints and pointers pointing to potential locations for the parts you require. You will have to determine the precise spot, so get out and do some exploring.

What do you do now that you’ve located your chassis, wheels, drivetrain, and two unique parts? When you move your Derelict from Scrap to Stock, the fun really begins. You will have the choice to turn a Derelict project into a driveable vehicle once it has been finished. More significantly, you can change it into one of the five car classes at your discretion.

Derelicts, in contrast to ordinary automobiles, can be any type of automobile. Ever wanted to transform a Chevrolet Bel Air into a monster for off-road racing? Now is your moment, but choose carefully since there is no turning back once a decision has been made.

Your Derelict will act and have the same options as a conventional automobile once you’ve chosen your car class and it is ready to be driven. Give it a wicked paint job, performance parts, and visual customizations. If we didn’t take things a step further, this wouldn’t be Need for Speed, which is where Super Builds come in.

You can convert your Derelict into a Super Build by upgrading it to Tier 3. enabling you to have access to even more severe visual customization, transforming what was previously a useless bit of garbage into a fierce beast.

Once you’ve finished building your Derelict, one of the dealerships will start selling the original stock version. For instance, what if you want to add a race version to your collection after converting your 1965 Ford Mustang into an off-road beast? Go to the classic car dealership, pay your money there, and the vehicle is yours.

There are a total of five derelict projects that need to be finished. Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965, Chevrolet Bel Air 1955, Ford Mustang 1965, NISSAN Fairlady ZG 1971, and Volkswagen Beetle 1963.

Get going, begin your abandoned project, and transform it from scrap to stock to supercar.