When Is The New Nissan Navara Coming Out?

Since the current-generation D23 Nissan Navara was first unveiled in 2014, seven years have passed, and a brand-new version is long overdue. According to sources, it is reportedly under development and might make its appearance by 2025.

According to this schedule, the forthcoming Navara would probably make its debut in the latter half of 2024, followed by regional releases in 2025 or 2026.

The fourth-generation Navara is rumored to use Mitsubishi Triton underpinnings, and they’ll both share powertrains and common modules to capitalize on the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi cooperation.

Pick-up truck model lifecycles of 10 years are not unusual, therefore Nissan is used to this. Its two main competitors, the Toyota Triton and Hilux, had a ten-year gap between their most recent versions and their predecessors.

In comparison to the 2015 model, the Navara we currently own has undergone significant technological and performance improvements.


The previously unveiled Nissan Navara PRO-4X Warrior by Premcar now has an official release date, and will start showing up at showrooms all throughout Australia on September 1 of this year.

The Warrior’s pricing has also been disclosed, starting at $67,490 when combined with a six-speed manual transmission. The self-shifting seven-speed automatic variant comes with a $2500 price premium and will start selling for $69,990.

At this pricing, it is comparable to the Hilux Rugged X ($69,900; auto-only), its closest rival, and significantly less expensive than the Jeep Gladiator Rubicon ($76,450) and Ranger Raptor ($77,190).

N-TREK Warrior, which debuted in 2019 and was priced at $62,990 (manual) and $65,490 (auto), had a reasonable price increase in comparison.

The Premcar-tuned Warrior is wider, taller, and tougher thanks to revised suspension componentry, a widened track from 1570mm to 1600mm, more ground clearance (260mm up from 220mm), a greater approach angle (36 instead of 32 degrees), and a 100kg GVM upgrade. The vehicle is built on the MY21 Navara PRO-4X’s chassis (now 3250kg).

New spring rates, updated front and rear damping, and a larger, taller jounce bumper are all part of the suspension modifications that are said to “improve control of wheel movement at maximum suspension travel and limit transmission of heavy impacts into cabin.”

In the video below, Premcor’s Tom Imbesi goes into great depth about these modifications.

A winch-compatible bumperbar with an integrated LED light bar, a bash plate with the Navara logo, and 3mm-thick steel underbody protection are further new features for the PRO-4X Warrior.

According to Premcar Engineering Director Bernie Quinn, “The PRO-4X Warrior is a real Warrior 2.0, bringing more technology, more capability, and more go-anywhere toughness than any Navara before it. “This new Warrior is exactly what we set out to design, the most capable Navara yet. It has been specifically designed to handle Australia’s most difficult terrain without sacrificing comfort.

The improvements made to the Navara PRO-4X and all of our lessons learned go into this new dual-cab Ute, which is specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Quinn added, “We’ll be supply-constrained at that. Production is slated at 32 a week. “The facility has additional potential. We were averaging 13 per day at the height of N-TREK Warrior, which we can complete in a single shift.

All Nissan and Premcar parts are protected by a thorough five-year, unlimited-mile guarantee on the Warrior.

According to Matt Baily, Senior Manager of Local Product Development & Enhancement at Nissan Australia, “ensuring a hassle-free Warrior buying and ownership experience is highly crucial.”

You receive support for the PRO-4X Warrior model exactly like any other Navara owner would. The same is true for servicing and capped-price servicing, which guarantees that our customers receive the best OEM and Premcar equipment and that your Nissan dealer will handle everything.

This year’s production will end later.

The Navara’s redesign was announced by Nissan in November of this year for the South African market, effectively ending rumors regarding the truck’s potential future in Europe. The Navara will essentially be phased out before the year is up as the manufacturer has announced plans to close its production in Barcelona. It turns out that this will only be a temporary facelift for the pickup. preferably in Europe.

Nissan claims that the choice is a reflection of the Old Continent’s declining truck sector, where only 116,280 sales were recorded in 2017. Sister vehicles to the Navara, the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes X-Class, were also produced in Barcelona but were likewise withdrawn from production.

The updated Nissan Navara won’t be sold in the UK or Europe.

  • Unconfirmed reports suggest that Nissan Navara will no longer be sold in the UK or Europe.
  • Options in the UK pickup market are beginning to appear a little scarce.

The current Navara pickup’s makeover will not be heading to the UK or Europe, according to Nissan. Many people anticipate seeing the redesigned Nissan Navara here in 2021 as it was unveiled for other markets in 2020. However, that was not to be, and the decision to halt facelift sales has given rise to rumors and reports that the model would be completely dropped in 2022.

After speaking with Nissan, we must admit that the issue is still unclear. However, it is entirely true that the Narava facelift will not be given to us.

Will the Nissan Navara be updated in 2022?

At the Manila International Auto Show on April 7, 2022, Nissan Philippines debuted the Navara Calibre-X for the Philippine market. The revised Nissan Navara is a midsize pickup with a robust body-on-frame design. In the Philippines, it is exclusively offered in a four-door double cab body style.

When was the latest Navara released?

The new Nissan Navara double cab bakkie was unveiled today. The bakkie has a number of improvements and upgrades to compete with the category leaders when it debuts in April 2021. The new Navara is Nissan’s most technologically advanced pickup truck yet and builds on the company’s 80 years of bakkie tradition.

It has a number of technological features, such as safety measures and Nissan Intelligent Mobility capabilities.

Nissan’s chief operating officer, Ashwani Gupta, said: “In order to assure improved dynamic performance on- and off-road, as well as safety and comfort ushering in a new era of toughness, technology, and peace of mind, we equipped the new model with a full set of cutting-edge innovations. For our clients, it translates to assurance, enjoyment behind the wheel, frugality, and ownership pride.”

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning is one of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility features that keeps an eye on both the car in front of you and the car ahead of you in order to lessen the likelihood of multi-car accidents. To prevent collisions, intelligent emergency braking applies the brakes.

Four cameras are used by the Intelligent Around View Monitor, which should make parallel parking and positioning the car for trailer hitching easier. An off-road monitor, which is new to the system, checks nearby impediments at slow speeds when in four-wheel drive mode.

According to Nissan, the new Navara has undergone a number of changes, including improvements to the exterior, interior, and mechanical systems. The redesigned bakkie will have an improved payload capacity, a new integrated step in the rear bumper, and a stronger rear axle. Additionally, a new steering rack has been installed to enhance low-speed steering responsiveness.

Nissan South Africa’s plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria, will manufacture the new Navara, and local sales are expected to start in April 2021.

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The new Nissan Navara is manufactured where?

Nissan’s Navara ute will no longer be produced in Europe starting in 2019 as a result of the closure of its Barcelona, Spain, manufacturing site; nevertheless, the second-best-selling vehicle will still be available in Australia for the foreseeable future.

The one-tonne pickup is a product of Thailand, which, according to a spokeswoman, “has a long-term commitment to develop the new Navara for numerous markets including Australia and Thailand — along with other Nissan goods for both domestic and export markets.”

“The Navara is a critically important vehicle for Nissan in Australia, and we are dedicated to ensuring that it continues to be successful for both our customers and dealers.”

The Nissan Navara is produced where?

Concerning Nissan in Spain The Nissan Pulsar, the NV200 van, the e-NV200 all-electric model, the Navara and Pathfinder SUVs, and light trucks NT400 and NT500 Cabstar are all produced in Nissan’s three production facilities in Spain, located in Barcelona, Avila, and Cantabria.

Why is Nissan ceasing to produce the Navara?

Nissan announced that it will not replace its Navara pickup in Europe when it closes the Barcelona factory that produces the model later this year, blaming the declining pickup market.

The business stated in an email that “sales of the current-generation Nissan Navara for European markets will terminate in the course of 2022” once the Barcelona facility closes in December 2021. This is a reflection of the diminishing pickup market in Europe and the shift many customers are making to our selection of cutting-edge vans.

Nissan has the option to import the Navara for use in Europe from its Thailand-based facility, which also produces the vehicle for sale to countries such as Australia. A facelifted version of the Thai-built model introduced last year would not be imported, Nissan’s European unit has already made that decision.

The choice signals the end of a vehicle that assisted in revolutionizing the pickup industry in Europe. The second-generation Nissan Navara, which debuted in 2005, played a significant role in transforming pickup trucks from a specialized market of workhorse automobiles to one with broader appeal and dominated by off-road, five-seat double-cab models that could double as a family vehicle on the weekends.

Nissan expanded passenger room and introduced upmarket equipment like satellite navigation, climate control, and leather seats on top-end models, improving pickups that were previously offered in Europe. The SUV, the Pathfinder, which was also available in Europe, served as the model’s foundation.

The second-generation Nissan Navara was a hit, and Nissan routinely competed with Mitsubishi, which sold the most units in Europe, for sales supremacy.

With the introduction of the current-generation Navara in 2014, the same “lifestyle” formula was revised, but this time Nissan collaborated with alliance partners Renault and Mercedes-Benz to expand the scope of its European production facilities.

Nissan began producing the Renault Alaskan and Mercedes X-Class based on the Navara in 2017 at the Barcelona facility, but weak sales for both automobiles crushed hopes that the models could expand the pickup market in Europe.

Volkswagen will be able to restore the Amarok truck to the European market next year thanks to Ford’s agreement to construct a variant of its new Ranger pickup for the automaker.

Does Nissan Navara intend to leave the UK?

Professional Pickup and 4×4 Magazine reports that the Japanese manufacturer will discontinue selling the Nissan Navara in the UK once supplies are depleted in early 2022. When Nissan shuts down its Barcelona facility in December, European manufacture of the popular pick-up, which has remained mostly unaltered since 2014, will come to an end.

The cost of a new Nissan Navara in the UK.

Starting prices for the Nissan NP300 Navara are PS18,376 without VAT and PS21,995 with VAT. The top-spec Tekna model costs PS24,293 (without VAT) and PS29,095 (including VAT). You may order one right now, and the first vehicles will arrive in January 2016.

The first 100,000 miles of the Navara’s warranty are still covered, but it is now stretched out over five years rather than three.

Which Nissan Navara is the most expensive model?

The Navara is offered in two body types: King Cab, which has four full-size doors, appropriate rear seats, and a shorter load bed, and Double Cab, which has two short rear doors, occasional rear seats, and a longer load bed. The Navara Double Cab has a broader selection of trim options accessible to purchasers because the Double Cab vehicles are by far the better sellers.

The Nissan Navara King Cab also comes in a chassis cab variant that can be customized by professionals. However, there isn’t a basic single cab pickup with two doors, two seats, and a longer cargo bed.

As is common with pickup truck manufacturers, Nissan frequently releases special edition models. If you’re seeking for something unique, keep an eye on our news and advice area for a complete list of the most recent models.

For exceptionally difficult off-road operations, Nissan introduced the Navara Off-Roader AT32 version in 2018. This was followed by the top-of-the-line Navara N-Guard model, increasing the total number of trim options to seven.