When Is 2020 Nissan Frontier Coming Out?

The 2020 Frontier, the final model year of the current generation, will offer class-leading horsepower1 along with enhanced fuel efficiency and emissions performance. In the spring of 2020, it will go on sale.


The 2020 Frontier is available in five-seat Crew Cab and four-seat King Cab (extended) body variants.

The new engine and transmission make the 2020 Frontier worth looking at even though it resembles the same old thing from many years ago.

This Heart Beats More Rapidly

Since the truck’s last makeover for the 2005 model year, the 2019 Frontier has had two engines available: a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a 4.0-liter V-6. The four-cylinder engine and the five-speed manual transmission are both gone for 2020, and the V-6 receives a significant upgrade. It now has a powerful 3.8-liter V-6 engine that cranks out 281 pounds-feet of torque and 310 horsepower. This is an increase of 49 horsepower over the previous 4.0-liter V-6, and it is mated to a new nine-speed transmission that was taken directly from the 2020 Nissan Titan full-size truck (albeit with different gearing and tuning).

Although it’s being coy about whether the 2021 model will also offer manual transmissions, Nissan claims that this is the new powertrain from the upcoming all-new, completely redesigned 2021 Frontier pickup, which we should see sometime late in 2020. Nissan made this decision because the engine development outpaced the truck development. Japanese automakers frequently do this; Toyota and Mazda are two examples. They install the new powertrain in the older model for a year to give it a head start on real-world testing and dependability.

In contrast to the previous Frontier, the new one starts its engine by pushing a button rather than turning a key. It starts up and then calms down into a quieter, more streamlined hum than the preceding engine. Put the flimsy shifter in drive, and you’ll accelerate and have more power right away. Due to the new powertrain’s lighter overall construction than the previous 4.0-liter and five-speed automatic, the Frontier has more oomph.

The Titan’s transmission is faultless and perfectly matched to the truck’s powerful 5.6-liter V-8. The transmission’s behavior in the lower speeds is hunting and imperfect in this instance, so everything is not right. It downshifts a little too aggressively as you coast to a stop, placing you in a lower gear than may be essential for smoothness. When you turn on the power again, it allows for faster acceleration, but the transition is not smooth, which causes some head bobbing within the cabin. As it swiftly transitions from the lower to the higher gears when stopping, starting from a halt also exhibits some rougher shifting.

Now, as it shifts out of third gear, everything becomes much smoother. With the truck loping along at just under 2,000 rpm at 75 mph and doing so in a newfound stillness that is surprisingly peaceful, it transforms the Frontier into a highway champion. Power is plenty, downshifts are swift for passing, and even though the truck’s torque rating wasn’t increased, it wasn’t really necessary. Even with its five-speed auto, the previous truck’s powertrain was a strong point, and the new one keeps it as a significant advantage.

Is it worthwhile to buy a 2020 Nissan Frontier?

The Nissan Frontier used to be an affordable pickup, but with this new engine, the starting price has increased to roughly $26,000. The 2020 Nissan Frontier’s price premium might not be justified given that the 2019 model, which is recognized as a reliable work truck, starts at roughly $19k and features less technological and interior improvements.

What is the lifespan of a 2020 Nissan Frontier?

Yes, you can get a trustworthy vehicle with the 2020 Nissan Frontier. J.D. Power has given it a predicted dependability rating of 4.5 out of 5. With the right care and maintenance, a Nissan Frontier will often survive for more than 200,000 kilometers.

According to some Nissan Frontier owners, their vehicles traveled beyond 250,000 and 300,000 kilometers. So before purchasing a used Frontier model, be sure to check the car’s past. 2020 options can still have low mileage.

A new 3.8-liter V6 engine with 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque was added to the 2020 Frontier. Therefore, we are interested in how it functions after being subjected to long-term testing. There haven’t been any complaints about the 2020 model yet on the CarComplaints forum.

Will Nissan ever make changes to the Frontier?

The most recent 2022 Frontiers only recently began leaving the plant, according to Autotrader, two weeks ago. With their angular features and striking appearance, they look great!

The basic 3.8-liter V6 engine in the new Frontier is dependable and rather quiet. It has 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque, which are greatest in class.

A nine-speed automatic transmission is connected to the engine. There are options for 4-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

This pickup truck’s next generation will finally have more advanced technologies than its forerunners. It incorporates a collision-avoidance system and a 7-inch driver assistance display on the instrument panel. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included.

Compared to the previous model, the 2022 Frontier is about five inches longer. It remains one of the more compact midsize vehicles available, but avoiding bigger trucks may have advantages.

Where is the Nissan Frontier made for 2022?

The Frontier has been constructed in Mississippi since 2012. Particularly in Canton, MS, at the Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant. There are many positive aspects of the practically entirely new Frontier that is coming out in 2022. This mid-size truck has a refined suspension, a standard V6 engine, and real capability. These factors make the success of the Frontier seem logical.

Additionally, the 2022 Frontier’s exterior appears incredibly durable. The Frontier had really begun to age before 2022, but that is no longer the true. This pickup’s inside has also been renovated by Nissan to feel more upscale and cozy.

How much larger is the Nissan Frontier for 2022?

The US starting price of the 2022 Nissan Frontier includes the $1,225 destination fee and is $29,365. The Pro-4X model under examination here has an MSRP of $38,595, and this particular model costs $46,570 with a variety of upgrades.

The Nissan Frontier from 2022 is indeed larger than the vehicle it succeeds. Compared to the preceding Frontier, which had a maximum length of 219.4 inches, this model has a maximum length of 224.1 inches. The former truck had a width of 72.8 inches, whereas this one has a width of 73.0 inches.

The Frontier’s off-road option is the Pro-4X trim. It has larger wheels, skid plates that are installed up front, a little higher ride height, and low-range gearing.

The Nissan Frontier is dependable.

The Nissan Frontier ranks first out of 7 midsize trucks in terms of reliability with a score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Its ownership costs are lower than normal because the average yearly repair cost is $470.

Does the Nissan Frontier retain its value?

Despite being rebuilt for 2022, the Nissan Frontier still has some of the lowest predicted resale values of any vehicle now on the market. According to IntelliChoice, the average Frontier will only keep 58.0 percent of its value after five years of regular ownership. Due to its cutting-edge technology and safety features, this Nissan Frontier is unquestionably the best it has produced in a while.

What does SV on a Nissan Frontier mean?

The Nissan Frontier SV is a step up from the Frontier S and has a number of noteworthy features. The SV in its name stands for “Standard Vehicle.” A motorized driver’s seat, a folding back window, and 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels are among the features of the 2022 Nissan Frontier SV. These aid in making this mid-size truck more useful and fashionable.

The Frontier no longer has the standard four-cylinder engine and manual transmission that it once did. Even the Nissan Frontier SV will get a 3.8-liter V6 engine as standard for 2022, producing 310 horsepower and 281 pound-feet of torque.

What Nissan Frontier has the greatest mileage?

One million miles have been traveled on the Million Mile Frontier. The incredible feat of having his truck travel a million miles was accomplished by Brian Murphy of Ringwood, Illinois. He bought his 2007 Nissan Frontier XE from M’Lady Nissan brand-new, and he has properly maintained his truck ever since.

Toyota Tacoma versus Nissan Frontier: which is superior?

In general, these trucks are quite evenly matched. The Tacoma features a wider choice of powertrain options, the potential for better fuel economy, and somewhat higher towing and hauling capacities than the Frontier, which is more powerful. The V6 engine in the Frontier feels strong, and the transmission shifts easily and rapidly.

What is the Nissan Frontier 4×4’s reliability?

Consumer Reports will be consulted in order to determine whether the Frontier is more dependable than the Tacoma. To learn about the difficulties faced by vehicle owners, thousands of them are sent surveys.

Drivers can report on 17 distinct potential issue sites using the surveys. Major transmission faults and small electrical system problems are two of the problems. If Consumer Reports receives sufficient information, they will be able to forecast the level of reliability for each model.

The 2021 Nissan Frontier has an average reliability rating of three out of five, according to Consumer Reports.

However, Consumer Reports also provided a three-out-of-five dependability prediction for the 2021 Toyota Tacoma. So, this won’t work! We can’t let the game end in a tie.

How durable are Nissan Frontiers?

A Nissan Frontier should have at least 100,000 miles on it. Nissan Frontier can last between 7.5 and 10 years if you drive between 10,000 and 15,000 miles annually on average. If the Nissan Frontier is properly maintained and cared for, it will last longer.

How fuel-efficient is a Nissan Frontier?

Frontier(r) 4×2 gets 18 city/24 highway/20 combined mpg, while Frontier 4×4 gets 17 city/22 highway/19 combined mpg.

Which model year Nissan Frontiers experienced transmission issues?

The Nissan Frontier is a dependable truck in general, but there are specific years you should stay away from. There were some transmission problems with the second-generation Frontier when it was first debuted in 2005. It seems possible for coolant to leak into the transmission. This affected Nissan trucks between 2005 and 2008 due to a radiator leak.

Your Nissan truck’s transmission can stop working if this issue affects it. Unfortunately, that requires a costly repair. Your Frontier might not be able to shift or perform as it should because coolant will dilute the transmission fluid.

Are the engines in Nissan Frontiers reliable?

The new 305 horsepower V-6 is incredibly strong and smooth, offering good torque at low RPMs. It adores high revs. For this reason alone, Nissan’s redesign of the Frontier will compete in the midsize pickup truck sector!

Although the engine is strong, it is very quiet. It has strong acceleration at all speeds, which makes it ideal for passing on the freeway or navigating intersections with other vehicles.

The powertrain performs admirably in the majority of circumstances, however it suffers on slopes while hauling large loads up steep climbs.

Although these are some advantages of Nissan’s new Frontier engine, what about its capacity for towing?

The Frontier can carry up to 1,460 pounds of payload. Crew Cabs can pull up to 6,500 lbs., while King Cab variants can tow up to 6,720 lbs.

Almost every other tiny pickup truck in its class offers superior capacities for towing and carrying heavy loads, making this model less impressive. The gap is often substantial.

Mid-size pickups from Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, and Jeep can each tow 7,500 lbs. Additionally, the payload capacity is up to 1600 lbs, so you could fit a lot of items and maybe your entire family inside!