How To Remove Nissan Wiper Blades?

28 driver’s side, 16 passenger side from 2007 to 2018. 26 driver’s side and 17 passenger’s side as of 2019

Can I use wiper blades of a different size?

Vehicle-specific wiper blades are used for windshields. On some cars, the size of both wiper blades is the same. The two wiper blades are different diameters on various automobiles. In order to clear as much of the windshield as possible, the manufacturer chooses the best-fitting wiper blade size. You will discover that one or both wiper blades will hang over the side or touch the top of the windshield trim while upright if you change your wiper blades with a larger size blade in an effort to clear more space on the windshield. Furthermore, if both windshield wipers are overly lengthy, they could bump into each other and harm the wiper motor, arms, and blades. When the wiper blade isn’t flush with the windshield, this will result in excessive wear on the wiper blades and areas that don’t get cleared.

You will discover that some parts of the windshield are not cleaned if you change your wipers with smaller-sized blades. And some of these locations can be essential for the car to run safely.

Only replace your wiper blades with those of the size recommended by the manufacturer after consulting your owner’s handbook. This will provide a good fit and guard against damage. If you cannot find your owner’s handbook, a blade size finder can be used to quickly determine the wiper blade size.

How are the end caps for windshield wipers removed?

first try wiping them down with wiper fluid and a paper towel or soft cloth. You should replace the wiper blades if the rubber on them has degraded.

  • Set the vehicle off power mode (LOCK).
  • Lift the wiper arm on the driver’s side first, then the passenger’s.
  • Slide the holder off the wiper arm by pushing up and holding on to the tab.
  • The wiper blade’s end must be pulled in the direction of the arrow in the illustration until the end cap of the holder comes off. To remove the wiper blade from its holder, pull it in the opposite direction.
  • New wiper blade’s flat side should be placed on the holder’s base. The blade should be fully inserted.
  • Put the wiper blade’s end into the end cap.
  • Securely attach the wiper holder to the wiper arm.
  • First lower the wiper arm on the passenger side, then the driver.
  • Lift off the wiper arm.

To detach the wiper blade from the wiper arm, pivot up the bottom end of the blade.

  • From the end with the indent, pull the wiper blade out.
  • Wiper blade retainers should be removed and mounted on a new rubber blade.
  • Onto the holder, slide the fresh wiper blade. Install the wiper blade assembly onto the wiper arm after making sure it is properly engaged.

How can I determine the size of windshield wipers I require?

Verify Your Manual The owner’s manual for your car should specify what size wiper blades you need for each side and might even suggest a particular brand. Before replacing the blades, read the instructions carefully as certain vehicles have varying size requirements for the driver and passenger sides.