Where Is The Nearest Nissan Dealership To Me?

One of the top Nissan dealerships in Los Angeles’ Hollywood, Glendale, Mission Hills, Woodland Hills, Pasadena, and Sherman Oaks is Universal City Nissan.

In Cerritos, we have a large range of new Nissan vehicles.

Compare Nissan dealer listings to find the Nissan dealerships closest to you in Los Angeles, CA, and save money.

Who is the top Nissan dealer in the United States?


As the best-selling Nissan dealership in both the American and Canadian markets, HGreg closes the month of March with two noteworthy accomplishments. Out of more than 1200 dealerships in the Nissan network in both countries, HGregoire Nissan Chomedey in Quebec and HGreg Nissan Kendall in Florida are ranked #1 in their respective nations.

John Hairabedian, president and chief executive officer of HGreg, declared, “I could not be prouder of our team and the community of people we serve.” “Although winning this award is satisfying, it is undoubtedly a byproduct of our ambition to reinvent the car-buying process by putting customers and technology first. While we are happy, it is more vital that we continue to put our attention on the consumers who choose to contact us today for their new wants and goals, whether they do so online or in person.”

The rankings for Nissan dealerships are determined by monthly sales data. This most recent acknowledgment follows a number of earlier professional triumphs for both dealerships.

The largest Nissan retailer in Quebec was designated, for the second year running, HGregoire Nissan Chomedey, according to an announcement made in January of this year. The company also received the Best Priced Dealer Award in recognition of its dedication to openness and reasonable pricing on autoTRADER.ca.

For the first time in its history, HGreg Nissan Kendall, which has been owned by HGreg for just over a year and is already a J.D. Power 2020 Dealer of Excellence, has been named the top Nissan dealership in America.

Audrey Rorsvort, Dealer Operations for Nissan’s Eastern Region, states, “We congratulate the HGreg team for its great success not only in March but truly since we first collaborated with them.” “It is clear that the business is committed to leading our sector into a bright future that begins with satisfied and loyal customers. We are excited to work with them on this cause and are happy with our partnership.”

The car firm has also launched a number of ground-breaking new services and products, such as a contactless car-purchasing process, cryptocurrency payment, a 7-day money-back guarantee and exchanges, and an entirely seamless omnichannel experience.

HGregoire Nissan Vimont was named the third-best-selling Nissan dealership in Canada, while HGregoire Nissan St-Eustache and HGregoire Nissan Blainville were both ranked in the top 20 dealerships, confirming the remarkable accomplishments of HGreg.

Which Nissan locations are there?

The North American headquarters and sole subsidiary of Nissan Motor Corporation of Japan is Nissan North America, Inc., doing business as Nissan USA. Through a network of about 1,082 Nissan and 211 Infiniti dealers in the United States, including 187 independent Nissan dealerships, 38 Infiniti retailers, and 45 Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers in Canada, the company manufactures and sells cars, sport utility vehicles, and pickup trucks under the Nissan and Infiniti brands. Nissan moved its second corporate headquarters from Gardena, California, where it had been based for over 50 years, to Tennessee in 2005.

In the US, how many Hyundai dealers are there?

Hyundai Motor America distributes Hyundai cars and sport utility vehicles across the country, and more than 800 Hyundai dealerships sell and maintain them.

What is the process for Nissan customer cash?

There are a few things you need to be aware of if you really want to be able to negotiate a great bargain on a new Nissan. Nissan offers consumer rebates in your area, but getting the best bargain requires more than just using those rebates; it also requires knowing how to use rebates that go directly to the dealer.

The first task is to examine how factory-to-dealer and consumer rebates operate.

  • When you purchase a Nissan vehicle, Nissan will provide you a consumer refund (sometimes referred to as a customer cash or cash back rebate). This cash can be used as a down payment to lower the agreed-upon purchase price. These financial incentives come directly from the manufacturer; they have nothing to do with specific Nissan dealers.
  • Nissan offers dealerships factory-to-dealer rebates and incentives on Nissans the dealership sells. The dealers can then choose how to spend that money: they can pay for promotion and marketing, issue employee bonuses, raise their profit margin, or give you a discount on the purchase price.
  • The price the Nissan dealership really pays for a brand-new car from the manufacturer is reduced by these factory-to-dealer rebates and incentives. They are typically made available locally to encourage dealership rivalry and move sluggish moving models off the lot faster. As an illustration, a single dealer incentive could begin as soon as a predetermined sales target is met, with the rebate amount rising with each additional sale.
  • This is a good illustration of why it’s a good idea to get price quotations from different Nissan dealers; you can use this information to get them to compete for your business and give you a better deal. You only need to play the numbers game and identify the one dealer who is willing to part with more of that incentive money to close the sale. All of them have a lot of negotiation room.
  • Remember that you will own the vehicle for a number of years when comparing the various Nissan customer rebates and incentives; choose the Nissan that is best for you regardless of rebates and incentives.
  • Compare the many models you requested information on when you receive competitive Nissan price quotes; there may be one model that doesn’t have a rebate or incentive attached, but its long-term, total expenses may be cheaper – consider the full picture, don’t focus only on available discounts.
  • Never forget that Nissan, not the Nissan dealers, is the one who offers consumer rebates and incentives. You can still bargain for a lower purchase price with the dealership even while Nissan is giving you cash incentives; the two are unrelated.

Who manufactures Hyundai motors?

What Business Produces Hyundai Engines? For their vehicles, Hyundai and Kia produce the engines. But there is some overlap between the two businesses. For instance, both Hyundai and Kia vehicle models use the Kappa G3LA/G3LC and Kappa G4LD engines.

What phrases should you never use with a car salesman?

This has the drawback that the dealership might be prepared to offer a better bargain. You’ve lost because you spoke first. Allow the other party to provide their figures first, advises Hall. That is basic negotiation.

Utilize an internet price resource like Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, or TrueCar to find out how much your car is worth as a trade-in before you visit the shop. The trade-in prices at each auto lot differ based on regional preferences and demand, so they are merely estimates, but at least you’ll have a ballpark figure in mind. Then, Hall suggests adding, “When the haggling starts, “You guys are free to evaluate my trade. Tell me what you estimate its value to be.”

Honda products are made in the USA?

Did you know that more than 99 percent of Honda and Acura automobiles sold in the United States in 2015 were produced right here in North America? Honda has operated an incredible 12 American manufacturing facilities since 1982, with the 12th one opening in Marysville, Ohio, in 2016 to serve as the Acura NSX production facility—the only supercar made in the United States. Since 1982, about 22.4 million Honda and Acura cars have been produced here.

A cash offer for an automobile is what?

There are no interest or monthly payments when you pay cash for a vehicle. It is purchased up front. As a result, you spend less money overall, including on loan fees and interest payments. Buy only what you can afford.

When buying a car, what incentives should I enquire about?

Incentives for customers typically fall into one of four categories:

The most typical and well-known kind of automotive incentive is this one. When a consumer purchases a car before a certain date, auto manufacturers will give them a cash rebate. When an automobile has a cash back incentive, it usually signifies that sales aren’t where they’d like them to be. Normally, the incentives would increase as the year goes on and be renewed month after month.

Cash back rebates typically range from $500 to $5,000 and are earned by reducing the cost of the vehicle rather than receiving a check in the mail. It’s important to keep in mind that before a rebate is granted, most states tax you on the entire cost of the vehicle. The states that don’t tax the rebate are listed below.

Low auto finance rates are currently a hugely sought-after perk. Before 2001, it was quite uncommon for a car manufacturer to provide 0% financing; now, it’s commonplace. The historically low interest rates are partly to blame for this. Cash back rebates and financing incentives are frequently combined, but most automakers forbid taking both at once, so you will typically have to choose between the two. For suitable purchasers, typical financing rates range from 0% to 4.9% for up to 72 months. This means that in order to be eligible for the best rates, you must have good credit (check your credit score here).

Manufacturers provide unique lease deals to tempt customers since approximately 25% of drivers lease their automobiles rather than owning them. Instead, they typically use a cash back rebate or financing incentive to pay for the lease. With the money, the car’s residual value is raised or the capitalized cost is decreased, both of which reduce the cost of the lease for the buyer. They can also lower the money element, which is effectively the interest rate, by applying a financing incentive (see Lease Terms Explained).

Loyalty programs and other “extra” incentives, albeit less prevalent, can result in additional savings of several hundred dollars. Automobile buyers who currently possess or have previously owned the same brand of vehicle are rewarded for their loyalty. Manufacturers want to reward customers who keep buying from them with a refund, which is typically $500 or more. Conquest Cash is a type of incentive that rewards purchasers who possess a different brand of vehicle in a similar manner. The manufacturer in this instance pays the customer for switching from a rival brand.

These incentives typically target a particular segment of the population, such as recent college graduates and members of the armed forces. You’ll probably need to phone a dealership to find out which additional incentives are being given in your region as not all manufacturers provide them and they are not widely promoted.

Why do used automobiles cost so much?

Private sellers and dealerships are looking for additional used vehicles to add to their inventories due to the restricted production and availability of new cars. The cost of the available used cars is rising as demand for used cars increases and availability decreases.

What does bonus money for automobile purchases mean?

Customer Cash: A reimbursement given to customers by the manufacturer is known as customer cash, sometimes known as bonus cash. However, buyers occasionally choose to keep the money for themselves instead of applying it to the cost of the car. Additionally, bonus money may be used to lower the lease’s financing costs.