When Will Nissan Return To Work?

When an employee is absent for an extended period of time or repeatedly due to a physical or mental condition, appropriate support is needed to make it easier for them to return to work.


We have spent the past several days and weeks learning about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is affecting our globe, just like a lot of you. Understanding how it affects our team members, clients, and community will help Concord Nissan make the required improvements to our business practices. We want you to know that we have taken particular steps to safeguard the security of our clients, team members, and suppliers.

  • At our store, we’ve increased cleaning services. All hard surfaces, phones, keyboards, laptops, desks, doors, rugs, door handles, and anything else that a person might touch or come into contact with during the course of the day are being cleaned and disinfected.
  • Our employees are required to adhere to safety procedures advised by the CDC, such as hand washing, social seclusion, and other hygiene standards. Near workstations and countertops are sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers for frequent usage. We are requesting that any of our employees who are ill or who have recently been in contact with sick people stay at home and get medical care. They are told to postpone returning to work until their doctor has given them the all-clear.
  • We diligently adhere to the recommendations made by the CDC and other medical and governmental bodies while revising our protocols.

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