Is Nissan Unionized?

President Joe Biden’s three Democratic NLRB appointees voted in favor of reviewing the decision. Two Republicans who were chosen by the late President Donald Trump cast a no vote.

The ruling gives unions new hope in what had been their most recent fruitless attempt to win support at foreign-owned auto assembly plants in the historically anti-union South.

The union has maintained that the 87 workers sought for a bargaining unit should be qualified for independent representation since they have highly specialized abilities for a job that others at the facility cannot execute.

Machinists union spokesperson DeLane Adams said, “We are glad to see the Board recognizing the relevance of this issue, particularly within the scope of how employees choose to organize themselves under the NLRA.

Nissan Tennessee’s Tool and Die Maintenance Technicians have worked valiantly for a union, and they are entitled to a voice at work.

To qualify for their own small unionized subgroup, the firm has argued that the employees are not sufficiently different from other plant workers.

Nissan spokesperson Lloryn Love-Carter stated, “Nissan feels the Regional Director’s decision is supported by the data.

Before, during, and after the NLRB’s procedure, Nissan will continue to be dedicated to all of its employees.

While Nissan cooperates with organized labor across the rest of the globe, votes to unionize widely at the two facilities in the United States were not closely contested. In 1989 and 2001, Smyrna employees voted against joining the United Auto Workers as a plant-wide union. In a referendum in 2017, workers at the Japanese automaker’s other U.S. assembly factory in Canton, Mississippi, rejected facility-wide representation by the UAW.

Voters twice rejected a factory-wide UAW union at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but the margins were significantly closer in 2014 and 2019.

A group of 160 Chattanooga maintenance employees won a vote to create a smaller union the year after the 2014 referendum failed, but Volkswagen refused to bargain. The German manufacturer had contended that production workers needed to be part of the bargaining unit as well. The 2019 factory-wide vote was prompted by the argument.

Republican politicians have also opposed union attempts to organize at foreign automakers in the South, especially in Tennessee.

At a major American carmaker, Tennessee does have a strong union presence: The UAW represents around 3,000 production and skilled trades workers at the General Motors factory in Spring Hill.

The possibility of unionization at four enormous new Ford facilities that are slated to build in Kentucky and Tennessee by 2025 and employ close to 11,000 people is also up for debate. Ford’s South Korean business partner, SK Innovation, will build three of the plants—two in Kentucky and one in Tennessee—to make batteries for electric vehicles. A fourth will produce electrified F-Series pickup trucks in Tennessee.

Is the Mississippi Nissan plant unionized?

Workers at a Nissan plant in Mississippi have overwhelmingly rejected a unionization effort, serving as a litmus test for labor’s ability to grow its influence in the South. Over 60% of the roughly 3,500 workers at the Canton-based plant who cast ballots on Thursday and Friday were against the union.

Is Toyota a union member?

In the US and Canada, there are two distinct auto industries: one is unionized at Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, NUMMI, and Mitsubishi. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and a few more more recent entrants make up the non-union industry.

Does Apple have a union?

The new Apple Carnegie Library store’s grand opening and media preview took place on May 9, 2019, in Washington, D.C. Employees at the Apple store cheered. Clodagh Kilcoyne for Reuters

Apple is one of many well-known American corporations whose workforces have voted to unionize; in recent months, employees at select Starbucks Corp. (SBUX.O) and Amazon Inc. (AMZN.O) stores have also done the same.

The Coalition of Organized Retail Employees (CORE), which was formed by nearly two-thirds of the staff at the Towson, Maryland, Apple shop, approved union membership last week. Of Apple’s roughly 270 U.S. retail locations, the store is the first to do this.

Following the cancellation of an earlier planned referendum in Georgia earlier this year, the successful vote took place.

According to the individual with knowledge of the situation, Apple plans to bargain in “good faith”.

By majority vote, the staff in Maryland decided to enlist in the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM).

Union members “look forward to bargaining with Apple and getting a solid first contract that makes beneficial adjustments for Apple workers and the consumers they are pleased to serve,” according to David Sullivan, the union’s eastern territory vice president.

While Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O) President Brad Smith stated in a blog post earlier this month that his business will not oppose efforts by employees to organize, Amazon questioned the outcome of a proposal to unionize at a warehouse in New York City.

Earlier this year, Apple workers in a store in Georgia planned to vote on unionization but they postponed the ballot. Union leaders then filed a complaint alleging that Apple harassed its employees. Two other Apple stores in New York have employees who are considering joining a union.

Stephen Nellis reported from San Francisco; Jonathan Oatis and Deepa Babington edited the material.

Intel has a union?

In order to address excessive hours, salary inequities, and job security, an Intel engineer claims he wants to unionize hundreds of his coworkers at Intel’s Hillsboro semiconductor plants.

The start of the union push this week falls in line with Matt West’s bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination in Oregon’s newly created 6th Congressional District. West, who has been employed by Intel since 2015, said his campaigning started more than a year ago and will go on regardless of how he performs in the primary election next week.

“The hope, according to West, who is on professional leave while running for office, is that if you can create a union here, we’ll eventually see unions on all Intel campuses. On Wednesday afternoon, he’s organizing a rally in Hillsboro with at least two of his Intel coworkers and officials from several Oregon unions.

With 22,000 workers tasked to its manufacturing and corporate offices in Washington County, Intel is the largest employer in Oregon. The 350–400 lithography engineers working in Intel’s Hillsboro plants are the focus of West’s endeavor. Light is used in lithography to imprint patterns onto silicon wafers; these patterns eventually give rise to the minute circuitry found inside microchips.

Intel opted not to comment on West’s unionization efforts. According to the chipmaker’s financial reports, none of its 120,000 global employees are union members, despite the fact that contractors who are unionized operate on its sites in Oregon and abroad.

Due to a severe labor shortage, organized labor is on the rise in the US, giving employees more power to demand better wages and working conditions.

For the first time at that business, Amazon warehouse staff in New York decided to unionize last month. Additionally, workers at numerous Starbucks locations, including one in Eugene, have elected to join unions.

However, the unionization of very well-paid technical professionals is quite uncommon. According to state salary data, employees in Oregon’s chip business make an average of more than $150,000 per year.

High-paid Intel executives inflate that number, but even freshly hired factory workers with a two-year degree often make around $60,000.

According to West, the issue facing Intel’s plant engineers is their low salary, lengthy workweeks, and shaky job security. He claimed that the first demands are to address these three problems.

According to West, unionization is crucial for Intel engineers from other nations who work on temporary visas and are afraid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs and being deported.

Organizers intend to request Intel’s voluntary recognition of their union. West stated that he will gather signatures in the event that the firm does not in order to be eligible for a vote.

His plan comes as Intel seeks federal funding to bolster its efforts to increase local chip manufacturing. West said he agrees with Intel’s goals and wants to see the firm succeed “lead by example in American manufacturing by providing better conditions for industrial workers.

Do Nissan employees belong to a union?

While Nissan cooperates with organized labor across the rest of the globe, votes to unionize widely at the two facilities in the United States were not closely contested. In 1989 and 2001, Smyrna employees voted against joining the United Auto Workers as a plant-wide union.

Why doesn’t Toyota have a union?

Toyota has managed to prevent unionization in part by locating its manufacturing facilities in rural locations where the workforce is appreciative of their jobs and is not used to unions. In the impoverished city of Tupelo, Mississippi, Toyota will soon open a new facility.

According to William Maloney of the University of Kentucky’s Center for Labor Education and Research, “Toyota has adopted a grand strategy of establishing in smaller southern towns without a history of organizing.”

Many employees believe they have a great deal in terms of compensation and benefits, therefore they are unsure about the advantages of unionizing.

James, a Toyota employee, expressed it more plainly. Eastern Kentucky workers came from “nothing,” and they are too appreciative and afraid to complain about their unfavorable working conditions.

There are hundreds more out there, James added, so Toyota can replace them. Toyota is aware of this. They advise us to leave if we don’t like it. McDonald’s has openings.

The current four-year contract between the UAW and the Detroit manufacturers expires in September, and a summer of heated negotiations will be coming to a close, according to anti-union worker Howard. At that time, Toyota will likely announce modifications to its pay and benefits package.

“At the moment, in my opinion, the union campaigners are exhausted,” Howard stated. “I believe their campaign is over if the wage announcement this fall is positive. However, they might win more support if a large enough number of the team members find it undesirable.

Tesla has a union?

“In contrast to Tesla, which has made many employees millionaires, the UAW took millions from workers” (via stock grants). A little but significant difference. In California, Nevada, New York, or Texas, none of Musk’s Tesla (or SpaceX) sites are currently covered by labor unions.

Amazon: Is it a union?

In April, more than 2,600 employees at the JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island, New York, cast a ballot to become members of Amazon’s first American union.

However, that was just the first step in a protracted ascent toward a contract. A week after the JFK8 union won the election, Amazon filed 25 objections with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that union officials had offered marijuana as payment and had harassed employees who opposed the union.

“Making organizing the most conducive environment for our mental health was necessary. In order to alter the culture of the building, we would perform music, distribute food, literature, and weed “explained Chris Smalls, the Amazon Labor Union’s co-founder and acting president.

After Smalls organized a walkout to put pressure on the corporation to strengthen its Covid safety procedures, Amazon fired him from JFK8 in March 2020. According to Amazon, he was issued numerous warnings for breaking the social distance rules. A few days later, an internal memo from Amazon’s general counsel that described Smalls as “neither clever or eloquent” was released.

Smalls remarked, “That very moment pushed me to go on, especially after just getting fired.”

Smalls and other grassroots ALU activists have been fighting back against Amazon’s denials of the union victory in public testimony for the past five weeks. The hearings were concluded on Monday, but the NLRB has not yet issued a decision.

Numerous Amazon employees attempted to form a union last Sunday in a different New York warehouse near Albany, becoming the most recent in a long line of such attempts. These actions come during a recent wave of organizing that has also affected other significant U.S. corporations, including the formation of the first unions at Starbucks, Apple, Google, Microsoft, REI, and Trader Joe’s.

On June 15, 2022, Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer were present at the Amazon Labor Union’s temporary office in Staten Island, New York.