How To Replace Nissan Altima Headlight Bulb?

AutoZone can assist you in replacing a burned-out headlight bulb, but only if you bought the replacement bulb from their store and only if the procedure doesn’t involve disassembling the car.

While knowledgeable AutoZone staff members can assist you with a straightforward replacement, the store is not a substitute for a qualified mechanic. To execute a service, they won’t take apart or remove any of your car’s components.

Not all AutoZones will change your headlight for you, to add to that. You shouldn’t rely on your neighborhood AutoZone to assist you service your automobile because different locations may have different policies. Of course, you can always show up and inquire, but for your own protection, you should definitely have a scheduled mechanic appointment.

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Can you swap a headlight out on your own?

Fortunately, changing a headlight is frequently simple. The majority of the high-intensity discharge (HID) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs used nowadays are easy to swap out. They are secured by rotating bayonet-style retainers or tiny wire clips. They can be removed from the wiring, rapidly pushed out from behind the headlight housing, and replaced with a functional bulb. But before you can replace a headlight, you must figure out what kind of bulb you require. Your owner’s manual should be your first port of call.

If the owner’s handbook is missing but you know your car’s make, model, and year (you do, don’t you? ), you can speak with a counter employee at an auto-parts store or review the headlamp booklet, which is typically located in the headlight aisle of the parts store. Finally, you can always remove the defective bulb and bring it to the retailer for analysis.

Why are the headlights on my Nissan Altima dim?

The low-beam headlights on 2013–2018 Nissan Altima vehicles are allegedly too dim for owners to drive at night, according to a class action lawsuit.

The Nissan Altimas’ halogen headlights feature reflecting parts that are supposedly flawed. Headlights lose their brightness when the reflective surface ages. When this occurs, police may stop moving vehicles to check the headlights.

Nissan is accused of being aware of the headlight issues since at least 2013, but failed to alert customers. Nissan doesn’t provide free replacement parts; instead, customers must pay up to $1,200 for costs associated with the headlamp assemblies.

The reflector cup inside the assembly supposedly cannot survive the heat produced by the halogen light bulbs and loses its capacity to reflect, which is why customers claim that changing the headlight bulbs does not solve the issue.

The projector cup’s reflecting coating burns off, leaving behind burned material that eventually covers the headlights’ lens and weakens the beam.

The reflector cup cannot be changed or the haze removed since the headlight assembly is sealed. The seals do not adequately guard against moisture, which can harm the cups.

How many different types of headlight bulbs can a 2016 Nissan Altima use?

Halogen headlight bulb, Sylvania – H11 SilverStar, Brighter Downroad and Whiter Light, 2 Pack (Part No. H11STBP2)

Are the headlights on the 2014 Nissan Altima being recalled?

The settlement covers all 2013-2018 model year Nissan Altimas made with halogen headlamps and excludes those made with Xenon or LED headlamps. More information on the specific models covered and not covered under the deal can be found here. United States District Judge William L. Campbell, Jr. signed off on the settlement on July 26, 2021, finding that the deal is “fair, reasonable, and adequate for Altima drivers.

For eligible Altima drivers, the following relief is offered:

  • reimbursement for headlamps that need to be changed because of fading before October 25, 2021;
  • an addition of three years to the guarantee covering headlamp dimming brought on by delamination, raising the total warranty time to six years;
  • For Altimas that are or will be outside the extended warranty period as of January 2022, a single headlight replacement from an authorized dealer.
  • For owners whose vehicles are still covered by the six-year extended warranty, Nissan will pay for an immediate headlight replacement from an authorized dealer, and

Owners and lessees of Nissan Altimas who meet the requirements can submit a claim for out-of-pocket costs associated with headlamp replacements here. The online claim form will be available on or around August 12 according to the settlement website. The deadline to submit claims for reimbursement is April 25, 2022.

Drivers of Altima vehicles who are past the six-year extended warranty period will receive a postcard notice from the administrator once the settlement goes into effect informing them that they have 65 days to complete a form asking for free headlight replacements. After that, a six-month window will open up for customers to get free headlamp replacements from a licensed Nissan dealer.

Even if you don’t take any action, you will still be covered and receive a three-year extension of the warranty on your Altima’s headlamps.

On the settlement website, you can find answers to frequently asked issues.

How much does a 2013 Nissan Altima headlight assembly replacement cost?

The Best in Auto Repair It typically costs between $195 and $239 to replace a headlight bulb in a Nissan Altima. While parts are priced between $139 and $168, labor costs are predicted to range between $56 and $71. Taxes and other fees are not included in this range, nor are your particular model year or geographic area taken into account.

How is a headlight assembly changed?


  • First, take out the outdated headlamp assembly.
  • Disconnect the assembly in step two.
  • To remove the headlamp retaining ring from the headlamp, turn it counterclockwise.
  • Step 3: Cut off the electricity.
  • 4. Remove the previous assembly.
  • Replace the assembly in step five.
  • Connect the new assembly in step six.

What is the cost to replace a headlight bulb?

The price to replace a headlight in your automobile varies significantly depending on the make, model, and whether you choose to handle the work yourself or take the car to a specialist. If you take your vehicle to a dealership, you can count on paying more money for a similar-quality item. For instance, a Halogen bulb typically costs $15 to $20 plus an additional $50 for installation. Changing a single high-intensity discharge bulb costs $100 or more, while replacing a complete headlight assembly often costs between $250 and $700, according to an aftermarket car part retailer.

Even if only one bulb is broken, we advise replacing both. That other bulb, which likewise appears to be in good shape, might really be slightly defective and might get worse if the defective bulb isn’t replaced. Additionally, it is to prevent an uneven headlight display. Decide when to change your headlight bulbs so they don’t entirely burn out and leave you stranded on the road.

O’Reilly does it change the headlight bulbs?

Simply stop by one of our stores and pick up a pair of headlight bulbs for a relatively simple fix. You can try changing them yourself, or we’ll be pleased to do it for you. Not every location offers all services.

How much does it cost to replace a headlight?

Depending on the make and model of the car, as well as whether it is a sedan, pickup truck, or SUV, the price to replace the entire headlight assembly might vary greatly. The cost of a high-quality headlight assembly can range from $250 to $700.

Can my automobile be operated with only one headlight?

  • When it is raining and the windshield wipers are activated
  • when visibility of things on the road is hampered by poor weather

Getting Pulled Over for a Violation

It’s likely that an officer will stop you if you’re driving about in a car with only one functional headlight. This holds true even if you are driving your automobile while the road is illuminated by two functional parking lights. A citation may be issued to you if you break the law.

If it’s raining and your windshield wipers are on, the only time an officer couldn’t pull you stop for a headlight violation is if it’s not safe to do so. This constitutes a secondary crime. Only if you are pulled over for another traffic infraction, such failing to stop when a traffic light is red, may you receive a ticket for this one.

It’s a minor infraction to drive without both of your headlights functioning. For this category of violation, there is no jail time; however, you could be subject to a $150 fine.

Should you swap out both of the headlight bulbs at once?

The road ahead will be properly illuminated and drivers will receive the full safety benefit of the vehicle’s headlights, exactly as the carmaker intended, when headlight bulbs are changed in pairs. Vehicles can be balanced and functionally safe by replacing parts in pairs.

How are dim headlights fixed?

Headlights are most frequently plagued by dull, failing, or burned-out bulbs. Thankfully, the most straightforward fix for this is to simply change the bulb. Headlight bulbs must occasionally be changed, just like the lightbulbs in your home.

If you frequently drive at night or leave your headlights on throughout the day, headlight bulbs may need to be changed more frequently. For instance, if you drive at night for Uber, Lyft, or delivery jobs, your bulbs may need to be replaced more frequently. Additionally, burned-out headlights are a ticking time bomb for older automobiles that have never had bulbs changed.

How can you know when your headlights need to be replaced? You may check for a burnt-out bulb with a few easy steps in addition to detecting that your headlights are weaker than usual. Just park your car somewhere secure, and switch on your headlights. After that, get out of your car and make sure both of the headlights are on and bright. Bring your car in for a bulb replacement service when you notice that one or both lights are starting to dim.

New clear bulb

We have two quick repairs for you if your car’s headlight only produces about as much light as a flashlight with dead batteries.

Most do-it-yourselfers believe that their power feed or headlight switch is broken. But corroded ground wires are the main reason for dim headlights. See where the wiring harness joins to the car body by following it from the back of each headlamp assembly. Clean it as shown in the picture.

Another explanation is that as headlight filaments deteriorate, they leave a grayish-brown layer inside the bulb (See Photo). That coating can eventually cut visibility down by over 300 feet. Pull one of the bulbs out of your headlights to check the glass for any gray or brown residue if they aren’t as brilliant as they once were. Replace both bulbs right away if you find any to resume seeing more of the road.