What Is A Nissan Versa?

The 2022 Nissan Versa sedan is an excellent means of transportation that gets people where they need to go, but it also makes the trip more fun than many other subcompact automobiles. The Nissan is not only attractive, but it also has a price that practically everyone can afford. While practically everyone will also discover that its four-cylinder engine is unprepared for quick freeway passes, they should nevertheless be impressed by its highway fuel economy. The Versa is a comfortable vehicle for daily commutes because to its smooth ride and plush front seats, and it offers more driver assistance features than its competitors. The 2022 Versa is a great little car for people who choose comfort and safety above all else, even though some of those choices are more enjoyable to drive.


The Versa is a reliable little sedan that performs well in several areas that are important to car purchasers.

The Nissan Versa is a well-made little car with lots of interior space, enough standard equipment for technology and safety to more than justify its cost.

This design resembles a more contemporary compact car.

The meaning of Nissan Versa

According to a Nissan press release from 2008, “versa” is short for “versatile space,” which refers to the interior’s roominess and adaptable load configurations. The Versa is one of the few subcompact vehicles still available for purchase in North America, since most automakers have discontinued tiny cars from their portfolios in favor of crossover SUVs.

A Nissan Versa is it secure?

You can rely on the 2021 Nissan Versa to keep you safe because it comes with Nissan’s Safety Shield 360. Compared to rival sedans in its class, the car boasts more cutting-edge active safety measures. The Nissan Versa 2021 performs admirably in terms of safety.

The IIHS has not yet completed its crash tests for the 2021 Nissan Versa, thus there is no safety rating available. However, the NHTSA gave the car a 5-star overall safety rating, which is impressive for a vehicle of this size. Because it is equipped with so much cutting-edge safety technology, the Nissan Versa has received mostly positive safety reviews.

Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility Safety Shield 360 is without a doubt the most popular safety feature in the Versa, and for good reason. It functions as “an extra set of eyes” by continuously using sensors to monitor the surroundings around the vehicle and protect it from external damage.

features such as:

  • Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Blind Spot Alert
  • in addition to Rear Cross Traffic Alert

The car has 10 airbags in all, along with a number of cutting-edge features like Vehicle Dynamic Control and an Anti-lock Braking System. For the younger passengers, it also has a LATCH system and the Snug Kids program.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility’s comprehensive lineup of driver assistance technologies reduces the danger of human mistake. Its Intelligent Cruise Control regulates speed to a constant level and keeps a secure distance from other vehicles on the road. Monitoring the drivers and determining whether they are alert or sleepy, Intelligent Driver Alertness keeps an eye on them. Additionally, it has a RearView Monitor that is useful when the car is in reverse. Other security features on the Nissan Versa 2021 include kid locks and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Customers that live close to Freehold, Asbury Park, or Belmar could easily go to the Nissan dealership in Neptune, New Jersey.

Visit the Nissan dealership in Neptune, New Jersey, right away if you’d like to take the 2021 Nissan Versa for a test drive or learn more about its features.

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Nissan ceased production of the Versa?

Ten years ago, the compact car market was very different. In order to make room for SUVs and crossovers of various shapes and sizes, many models have been discontinued.

Nissan is a common example of this. Due to low sales, the Versa sedan was phased out in Canada at the end of 2014 (although it was still sold in the U.S.); the Versa Note hatchback followed suit in 2019. The company created the Micra from 2015 to 2019, a value-oriented subcompact that is a favorite of Quebec drivers and the star of a Canadian racing series with the same name.

Nissan Canada decided to bring back the Versa for the 2021 model year – and only in sedan form, no less! Just when we thought the automaker would rely solely on the Sentra (redesigned from the ground up for 2020) and the colorful Kicks crossover to appeal to consumers on a tight budget and who have been let down by many automakers!

The new Versa’s future, though, is already pretty hazy. Nissan discontinuing it soon wouldn’t be shocking, especially given that the Sentra is more expensive and most potential buyers would prefer the larger vehicle. The final few models will probably be discounted, and the model’s decline in value will quicken.

Now, you shouldn’t pay more than $8,000 for a Nissan Versa from a previous model (2014 and before). The continuously variable automatic (CVT), which has a number of issues and is currently the focus of a class-action lawsuit involving 12 models, including the 2010 to 2019 Versa, is something that you should ideally avoid buying (and Versa Note).

What is the Nissan Versa’s issue?

According to a Nissan Versa CVT complaint, the vehicles’ reluctance to accelerate eventually results in complete gearbox failure, costing owners and lessees thousands of dollars in CVT replacement and maintenance.

The Nissan Versa has four wheels.

No, the Nissan Versa is front wheel drive in EVERY variant. This small, lightweight vehicle is an automobile. AWD would be ineffective for this class of vehicle because it would increase cost, weight, and complexity.


I would advise you to look at the Nissan Juke if you really want All Wheel Drive. It is a tiny car-based SUV with AWD as an available option (albeit a bit more expensive than the Versa).

Is a Nissan Versa a reliable first vehicle?

Your adolescent will love the tiny Nissan Versa as a first automobile. The Nissan Versa and Versa Note are inexpensive, starting at about $15,000, and you get a lot for your money with their many standard equipment. They are both available as sedans and hatchbacks. The Automatic Emergency Braking and other safety features that come with the Versa will give you piece of mind when your teen is operating the vehicle.

Young drivers also won’t have to worry as much about hitting another vehicle when backing out of a slot because the Versa is so small and easy to operate and park, even in confined urban locations.

A Nissan Versa’s size is what?

The Nissan Versa’s interior is roomy, adaptable, and comfy thanks to a 103.1-inch wheelbase. The Versa is 68.5 inches wide, 177 inches long, and 57.3 inches tall. Additionally, the Nissan Versa’s spacious 15 cubic foot trunk provides enough of storage space for all passengers.

A Nissan Versa is it an electric vehicle?

But the Versa isn’t an electric vehicle. You actually have a few choices if you want to purchase a hybrid or electric car from Nissan, including: An all-electric crossover SUV is the Nissan Ariya. Nissan Leaf, the company’s premier battery-electric vehicle (BEV) and one of the most popular electric vehicles globally

When did Nissan Versa transmission issues start?

Concerningly, 734 complaints and 150 faults about the 2009 Nissan Versa were filed to Car Complaints. The suspension system is to blame for over 30% of this car’s issues. Nearly all of the 30% of these problems were brought on by damaged coil springs. The faults normally cost owners roughly $600 to rectify, and they began at about 71,000 miles.

The 2012 Versa, on the other hand, had numerous transmission issues. Users reported a total of 145 issues and 708 complaints, with the transmission being the most often mentioned concern. Failure of the transmission was the subject of 70% of these complaints. A transmission replacement costs $4,000 on average. Without a doubt, this model year received negative reviews worldwide.

Avoid buying a Nissan Versa from the model years 2007 and 2012 at all costs because they are generally the worst.

How much is a brand-new Nissan Versa?

The base price of the 2022 Nissan Versa is $15,080. The small Nissan Versa sedan from 2022 is among the most reasonably priced new vehicles and one of the best options in its class.

Nissan Versas’ lifespan is how long?

Your Versa should last 13 years if you drive the typical 15,000 kilometers per year in the country. Of course, frequent upkeep and repair are necessary for all of this. Your versa’s mileage can be substantially decreased by mistreating it. Alternately, taking good care of your Versa will almost certainly result in you all driving it for at least 200,000 worry-free miles. a 300,000, if you’re fortunate.

What are the 2017 Nissan Versa’s usual issues?

Owners who reside in cold climates have reported that if they don’t wait 10 or 15 minutes for the car to warm up before pulling out of the driveway, they might anticipate the vehicle to stall or have trouble shifting into higher gears when accelerating.

The transmission or a transmission module that controls fuel pressure while accelerating have both been replaced as solutions. Every year the vehicle was made with a CVT has this issue.

Can the Nissan Versa handle snow?

When equipped with winter tires, the Nissan Versa may operate effectively in the snow. As a FWD vehicle, the engine weight rests above the driven wheels, enhancing traction. The Versa is more than competent of navigating slick roads when combined with safety technologies like ABS, Traction Control, and Vehicle Dynamic Control.

Are there any transmission issues with the 2016 Nissan Versa?

In order to enable you to drive at the correct speed, the gearbox transfers power from the motor to your wheels.

Given that the transmission must convert the exact quantity of power for the required speed,

Why jerks my Nissan Versa?

An unreliable or imbalanced flow of air and fuel will cause a vehicle to malfunction. If a car jerks or rushes ahead at a fast rate of speed, it may not be getting the proper amount of air and fuel. This jerking or surging sensation could be brought on by a number of parts in the fuel or air intake system. Additionally, problems with these systems may result in worsening fuel efficiency.

Versa or Sentra, which is superior?

The Versa is more cheap and has more modern features, even if the Nissan Sentra has marginally superior performance and fuel economy. It all comes down to what you want from a sedan and how much you’re ready to spend, in the end. In either case, a Nissan is a good choice.