When Is Nissan Going Back To Work?

  • Beginning on June 1, Nissan intends to gradually resume its U.S. manufacturing activities.
  • The business makes available its Safe Start-Up Playbook to inform manufacturing workers about new workplace health and safety procedures.
  • More than 14,000 men and women work for Nissan at its U.S. manufacturing facilities.

Tennessee’s NASHVILLE – Beginning in early June, Nissan will restart its American manufacturing activities in stages. On June 1, the business plans to begin operations at its Smyrna, Tennessee, vehicle assembly factory, and on June 8, at its Canton, Mississippi, and Decherd, Tennessee, powertrain plants. On May 1, limited manufacturing at the INFINITI Decherd Powertrain Plant started up again.

Steve Marsh, senior vice president of manufacturing, supply chain management, and purchasing at Nissan North America, Inc., said, “We have scheduled our factory restart with caution, conscious that the impact of COVID-19 continues.” “It will happen gradually. Implementing rigorous protocols is our top priority so that staff members may feel certain that all necessary measures have been done to protect their safety at work.”

Nissan has written a thorough playbook called Safe Start-Up to instruct staff members on the new health and safety procedures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other governmental organizations have contributed best practices and suggestions to Safe Start-Up. Among the safety guidelines are:

  • daily self-certifications of good health for all staff members and guests. No one will be permitted to attend any Nissan worksite who exhibits symptoms or who may have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Workstation changes, staggered shifts and break periods, and a limited number of job rotations are all examples of ways to comply with the social distance rules.
  • payment for additional personal safety gear, such as face shields and masks.
  • enhanced cleaning procedures for shared tools, communal areas, and workstations.

In order to support the phased restart strategy and match production with current market demand, production shift patterns will also be modified as appropriate.

As output rises, Marsh added, “We will continue to evaluate and put in place the required controls in accordance with any revised regulations from governmental bodies and feedback from employees.”

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Global Marketing ISAO “To be inventive, you don’t need to be an engineer. Any job at Nissan allows for unique thinking. This is a terrific place to work if this is your mentality. People will always support you if you desire to challenge yourself “.

JESUS – Money “Nissan ideals are a way of life for me. These ideals, in my opinion, are applicable both at work and at home. Nissan has aided my personal development “.

Talent Management JAVIER “After my cousin, who worked for an electronics company, was relocated to Japan when I was 14 years old, I made the decision to study Japanese. I was was asked why I studied Japanese, to which I replied that I might someday work for a Japanese corporation. Today, I am happy to be working for Nissan. I’ve had the chance to develop within this company. I’ve been able to study about and comprehend the various methods, vogue, customs, and priorities used in many nations. I adore how Nissan always pushes my boundaries rather than limiting my opportunities.”

Paint Engineering, Thomas “Every person I regularly collaborate with has a “Can Do” mindset. It’s good to be a part of a team that always offers 110% and has the same objective of giving our clients high-quality automobiles. Here, I had the chance to discuss my current project with the manufacturing vice presidents and senior vice presidents. Knowing that they valued my thoughts and paid attention to my team’s proposals meant a lot. Later, this contributed to the success of our project.”