What Is Auto Room Lamp Nissan?

1) The window down function of the intelligent key does not seem to be deactivatable. After unlocking all of the doors, don’t hold the unlock button for longer than three seconds.

2) Auto Room Light: When the doors are unlocked, the interior lights turn on for a predetermined amount of time so you can see the inside of the car before opening it. The inside lights do not turn on when you unlock a door if the auto room light is set to off.

3) Wiper with Speed Setting: Depending on the vehicle’s speed, the wiper speed is automatically adjusted. The wipers will automatically wipe the window more often and with less lag time at higher speeds. The interval between wipes will be longer when traveling at a slower speed.

4) When you push the unlock button on the remote, just the driver’s door unlocks. Within a minute, press once more to open the additional doors. The driver door unlocks when the request button on the driver door is pressed. Once more, press, and the other doors will open. The passenger door unlocks when the request button on the door is pressed. Press one more to unlock the others. When the feature is off, pressing the unlock button on the remote control or the request button on either door will cause all of the doors to open simultaneously. It serves as a safeguard for safety. Do you want all the doors to unlock if a suspicious person is nearby, or just the one you are now at?

5) Recalls – Enter your VIN on this webpage. https://vinrcl.safercar.gov/vin/

If your VIN belongs to a model that was affected, there was a recall on the passenger air bag light. The dealer is providing a free software upgrade to address a problem with figuring out who is occupying the front passenger seat. You just purchased the vehicle, therefore it most likely has the most recent software. If the airbag warning light is not also illuminated, everything is probably alright. After the software update, the passenger airbag won’t activate if no one is sitting in the seat, causing the “airbag off indicator” to illuminate. Sit in the front passenger seat with the car running and parked, and the light should go out to show that the passenger airbag is now activated.

7) Glove box light: The manual mentions a glove box light, but also advises you to contact your local Nissan dealer for help. The glove box may easily be taken off to check for lights. Put screws in the bottom, top, and two inside locations before gently pulling it out. The side dash trim, which is clipped in, can also be removed.

Regarding automatic lights

The instruction manual for my 2015 makes no mention of it. Maybe I have a bad sensor.

The 2018 Leaf handbook states the following:

Allows the user to switch the auto room lamp on or off. According to the brightness outside the vehicle, the user can adjust the light sensitivity to modify when the lights turn on.

Change the amount of time the automated headlights remain on after the car is turned off with Light Off Delay.